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Title: Resume For Jewish Employment

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Jolivette Gonzalez
708 Hope Street
Providence, RI 02906
United States,
Phone: 401-525-8849



To secure honourable morally-based employment at a G-Dly Establishment where I
can serve G-D while using the many abilities which HE Gave me to earn a dignified
living wage.


Inspired Works In Different

1983 — Present

Poet And Scholarly Writer Of Books And Papers
I conduct traditional in-library book research or Internet research for the
further product enhancement of the works that I write.
I re-read and edit the works in their often hand-written rough-draft form,
making the necessary corrections, prior to using the Microsoft and/or other
Word Processing Programmes to re-write them in a typed format.
I make either my own visual illustrations, or search for public domain images
to incorporate within the original written work.
I aptly design, in an often uniquely decorative fashion, the layout of the
pages of the authored work using several programmes, and then convert the
file of the finished work into a pdf format.

Private Residences

June 1997 — April 2004

Private In-Home Tutor And Occasional Governess
I occasionally stayed babysitting the children within their houses in a very
trustworthy manner.
I helped the children with their homework and tested them on their given
school curriculum.
I would teach the children a wide variety of subjects (including the arts), and
afterwards I would formulate individualized practice tests for the children,
in order to evaluate what were their strengths, as well as their fragile areas
requiring more concentrated resolution.
I would assist the children with different school projects, including
occasional science fair projects.
I would prepare the children for upcoming school tests, and teach them
study skills which I had learned through my own intensive personal selfstudy, and from reading child development articles in the numerous
parenting magazines which I had at one time.
I would help the children with school- requested research papers, likewise I
would occasionally accompany them to the library to take out the necessary
books, and at times I even supervised them while they engaged in indoorlibrary research. I would also supervise and often guide their online research
for certain school papers.
I would give the children Torah-based moral mentoring.

Jolivette Gonzalez


I often taught the children placed under my care additional subjects which
were not stipulated in their school's official curriculum, in order to place
them way ahead of their classroom peers, and to implant in them a lifesaving authentic love of learning.

Rite-Aide Pharmacy: 5901 Bay
Parkway Brooklyn, New York 11204
(718) 236-6366

April 2000 — May 2000

Cashier And Occasional Customer Service Representative
I worked primarily at the cash register.
I occasionally stocked the shop shelves, but only when the products did not
violate Biblical Law. I would refuse to stock shelves with certain products
which violated my Biblical Jewish Faith (examples of products that I would
refuse to stock on the shop's shelves, would be pork and shell-fish "food"
products, Easter products, boxes of condoms, and boxes of cigarettes, among
other items).
When I was required to provide customer service to any extent, I did in fact
provide customers of different ethnicities reliable, ethical, and genuinely
amiable customer service by assisting them to search for specific items
within the shop.
I ethically went beyond the anticipated customer service expectations of the
Rite-Aid management personnel, and morally recommended to the customers
to purchase stop-smoking kits (including the gradually weaning nicotine
patch) instead of cigarettes, while explaining to them the dreadful perils of
smoking. I also gave nutritional advice ( and spoke about Holistic medicine)
to any interested customers in an earnestly friendly and non-forceful way,
when they spoke of certain food products. I likewise truthfully informed the
clientele to avoid purchasing food products with small holes on the
packaging within the establishment, because at the time there was a minor
vermin problem within the shop, and I did not desire any of the customers to
become ill.
I did take the then necessary initiative to voluntarily resign from this
position (which I held simultaneously while I privately tutored several
children) because my religious beliefs were not being respected most of the
time, and I was going through much tumultuous and extreme moral
discomfort with certain things that I was, on a few occasions, forced to do, for
I had to ring up certain questionable merchandise, even while protesting in
an irritated yet civil fashion. I was never fired from the Rite-Aid
establishment, but in truth I voluntarily resigned. I naturally gave the
required notifications to the manager attesting to my upcoming voluntary

Cobble Hill Nursing Home Address:
380 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 855-6789

July 1993 — August 1993

Assistant Recreational Therapist Apprentice
I worked within the recreation department at the Cobble Hill Nursing Home,
providing clean, wholesome, and cultured musical entertainment to bedridden residents (who were mostly very elderly) as a form of musical therapy.
I also provided clean and sober musical entertainment for the general
resident population within the mentioned nursing home.
I would sing primarily, classical music at recitals performed within the
nursing home.
Jolivette Gonzalez


