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Title: pain-testimonials

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“The success with pain relief has been profound”
CBD is a natural, non-psychoactive substance with extraordinary health benefits. The success with
pain relief has been profound. An 80% reduction in opioid medications is typical when people start
using CBD. Universally patients report reduced anxiety, improved mood and better sleep. Some of
the conditions I have seen improve after the patient starts using Elixinol CBD products include:

• Alzheimer’s

• Autoimmune


• Anxiety

• Diabetic Neuropathy

• Nicotine addiction

disorders (various)

• Basal Cell

• Arthritis (various) • Crohn’s disease

• Dyslipidemia (cholesterol • Neuromyotonia

• Epilepsy (including dogs) • Pain/Inflammation

• Asthma

• Dementia (various) • Huntington’s Disease

• Psoriasis

• Autism

• Depression

• Ulcerative Colitis

• Inflam. Bowel Disease

Dr. Philip Blair MD, Colonel (US Army Retired)

“75% improvement of severe neuropathic pain”
I have a patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and PTSD who already feels 90% better
after starting on Elixinol’s Liposomal CBD. Another patient has severe debilitating neuropathic pain
with chronic sciatica due to lumbar degenerative disc disease. She suffers frequent falls, mood
swings and hirsutism (abnormal hair growth) from polycystic ovarian disease.
After 2 weeks on Elixinol’s CBD capsules there has been a 75% improvement in all symptoms;
less nerve pain, improved balance, no more falls, even the hirsutism has reduced. After only 3-4
days the patient reported pain relief and an overall sense of wellbeing.
I think we all need to go back to medical school to learn more about the cannabinoid system.
Dr. Sunny Kim MD, FAAPMR


© Copyright 2016 Elixinol LLC - All Rights Reserved

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“The pain control is amazing”
I am old Air Force flight surgeon, former NASA Astronaut and retired family physician. The years
have not been kind to me. My chronic neuropathic back and leg pain has worsened over the years
to the point where only heavy narcotic medication worked - Fentanyl plus Oxycontin. I paid the
price with memory and bowel concerns. After 15 years of steady deterioration of my nervous
system I finally have something promising to report.
A friend introduced me to Elixinol CBD Hemp oil. Previously I had tried the absolute hell of
withdrawal but only lasted 18 hours. So I knew the Devil that CBD would be up against.
I was astonished to effortlessly cut my Oxycontin dose in half in the first week of taking CBD. The
pain control is amazing as is the ability to withdraw from narcotics. I am now successfully off
Fentanyl and only occasionally have some Oxycontin.
Furthermore, I’m experiencing restoration of my nerve function, strength, energy, sleep and
memory. At 83 I feel like I have been rejuvenated by a CBD fountain of youth.
Dr. Duane Graveline MD, NASA (ret.) USAF (ret.)

“The pain is gone and so are my cigarettes”
For many years I was taking Aleve, Hydrocodone, Celebrex and Lidocaine for chronic neck and
back pain. I had also been smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day for 39 years. I had tried but failed
to quit countless times.
I now take Elixinol CBD products. The pain is gone. I am no longer on any medications - I don’t
even need the occasional Aleve. As a bonus I also lost the craving for cigarettes. I’ve now been a
nicotine-free non-smoker for over 6 months with no withdrawals and no desire to resume smoking.
I am also sleeping better and my job performance has improved.
Donna - USA


© Copyright 2016 Elixinol LLC - All Rights Reserved

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“I woke the next morning with no knee pain”
I suffer with Syringomyelia which results in terrible spinal pain. I also had no feeling in my right leg
and debilitating pain in my left knee. I was also stressed and anxious over what seemed an
inevitable downward spiral of disability.
After the first day of taking Elixinol CBD oil I woke the next morning with no knee pain. By the end
of day two my back pain had disappeared. By day three I was feeling noticeably less anxious. By
day six I could feel the temperature of the floor under my right foot for the first time in a long time.
My balance also started improving. By day seven I no longer felt the need for pharmaceutical pain
killers. On the night of day seven I was able to dance with my husband at my daughter’s wedding.
Morag - South Africa

“A huge difference in pain control”
I am caring for an 86 year old parent (in Hospice) with advanced atrial valve stenosis, coccyx bone
spur, bilateral sacrum fractures and a left inguinal hernia. We wanted an alternative to the
morphine she was having every 2 hours for pain due to the dangerous side effects it causes.
Prior to Elixinol we tried two other CBD brands without any success. We have now been using
Elixinol 300mg CBD oil for 2 days and see a huge improvement in pain control. A single drop under
the tongue produced almost complete pain control. I am also using a few drops of Elixinol topically
over the hernia site with great long-lasting pain relief.
Martina - USA

