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fËh¡­p j¤ð¡C

Bombay Bengali’s Online Magazine/Newsletter
1st November, 2016

Volume 1 | Issue 2

Image: Chembur Kali Bari

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Photo: Swadhin Ghosh

© Bombay Bengalis 2016

Welcome to the 2nd newsletter from the desk of Bombay Bengalis!!
Born on 18th June 2015, Bombay Bengalis or BB, as is now fondly referred to. The initial few weeks
was restricted to chatting in the WhatsApp group and adding new members. Bombay Bengalis held
its first meet at the historic Mohammed Ali Road on 1st July 2015 with approximately 15-20
members. Subsequently BB has held 38 such meets in the last 15 months.
Today BB has grown from strength to strength and has 150+ members in its WhatsApp group apart
from 1500+ odd members and followers on its Facebook page. However, BB has not limited its
activities to meets and chats alone. From organizing essential items for the underprivileged to
purchasing Rakhi’s & Diya’s for terminally ill patients, BB has been associated with various other
cultural as well as social activities since it’s inception.
BB was also proud to launch ‘Probashe’, a film on ‘Bombay te Bangali’ to mark its 1st Anniversary
(Link: ). In the coming months, BB will be associated with a host of
more social and cultural programs.
We look forward to your active participation and positive feedback to make this newsletter grow
from strength to strength in the future.
The introductory issue of “Probashe Mumbai” saw a phenomenon response of over 1100+
Three Cheers to Bombay Bengalis!!!!
A Very Happy Diwali To You All.
Biswadeep Mazumder.


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© Bombay Bengalis 2016

Introduction: Biswadeep Mazumder: Page 2
Content: Page 3
Bombay Bengalis Logo: Debdan Ray: Page 4
Children’s Section:

Sketch: Souroja Ghosh: Page 5
The Gates To Hell: Shambo Mukherjee: Page 5
Cancer (Poem): Boudhayan Mohapatra: Page 6
At Last (Poem): Aasthita Dutta Majumder: Page 7

Adda Section:
 Interview: Indraneil Sengupta: Page 8-24
 Bijaya Sammilani: Abhishek Dutta Majumder: Page 39-40
Bengali Section:

Jolchobi (Poem): Rijurekh Chakravarty: Page 25
Cheler Bari : Shivaji Sanyal: Page 26
Bhule Jawa Chotobela (Poem): Abhishek Dutta Majumdar: Page 27
Ichche Chobi: Manali Ghosh: Page 29
Amar Sritite Kolkatar Theatre: Mahasweta Ghosh: Page 30-31

English Section:
 Obituary Mahendra Kumar: Debasish Moitra: Page 32
 Shooting Stories: Nilanjan Datta: Page 33
 That’s Your Speaking Voice: Dr. (Ms) Anindita A. Banik and Dr. Aninda Duti A. Banik:
Page 34-35
 How Blue Is My Sapphire: Sarbasuchi Das: Page 36-38
 Cauliflower Roast Recipe: Mili Chakraborty: Page 41-42
 The Stranger At The Airport: Debjit Chatterjee: Page 43-46
 Fashion: Suparna Chakraborty: Page 47-49
 Bengali – The Soul’s Of Indian Cinema: Rohit Saha: Page 50-51
 Mumbai In My Eyes: Sraboni Mukherjee Ganguly: Page 52-53
 Sports In India: Pratik Dutta: Page 54-56
 Travelogue – Arunachal: Kamalini Sanyal: Page 57-63
 Probashe – A Short Film On Bombay Bengalis: Reetu Parna: Page 64-72
Back Page: Page 73.


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© Bombay Bengalis 2016

Bombay Bengalis Logo

Logo Design by Debdan Ray


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© Bombay Bengalis 2016


Sketch: Souroja Ghosh, Class 2, Ryan International School.

River Congo is situated in Congo, Africa. This is world’s third longest river which has a rapid
(whirlpool) system in its deep tributaries. Being the world’s wildest, strong and dangerous river and
number one in its rapid system it is too strong for which this is known as Gates of Hell. From Sky it
looks like a flat river but as you come down you see extreme power having the ability to crush
Titanic like a piece of paper. The average death at this gate is 50 annually. As it is one main link
between the interior Congo and outer world, for common people they have no other option but to
cross it but Mark Williamson does it for adventure. Having jumped from Niagara Falls he thought he
can do anything but on the first day when he took his kayak on the river suddenly a whirlpool came
beneath him and swallowed him. He thought that death is inevitable but fortunately his friends
pulled him out of death and the system, but even after a near visit to death he had the courage and
after three days of hard work with all equipment he crossed the gate on 4th January, 2000. He said,
“It’s not like we defeated the gates but its like a Thank you for letting me go alive.” So friends if you
ever visit Congo I would suggest not to try to cross the river but watch the beauty of this river from
the bank.
Shambo Mukherjee, Class Six, Delhi Public School, Panvel.