I would play my wooden recorder (utilizing the sheet music of several
selected works which I would independently choose before any given
performance, for I would always carry with several music score songbooks
which I owned, for this specific purpose) for groups of residents within
different sections of the nursing home. I would rotate each day within the
different areas of the nursing home (keeping records in meticulously kept
hand-filled charts of both the exact number of people being entertained and
the identities of those very spectator residents, likewise maintaining track
daily of those being entertained at each nursing home section), and in this
fashion I would entertain several groups of residents daily.
I composed two short songs (both the lyrics and the music score) for a clean
theatrical that was to be performed for the resident population. The songs
became a hit with the residents!
I, on very few occasions, assisted the permanent recreation department
personnel with minor clerical duties, and would help them to sort out their
own nursing home performance schedules.

Henry Street Settlement-The Abrons
Arts Center:466 Grand Street, New
York, NY 10002 (212) 598-0400

January 1993 — June 1993

My employment within this one-time quite respectable establishment
thankfully predates, by many years, their somewhat recent tragic
involvement (commencing in the beginning of the twenty-first century) in
certain so-called "art" presentations (both visual and theatrical) which in
truth shamefully constitute pornography. At the time of my employment at
the Henry Street Settlement Abrons Arts Centre (Center) in the year of 1993,
the establishment was overwhelmingly respectable, and as such, the then
truly educational institution, catered in their varied stimulating artistic
activities and fascinating events to nuclear families, many of whom had small
children. There were exhibitions, for an example, of gifted children's visual
art, and of urban photography uniquely captured by conservatively-driven
yet visually avant-guard adult photographers, representing through their
creative lens colourful New York City scenes, all expressively displayed on
the walls of the spacious arts centre. The arts centre at that time was a place
where children could walk about anywhere within, and look at any of the
artistic displays while attending their visual arts, dance, or music classes , or
while assisting to any arts event being hosted for the more widespread New
York City community.
I would make deliveries for some of the supervising administrative office
personnel at the Arts Centre, by carrying mostly parcels (or at times
envelopes with important information) from one building of the Henry Street
Settlement Complex Network to another (sometimes a building which
constituted a part of this building network could be several blocks away).
I would do traditional non-digital filing, and I would also frequently handle
the xerox-copier in the daily performance of administrative office tasks.
I would prepare in very large quantities the much-needed brochures for
upcoming artistic events (events that were then, all completely familyfriendly) in anticipation of their awaited mailing, while also overseeing the
mailing lists.
Jolivette Gonzalez


I would sort out office documents.
I would prepare xerox-copies of sheet music into multiple stapled thick
booklets (by pressing down on the compiled sheets quite forcefully, with very
large and potent office staplers) for the rehearsal sessions which took place
within that very arts centre.

Diploma in Human Anatomy and

October 13th 2015 — Present

ALISON's Free Irish Online School-
I am still in the process of studying this science course at the online school
Address: Level One Building Block 7/8, Galway Technology Park, Parkmore,
Galway, H91 E309, Ireland

Diploma In General Science

October 2015 — Present

ALISON's Free Irish Online School-
I am still enrolled within this course which covers Biology, Chemistry, and Physics,
therefore I still have not finished the course.
Address: Level One Building Block 7/8, Galway Technology Park, Parkmore,
Galway, H91 E309, Ireland

Introduction To Ecology
(Environmental Science)

November 2015 — Present

ALISON's Free Irish Online School-
I am still enrolled within this course which teaches students about biodiversity,
ecosystems, and about terrestrial and aquatic biomes, therefore I still have not
finished this course.
Address: Level One Building Block 7/8, Galway Technology Park, Parkmore,
Galway, H91 E309, Ireland

Medical Billing And Office

2004 — 2004

Career Quest Technical/Vocational School - 500 8th Ave # 908, New York, NY 10018
(212) 695-2429
I finished this course with the highest grade in the class (100%).
I helped the Medical Billing teacher in the capacity of assistant teacher by
assisting other fellow students who did not comprehend the material being
taught, for these students could not be immediately tended to on a targeted
individual basis by the teacher.