“Significant relief of neuropathic pain and anxiety”
Sabine is not yet seizure-free, she still has absence seizures but nowhere near the severity and
duration she endured before starting her on Elixinol. There was a period of 8 months where she
was not receiving CBD (not my choice - going through a divorce) and she regressed significantly.
I have now convinced her mother to allow her to resume CBD. The change in Sabine has been
spectacular. Since reintroducing CBD we have observed significant relief of neuropathic pain and
anxiety - chiefly from the relaxation of her palsy like muscle spasms. She now has relaxed and
expressive facial muscles, smiling and engaging all the time with more mental clarity and improved
speech. Her whole body has relaxed and she sleeps better. The spasms in her arms and legs have
almost disappeared entirely.
Aaron (Sabine’s father) - Australia


© Copyright 2016 Elixinol LLC - All Rights Reserved

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“Greatly reduced neuropathic pain”
I have debilitating Multiple Sclerosis. I have been taking Elixinol CBD oil three times daily and my
story has become very different now. It has greatly reduced neuropathic pain and I have more
energy than I’ve had in years. People are now remarking on the transformation in my appearance.
The other wonderful aspect to taking this is that my use of pharmaceutical pain killers has been
reduced to a minimum.
Sharon - Australia

“Outstandingly positive response”
I have fibromyalgia, Sjogren’s Disease, Degenerative Disc Disease and Lupus. I have been having
two 7.5ml servings of Elixinol cinnamint CBD oil each day for the past 7 months. Sometimes I have
three servings if I’m especially achy, spasming or have unusual joint pain.
My body has had an outstandingly positive response to taking CBD. It has helped me decrease my
use of narcotics by 75%
Cece - USA

“Pain and anxiety are now under control”
After having surgery on my shoulder I was in a lot of pain which was not being helped by the
painkillers the side effects of which were making me feel terrible.
I started taking Elixinol and my pain is now under control. I am off all the painkillers and have also
noticed an increase in energy and my anxiety has stopped.
Sharon - Australia

“Even a small amount controls my pain”
I have pancreatic cancer and am very sensitive to pharmaceutical medications so I can’t take
painkillers. I started taking Elixinol and have found that even a small amount controls my pain.
Kadi - Australia

“Dramatic improvements with Autism”
I have a son who was diagnosed with autism from three years of age. Consuming this Elixinol CBD
product has produced a significant change, both at school and in home life. For a long time he
could not sleep at night and woke frequently. Hyperactivity in the classroom prevented him sitting
for long periods. CBD has increased his attention span and focus. I want to also say that when he
takes Elixinol he is quieter, he can sit still and his tantrums have been reduced dramatically.
I am so grateful to have this product available in Puerto Rico. It helps desperate families who have
tried other remedies without success. I have no regrets about trying CBD with my son. Thank you.
Gladys - Puerto Rico

© Copyright 2016 Elixinol LLC - All Rights Reserved

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“My daughter’s quality of life has greatly improved”
Thanks to this product my daughter’s quality of life has greatly improved. She has a severe
epileptic condition and suffered from many falls. As soon as I started giving her Elixinol Hemp oil it
brought 90% of her condition under control in addition to improving other facets of her life such as
her mood.
Thank you so much to all those who have made it possible for people like my daughter to benefit
from the results it provides.
Marie - Puerto Rico

“Our whole family now has less pain”
For months my dad had pains in the joints and I talked about Elixinol products. Then I bought one
for him to try. In the first week he said he felt great. My mother also has the same condition, both
have rheumatoid arthritis, both use the CBD capsules and are having good results. Then I started
using them my husband, he is a truck driver. It reduces his pain and improves his sense of touch.
Thank you.
Vilmarie - Puerto Rico

“Asthma attacks have decreased”
Though I have only just started using the product very recently, I can attest that my asthma attacks
have decreased. I only use a single dose with the X-Pen, but I intend to increase the dose to three
times daily.
Angeles - Puerto Rico

“The pain virtually disappears”
I have arthritis in one hip which causes me much pain and difficulty walking, using the hemp oil the pain virtually disappears and I can continue my life normally.
Ana - Puerto Rico

“I sleep better and my anxiety has decreased”
I am grateful for the information you have given me and I have shared it with others. The CBD I'm
using has helped me a lot, especially with my mood. I sleep better and my anxiety has decreased.
Carmen - Puerto Rico

“Helped tremendously with lower back pain”
CBD has helped tremendously with postoperative muscular aches and pains in my lower back. I'm
happy with the product.
A. Esquilin - Puerto Rico

© Copyright 2016 Elixinol LLC - All Rights Reserved

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