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Investigator -- House Judiciary
Subcommittee On Crime
What did you do with the
evidence of money laundering
that you gathered from your
And what were your
recommendations to the U.S.
Did you present to the U. S.
Attorney a list of prospective
witnesses to be called?
For a grand jury?

And do you have the names of
those witnesses?

Mr. Duncan, the money
laundering to which you refer, did
that arise out of an alleged drug
trafficking operation managed
from the Mena, Arkansas airport?

William Duncan, Investigator with the Internal
Revenue Service
Presented it to the United States Attorney's Office,
Western Judicial District, Fort Smith, Arkansas.
That those individuals and corporation -- the
corporation be prosecuted for violations of the
money laundering statutes, also there were some
perjury recommendations and some conspiracy

Yes, I did.

There were a variety of witnesses. There were some
20 witnesses. He called three witnesses. The
witnesses including -- included the law enforcement
personnel who had participated in the investigations,
Barry Seal, members of his organization, people who
were involved in the money laundering, and various
financial institution officers who had knowledge.

It did.

And it has been alleged that the
Central Intelligence Agency had
some role in that operation. Is that
the same operation that you


It had been my experience, from my history of
working with Mr. Hutchinson, that all I had to do is
Asa Hutchinson. And what was his
ask for subpoenas for any witness and he would
reaction to your
provide the subpoenas and subpoena them to a
grand jury. His reaction in this case was to subpoena
only three of the 20 to the grand jury.
Now, of the three witnesses, who
were -- what was the nature of the
evidence that would have been
elicited from those witnesses?
And did those witnesses testify for
the grand jury?
What was the result of the grand
jury inquiry into the money
laundering investigation which you
had conducted?
There was no indictment?

Direct evidence in the money laundering.

Yes, they did.
There were never any money laundering

At a later date, I came in contact with the deputy
Did you have occasion to talk to
foreman of the grand jury, who had previously given
any of the jurors that were
testimony to an investigator for the House Judiciary
impaneled on the grand jury that
Subcommittee on Crime, concerning her frustrations
heard the evidence?
as the deputy foreman of the grand jury.
There were no indictments?
There were no prosecutions?
In effect, the evidence that you
gathered has not been acted on by
the U. S. Attorney's Office?

Never any indictments.
Not to my knowledge.

Did you complain to your
And what did they -- what was
their response?

They were very frustrated, also. Mr. Whitmore, in
fact, made several trips to Fort Smith, Arkansas to
complain to the U. S. Attorney's Office.

On several occasions, and also related to me that the
Did he relate to you the
U.S. Attorney wrote him a letter telling him not to
conversation he had had with the come to his office anymore complaining, that that
U. S. Attorney?
was unprofessional behavior.
What was the conclusion of Mr.
Whitmore concerning your
investigation and the manner in
which it was handled by the U. S.
Attorney in Arkansas?
Are you saying -- do you agree
with his-with Mr. Whitmore's
Are you stating now under oath
that you believe that the
investigation in and around the
Mena Airport of money laundering
was covered up by the U. S.
Attorney in Arkansas?

That there was a coverup.


It was covered up.

I, on a perpetual basis, furnished all the evidence, all
the information to the U. S. Attorney's Office. In
January of 1986, a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney
from Miami, I believe, who was a money laundering
specialist, came to Fort Smith, met with then U. S.
Attorney Fitzhugh and myself and drafted a series of
Would you state that succinctly for indictments. I think there were 29 indictments,
the record in your own words, so charging the aforementioned individuals and Barry
that we might -- to have the
Seal, as I recall, as an unindicted co-conspirator in
benefit of how you would state
the money laundering scheme. At that point in time I
your opinion and conclusions as a had every indication that the cases would go to the
result of your activities as a special Grand Jury, that the evidence would be presented to
investigator -- as to this
a grand jury. We experienced a variety of
frustrations, mid '85 on, not able to obtain
subpoenas for witnesses we felt were necessary. I
had some direct interference by Mr. Fitzhugh in the
investigative process. Specifically he would call me
and interrupt interviews, tell me not to interview
people that he had previously told me were
necessary to be interviewed.
Did you have any interferences or
interruptions from anyone within
the U. S. Treasury Department
that would interfere with your

** They interfered with my testimony before the
House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime.**

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