Jolivette Gonzalez


Pre-Medical Biology (Undergraduate

1999 — 1999

Long Island University-Brooklyn Campus- 1 University Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 488-1011
I enrolled at this school (with the intent of becoming a Holistic Practitioner
Physician) at the very young age of twenty-one years.
I was literally forced to renounce these highly valued certified medical
studies because the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University unlawfully
denied me the scholastic aide which I critically needed for purchasing books
in order to successfully complete the varied classes without having to
unnecessarily bother fellow alumni to share their books with me on a daily
basis, and for every single class (something that was incredibly
uncomfortable, especially during the laboratory class)! Fax Number Of
Admissions (718) 780-6110
They did give me the general financial aide for tuition and for assisting
classes (which did not include giving me a cash stipend for school supplies, I
only received each day a small amount of cash for the cost of transport, to
and from school, for use on the public underground train system) while
refusing to give me a crucially needed stipend for the usually costly
university books (or at least a book voucher), and they denied me access to
the campus work-study program, that I at least could work on the campus
itself to pay for those very expensive books on my own.
I took mostly science classes in addition to some humanities classes (such as
literature and music history, etc.), as I had applied at the time to be a full
time student.

Vocal Music along with other music

1993 — 1996

La Guardia High School- 100 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10023 (212) 496-0700
I was accepted into this famous ultra-specialized New York City school for
gifted youth within the two vigorously audition-tested categories of vocal
music and visual arts. I decided to major in vocal music, as each accepted
student could only choose a single artistic discipline to study.
At this school I was placed in Social Studies Honours and was responsible in
that class for university- level assignments.
I took various general academic classes in addition to several music classes
on a daily basis.

After-School Archaeology Course

1995 — 1995

American Museum Of Natural History- Central Park West at 79th Street New York,
NY 10024
I assisted to this free archaeology course which was given to students
interested in the sciences during typical after-school hours (from 5 PM TO
7:30 PM) at The American Museum Of Natural History.
Phone: 212-769-5100
I completed the course successfully and received certification at the time.

Jolivette Gonzalez


Multiple Disciplinary Studies

1983 — Present

Non-Certified Highly Intense Private Academic Study
Since I was a small child, I have undertaken of my own immense initiative
(even under at least partially permissible circumstances) a blissfully strict
regime of daily self-study in multiple academic areas, primarily with
textbooks, but also with more generalized books, and later in life with more
advanced multi-media laden options such as pdf-format electronic books and
instructive educational websites on the Internet.
I would study independently (this was completely apart from the mandatory
formal United States free-school-system-issued curriculum) several hours a
day. The time allotted to these daily independent self-education academic
studies could range from a minimum of two hours to up to eight hours of
intense study a day!
Even while going through truthfully much undeserved, extraordinarily
trying times in my life, I continued vigorously pursuing my independent
academic studies, but in a less strictly structured study regime, due to those
very challenging oppressive life circumstances.
During all those years of extremely rigorous self-study I acquired a large
variety of skills, as well as much diverse knowledge which often, many
university graduates within the United States do not possess.

Jolivette Gonzalez

I am an avid reader and writer (a veritable Bibliophile!).
I am a Visionary Torah scholar and I have written original Torah studies of
my own, analyzing portions of Holy Scripture.
I write poetry and literary-prose, as well as academic works, and am fond of
some Classical literature, while also preferring primarily credible historical
I have always been deeply interested in moral activism since I was a
teenager, and I am greatly active in activist work which truly promotes
Torah-oriented social justice.
I am highly skilled in counseling due to my great knowledge of Biblical
Ethics, psychology, analytical science, my huge experience with honourable
crisis management and prevention, and my sincere profound compassion and
desire to do good unto others.
I skilfully, and with much experience, write my own books, and I compose my
own music (both instrumental and vocal). I can compose music the oldfashioned way with music paper, pencil/pen, and access to a keyboard, or I
can compose music using digital composing programs on the computer,
which require both a knowledge of computer science and of music theory.
I have been involved in the performance of varied instrumental and vocal
I am interested in, and have likewise been involved in, Classical music, Early
Music - Medieval and Renaissance music, and Jewish folk music (primarily
Sephardic music in Ladino).
I have some basic gardening knowledge, acquired primarily from hands-on
I am interested and well-versed in all kinds of Torah-compatible arts and
I am interested in the morally conservative design of modesty-oriented
clothing, and in making clothing by hand using the sadly vanishing ancient
methods of tailoring. I can also make, with much skill, hand-sewn curtains,
pillows (and pillow cases), and I can uniquely design textile-formed objects.


