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WCPT 820 features premier national and local radio shows. Three shows that are uniquely
well-suited for accessing the Act V demographic are: The Stephanie Miller Show, Mon-Fri 8a11a; The Thom Hartmann Show, Mon-Fri 11a-2p; and Back on the Beat with Dick Kay, Sat 1p4p. Detailed information on these shows is attached, but the general trends are: Stephanie
Miller’s audience skews more female; the Thom Hartmann audience is very intellectually
inclined; Dick Kay has senior listeners and he brings solid local journalistic credibility to this
powerful, results oriented media combination.

Act 5 – Elder Care Multimedia Marketing Campaign
 Commercials run Mon-Sat in target radio shows
 The Stephanie Miller Show, The Thom Hartmann Show, Back on the Beat - Dick Kay
 Host Voice-Over of Commercials
 Client Logo display ad on the WCPT Sponsors web page
 Commercials are 60 seconds
 All copy writing and commercial production included
 13 week minimum schedule

WCPT 820 is the perfect match with Elder Care service providers!

The 2ND Equation for Advertising Success… Reach + Frequency = Revenue