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This paper explores the role communications played in helping the Conservatives secure a General
Election victory most commentators, pollsters and voters didn’t expect.
Specifically, we show the marginal effect paid-for advertising had over and above the omni-channel
communications onslaught that characterises elections.
The 2015 Election was shaped by six parties, not the usual two or three. So, the concept of swinging
voters from Labour to Conservative was superseded by a strategy of swaying supporters of other
Forensic up-weighting of Target constituencies swayed the borderline decisions of marginal voters
considering voting for ‘others’.
Seat by seat analysis pinpoints the decisive contribution this activity made. Without it, an outright
majority would not have been won.
With the binary organisational objective met, we assess payback under the new criterion of
Reasonable Utilisation of Marketing Assets, against which the campaign made a more than
reasonable return.