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How to Build Your Own Greenhouse
A person may be lucky enough to have the space and will get pleasure from building their own
greenhouse. You may choose from various designs and sizes you would like to build. You might be
interested in buying a kit A greenhouse gives a person comfort whenever you attend to your plants,
vegetables, flowers, and orchids. It also provides the needed sunlight and humidity for these plants.
You relax and enjoy it every time you visits a place where you have exerted all your effort into the
building such a wondrous place.
You can save more money if you decide to build even a small greenhouse. There are supplies and
materials that you can use which should be just enough according to your prepared budget. If there
is enough space that can accommodate a larger greenhouse, this is more advisable because if you
may maximize the place you can obviously develop more plants and vegetables, to either sell or eat
If desire to build a greenhouse where you can develop and propagate more plants, you may consider
different factors that would be necessary on the type of greenhouses you would like to build. Here
are some tips and factors you might like to consider in building your own greenhouse.
1. You may consider using salvage materials if you intend to make a larger greenhouse. You may
use these materials in designing and planning for a low cost budget greenhouse. This will also help
you minimize the expenses of the other supplies and materials needed.
2. You should also determine the climate of the place where you live. An insulated greenhouse
should be appropriate for cold climate areas. This will help you provide the needed warmth and heat
for your plants. For warm places, a greenhouse that has a shade control should be advisable.
3. You also need to make sure that your greenhouse will be designed with proper air circulation
spaces, ventilation, pest control soil, heaters for winter season, and humidity control devices. You
may create an environment that would be appropriate for the types of plants that will grow in the
4. The location of the greenhouse should be built where there is enough sunlight. You may choose a
solar greenhouse for vegetables and exotic fruit bearing plants. If you would like this type of
greenhouse tit is o be situated on the east-west part where it is more exposed to sunlight.
5. It is also important to consider the covering of the greenhouse. The most advisable shades are the
expensive glass made coverings and fiberglass. They provide more durability and they do not
deteriorate quickly compared to plastic coverings. A greenhouse covered with glass or fiberglass
allows for more humidity and warmth.
6. He has the option to choose on what kind of foundation he would like to use. The foundations
can be concrete for a more secured greenhouse. Others prefer the less expensive lightweight
foundation where they use improvised materials such as railroad ties, which they can easily attach
to the ground. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend on the structure of the
7. You may consider building a greenhouse that will maximize its full potential. You may add
benches or materials that will be used for comfort every time you want to relax in the greenhouse.
You may add many accessories to the place like automatic watering systems, heating systems,
ventilation system and other automatic equipments that are effective in maintaining the plants.

8. You may use the “good bugs” for his pest control chemical. They prevent and control the spread
of the bad bugs in a greenhouse. If ever you find insects in a plant, you must isolate the plant and if
possible place the plant outside the greenhouse so that the insects would not harm the other plants.
9. You may allot a space where you can store fertilizers, potting soil and other tools that are
essential in the greenhouse. Place a tool rack nearer to the potting place so that it would be easier
for you to transfer the soil from the pot of the plants. You may also place buckets and tool holders to
accommodate the other equipment when they are not in use.
You can develop and grow all sorts of plants with a versatile greenhouse. You may also propagate
from the grown plants to fill the greenhouse with a variety of plants. Putting up a greenhouse will
be more enjoyable if it is done of course with the help of the family and friends.

Free Greenhouse Plans
Free Greenhouse Plan for You
A person may have the interest of constructing a greenhouse in his backyard where he can enjoy
tending to his plants. Most greenhouses constructed are independently structured with their own
watering and misting systems to accommodate the needs of the plants. A greenhouse should be
properly designed and built so that a person will not encounter any problems concerning the
maintenance and supply materials, that are used in the greenhouse.
A greenhouse should have a well-planned misting propagation system. This is very essential in
propagating and growing healthier plants and crops. The system should have the ability to maintain
the moisture and humidity of the air.
You may set automated misters in the greenhouse to maintain the high temperature and humidity
needed by the roots of the plants. You may avail this system with timers and meters where you can
set a constant time detector to mist the space in order to control the needed humidity inside the
You may also have a well-planned rain water system in the greenhouse. This is essential in
conserving water from automated watering systems that provides the needed water from the pump
or from the electricity. The greenhouse must have properly placed gutters and down spouts to water
the plants from natural rainwater. He may supply the greenhouse from the collected water from this
systems, this is more accessible and environmentally friendly to the gardener.
The electricity in the greenhouse should also be planned according to the needed warmth and
lighting of the plants during cold climates. He may use grow lights to increase the amount of
spectrum present in the greenhouse. This is essential for the leaves of the plants.
He must also consider the climate that may affect the growth of the plants. Winter season may have
shorter days and there could be no sunlight available during this season. The lighting should play a
very big role to prevent the plant from being shorter because of its less exposure to sunlight. It is
important to have a lighting supply on the plan.
There are many greenhouse plans that a person may find on the Internet. There are plans that will
help you in how plan the greenhouse, with supply systems, and to have a full potential working
greenhouse. There are also sites that provide instructional methods on how to propagate and learn
the methods of hydroponics gardening which is popular nowadays. There are also websites that
provide greenhouse plans for constructing and building a free-standing or a lean-to greenhouse.

See Below For Great Resource Links
This link will lead you to a great website that offers great self build plans - Here
This link will take you to a great website that shows great prebuilt DIY Kits - DIY Kits
This link will take you to a great website that offers great ebook guides - Lessons

Free Small Greenhouse Plans
For those people who have not yet started building their own greenhouses, here are some free
greenhouse plans that will help a person build a small greenhouse.
1. He may use such materials such as a 15 to 20 squeeze clips, 1 roll duck tape, 3 rolls heavy duty
3M clear tape, 6 mm clear plastic, 18 ratcheting tie downs, 4 to 8 T posts, 10 x 20 Universal canopy,
and the options of adding grow lights and heaters. These materials may not cost him much for these
supplies may just be enough to build his small greenhouse.
2. He may need the services of two to three persons to set up the frame of the greenhouse. He can
insert the pieces to the frame to make the connection. He must make sure that the connection points
are properly wrapped with the Duck Tape. The pipe will then be properly placed according to the
position he would like to place the greenhouse.
3. He may now connect the 18 tie-downs to connect to the upper part of the frame. He may use four
T posts to support the four corners of the structure. He may place an extra T-post inside the frame
and drill it at least 12” to the ground.
4. He may now make two separate plastic coverings to have a full view on the structure. He may
cut the plastic that may fit the covering of the greenhouse. He may cut the plastic with a
measurement of 30 ft.
5. He may now use the ladder to cover the greenhouse then use the gravels to down the plastic on
the sides. He needs to make sure that the plastic covers all the end caps to the ground.
This is a free greenhouse plan structural instruction may a gardener a little help on how to build a
small and cheap greenhouse that is within his budget.
Happy Greenhouse Gardening

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