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Wholesale Connectivity Convention

We have witnessed extraordinary growth in the wholesale business (IoT/M2M, hosting, data connectivity
especially) around the world including Europe, Asia, LatAm and Africa. Hoever, the North American markets - the
US market in particular - grow at a slower rate. We are therefore bringing the key players to discuss how to
accelerate the North American wholesale market and take full advantage of the new growth areas:
Stay connected with your customers: Customers want to stay connected wherever
they are and whatever devices they use. Find out about the role of the new roaming
aggregators and the arising opportunities in the global connectivity space.
Think outside the box: “M2M/IoT is everywhere but they are not for everyone” - Is
that sentence still true? In a few years’ time there will be a necessity for all devices
to be connected. Will your company be a leader in this market?
Do business outside your comfort zone: Up until recently there were hardly any
crossovers between the car manufacturers, IT device manufacturers and utility
providers. IoT growth has changed all that. The most profitable business
partnerships might be found outside of your traditional business partners range.
Cut the costs: WiFi/Cloud/ Unified communications technologies are nothing new
hence their costs are getting lower and lower. To what extent are you using them
to lower your operational costs?
Stand out from the crowd: Are you innovative enough? Are you staying in touch
with your customers and their needs? Which Value added services you offer? How
developed is your customer experience management strategy? Have you got a
device strategy?
There is a whole world out there: The increased movement of people, more
affordable travel and globalization in general continues to generate new
opportunities for companies interested in global and regional expansion. The
LATAM market and Mexico in particular are encouraging enhanced competition
and innovation. Who is better connected with the LATAM market than the US
based companies?