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Project No.111-53338-00

April 30, 2012

Richard Weldon
2270386 Ontario Limited, T/A
Brooks Road Environmental Limited
c/o Romspen Investment Corporation
162 Cumberland Street, Suite 300
Toronto, Ontario M5R 3N5

Brooks Road Landfill
2011 Compliance Report

Dear Mr. Weldon:
GENIVAR Inc. (GENIVAR) is pleased to provide this 2011 Annual Compliance Report for the
Brooks Road Landfill.
This 2011 Annual Compliance Report is prepared in consideration of Condition 94 of Provisional
Certificate of Approval for a Waste Disposal Site No. A110302, dated May 5, 2004, plus
amendments to July 30, 2007, and Condition 7 of Amended Certificate of Approval for Industrial
Sewage Works No. 8371-6X9L6B dated February 20, 2007. This report provides an interpretive
analysis of the 2011 findings for the compliance monitoring undertaken at the landfill site as well
as a summary of the 2011 operations.
The operation of the site has been transferred to the new operators, Brooks Road Environmental
Limited, at the end of April 2012.
Groundwater and surface water monitoring were completed in accordance with the Certificates of
In addition, amendments to Conditions of the Certificate of Approval for Waste Disposal Site are
proposed to facilitate achievement of site development objectives.
We trust that this report satisfies your requirements. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Yours truly,

Bailey Walters, M.Sc., P.Geo.
Project Geoscientist, Environment

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