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Pre-contract stage - This can be as early as the ‘concept
design’ stage, before you even have all the details of the
project. Services we provide here include:
• Preliminary estimates: creation of budget estimates or ballpark
figures with limited design information.
• Cost planning and value engineering: development of the budget as
more information becomes available and the design advances.
• Bill of quantities: Confirmation of the budget with an estimate based
on detailed measurements so that you can feel secure moving forward
with your project.
• Advice on the appropriate tender procedures.
• Impartial recommendations on the most suitable contractor for the
• Preparation and evaluation of tender documents to send to potential
• Preparation of contract documents for signing by you and your
selected contractor(s).

Post-contract stage - This comes after you have engaged
a contractor. Services we provide here include:
• Valuation reports reflecting the work in progress.
• Cost reporting and monitoring for any changes in design.
• Recommendations for payments to the contractor.
• Review of and advice on any claims arising from the terms and
conditions of the contract e.g. an increase in contractor pricing,
delay-related costs, etc.
• Final accounting and project evaluation: development of reports calculating
and agreeing to any adjustments to determine the final payments.