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© Bombay Bengalis 2016

Cancer, what is it,
I'll tell you are probably fit,
Your life is like a candle lit.
With birds singing...
What if you don't have any hair,
So what, your life is still fair,
I request you to ignore the evil...
And move on in life,
Defeat the devil,
And cut cancer with a positive life.
You merge in us,
Like passengers in a bus,
Without any fuss...
You still remain my friends,
So what if cancer exists...think positive,
Steve Jobs did have cancer
Still creating "Apple" was his positive answer.
Be a fighter, be a champ,
Kick the cancer out of your mind camp.
Boudhayan Mohapatra, Class-7B, RN Podar School, Santacruz West.


fËh¡­p j¤ð¡C

© Bombay Bengalis 2016

The green tender leaves swaying in netted sunbeam with crystals of dews
The dusty faded clouds flowing in the chest of sky in fews
The smooth flight of the cheerful little birds in the daylight
Just as I see crystalline so bright
Seemingly I give a smile to death
Hoping in return of an anonymous fate
Long are the days I'm waiting for you
Quenching my thirst for the bitter truth Happy days which have gone aloof
I crave to get one or two
I will miss the birds' mellow and soothing little breeze
I will leave the world with a swift ease
Death being inevitable will leave me in despaired monologue
As Gus, I would fear oblivion in my ever written prologue
I wait for the right time to come, ready I am to get faded into the misted little fog.

From The Archives. Image: Mrinal Sen & Rituparno Ghosh.


fËh¡­p j¤ð¡C

Aasthita Dutta Majumder

Photo: Tathagata Das

© Bombay Bengalis 2016

Ceâe£m-Hl L­uL j¤q¨aÑ

Photo: Suman Nandi

¢ae Ar­ll j¤ðC

Bombay is vibrant, Bombay is competetive, For Me Bombay is Success.



j¡­e ­k h¡P¡¢m culture- V¡l ¢ho­u Lb¡ h¢m, ­kV¡
actually, LmL¡a¡l h¡P¡¢m culture h¡ Bengal Hl h¡P¡¢m culture ­pV¡ I
was never exposed to that L¡lZ Bj¡l SeÈ qu Bp¡­j, Hlfl... I was
in class II, when we shifted to Gujarat... so B¢j born & brought up...
education ph¢LR¥ h¡C­lC L­l¢Rz …Sl¡­a Bjl¡ Bq­jc¡h¡­c
b¡La¡j, JM¡­e bengali HLV¡ cultural association ¢Rm, ¢L¿¹¥ h­ðl
­b­L A­eL ­R¡Vz h­ð­a ­kje Ha …­m¡ f¤­S¡ qu, B¢j kMe
Bq­jc¡h¡­c ¢Rm¡j aMe JM¡­e HLV¡ f¤­S¡ qaz So, a small
association, number of bengalis A­eL Lj ¢Rm, so B¢j exactly JC
culture V¡ ­L¡e¢ce... j¡­e... I was never into it completely. ­R¡V­hm¡u


fËh¡­p j¤ð¡C

© Bombay Bengalis 2016

­ka¡j f¤­S¡-V¥­S¡­a... h¡h¡-j¡l p¡­b ­ka¡j, ­pV¡ qa... Q¡l¢ce
Bm¡c¡ Bm¡c¡ ea¥e S¡j¡V¡j¡, ­f¡o¡L ­Le¡L¡V¡, Bl M¡h¡l c¡h¡l,
¢L¿¹¥ Hlfl kMe B¢j L­m­S Q­m B¢p …Sl¡­a b¡L­a b¡L­a I
was more inclined towards Navratri & then when I was shifted to
Bombay I was living alonez HM¡­e H­p ­a¡ NavratriJ hå q­u ­N­R....

f¤­S¡u ­L¡e¢ce k¡C¢e B­N,

so I was completely away from it, plus
very important thing is that, I am not very fond of crowd & people and
festivities and noise.. So B¢j J…­m¡ HLV¥ avoid L¢l, a¡C HV¡ ­b­L

A­eLV¡C detached ¢Rm¡j, a¡J k¡C f¤­S¡­a L¡lZ... because HLV¡
­a¡ BÙÛ¡ B­RC, so fË­aÉL hR­lC, HL¢ce atleast k¡Ju¡l ­Qø¡
• f¤­S¡l


e¡ e¡, HMe ­a¡ there is no connection with Gujarat... LmL¡a¡u B¢j
BS Jh¢d ­L¡e¢ce f¤­S¡­a k¡C¢e, B¢j f¤­S¡­a b¡¢LJ¢e LmL¡a¡u,
Bl B¢j b¡L­a Q¡CJ e¡; JC ¢isV¡ ­k... f¤­S¡l B­NC ­k HLV¡...
j¡­e Bhq¡Ju¡V¡ B¢j ­c¢M... J iu ­f­u k¡C B¢j... Ha ­m¡L
l¡Ù¹¡u qy¡V¡qy¡¢V Ll­Rz


fËh¡­p j¤ð¡C

© Bombay Bengalis 2016

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