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Sammartino has discussed. Reading this broadcast has given me more ideas on subjects
in my paper.
Hornick, J., & Roland, D. (2013, 08). 3D printing and intellectual property: Initial thoughts. The
Licensing Journal, 33, 12-16. Retrieved from
Retrieved on September 28, 2016.
This is a PDF of a magazine all about 3D printing. It begins by giving an overview of 3D
printing, it’s uses, as well as information about corporations that are beginning to use 3D
printing. This magazine will be very useful to many parts of my paper. The authors are
John Hornick and Daniel Roland. It is published in The Licensing Journal.
Walther, G. (2015). Printing insecurity? The security implications of 3D-printing of weapons.
Science and Engineering Ethics, 21(6), 1435-1445. doi: Retrieved from
/6?accountid=14541 Retrieved on September 24, 2016.
This is a piece written about the security concerns of 3D printing. Using the technologies
of 3D printing, one is able to print and fire a working firearm. This article is written by
Gerald Walter, and printed in “Science and Engineering Ethics” scholarly journal. This
article will help me address the security concerns that 3D printing may pose. It also
discusses how future laws will help control what a person can print and use.