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Basic Setup
1. Download Nellie Theme from any of the authorized repositories and install this as a
child theme. Make sure Divi Latest Version is already installed in the site.
2. Nellie requires the WooCommerce Plugin. You cannot run the theme without this
Plugin. If Nellie does not find WooCommerce installed, it will automatically force you to
install this. Please go through the instructions on the screen to install that Plugin.
3. Once all is set, you will be redirected to the Nellie Theme Options Page. From there,
visit the first settings tab Demo Import.
4. Please go through the notes present in that screen. Click Import Button once and wait
for a while before the demo data is fetched from our server. It may take 50s to 5m
depending on your internet speed, server configuration and out server uptime. Once
the import is done, you will be notified about this on the screen.
5. The next step is to select your homepage and the Nellie suggested navigation menus.
Visit the next settings tab Homepage & Menu and assign the homepage and assign
the menus.
6. Go to WooCommerce settings tab and assign the mandatory WooCommerce pages
like Shop, My account, Cart, and Checkout. These pages are necessary for your store to
7. Next move to Shop Sub-Tab under WooCommerce and add your Product Title, Shop
Page Description (optional) and a shop background image (better if you use an
image of 1920px X 700px).
8. The site is ready now and you can view the site.