I am competent in some basic forms of upholstery, sometimes inventing my
own unique designs for the layout of chair covers, and other furniture covers.
I am interested in advanced-level culinary pursuits as both a
scholarly/scientific and artistic discipline, incorporating Biblically-based
nutritional science, food history, culinary-related global geography, and
innovative edible visual art. I am a food scholar who has studied about the
history of food. I have also invented my own original culinary Kosher dishes.
I am an expert in Kosher-compliant cookery, and as such I understand all of
the Holy Laws of Kashrut pertaining to the preparation of true Kosher food.
I have always been deeply interested (and involved in various ways) in the
sciences since I was a small child. I have been involved in the gradual study
of Holistic medicine, and nutritional science since I was literally a teenager.
I am fascinated by the G-D Sanctioned diversity of varied global linguistic
expression, as languages are very much linked to the studies of geography,
history, and literature, in addition to their obvious utility for practical
communication. I have been very active in the self-study of different
languages, using books, since I was a teenager.
I am interested and personally very experienced in morally-guided
mechanical-skills driven pursuits ( diverse home repair tasks, home
decoration, the competent assembly of things, inventing unique creative
things for functional household use, and science-related experiments and
I am interested in (and have applied operative computer knowledge to a
considerable, almost advanced level) computer science, and in the varied
technological applications of that discipline to perform multiple creative
tasks on a computer.
I am fascinated by the artistic and scholarly study of historical dances, and
have studied and rehearsed, on my own, historical dances in past years, in
addition to even choreographing some dances of my own, that are based on
uniquely created variations of genuine classical historical dance steps. To
choreograph my own original dance, I would write down the chronologically
sequenced steps of those choreographed dances on paper in well-detailed
descriptive phrases.
I am very fond of walking, and am naturally very athletic. Therefore, I am
attracted to some genteel sports which require the use of strategy.
I am extremely fond of board games which require the vigorous use of one's
intellect, and this life-long fascination with board games led me to invent my
own educational board games in the past (both for children and adults).
I am a visual artist, and am greatly fond of making unique visual art in
different mediums when I am able to do so. I have been painting serious
works since I was twelve years old. I also have done sculpture in the past
quite competently.
I am overwhelmingly interested in all Biblically-functional academia, and in
learning all academic disciplines that are truly beneficial in the Torahpromoting functionally-progressive sense.
I am fascinated by thought experiments and analytical exercises, and always
swiftly link the fertile result of such mentally agile diversified musings to the
Torah-based moral philosophy in which I am an active conscienceparticipant and author-teacher (having written my own original books in
moral philosophy, containing my own original visionary thought-based
Biblically-compatible teachings).

Jolivette Gonzalez



Jolivette Gonzalez

Experience Working With And Operating Computers Since The Year 1999
Experience Composing Polyphonic Music With Complex Digital Music
Composition Programs Since 2001
Anvil Music Studio Digital Music Composing Program (Knowledge Of Music
Theory Is Required To Use This Program)
MuseScore Musical Notation Program For The Creation Of Music Scores
GIMP Image Program
Very Basic HTML Knowledge (Including in performing the simple alteration
of pasted already pre-written html codes for specific personally preferred
media,weblink,and text appearance functions)
Website Creation And Decoration (Including Adding Multi-Media To Website)
Online Publishing
Microsoft Office Word 2007
Microsoft Picture Manager
Open Office Word Processing Program
Audio Recording, Advanced Audio Editing, And The Conversion Of Various
Audio File Formats
Windows Movie Maker
Making And/Or Editing Videos At An Advanced Level
Converting Videos From One Format To Another
Making Digital Art On The Computer Incorporating A Variety Of Media
Components With Online Applications And Diverse Media Software
(Including Traditional Drawing And Painting Which Is Afterwards Scanned,
And Then Those Scanned Art Images Are Incorporated Into A Digital Art
Work, In Conjunction With Other Non-Plagiarist Digital Media Components)
Firefox Mozilla Browser Operating At A Very Advanced Level In Multiple
E-mail Creation Embedded With Media Content
Creation Of Word Documents And Pdf Documents
I Have, In The Past, Consciously Edited Pdf Text Details With A Specialized
Conversion Of Text Documents From One Format To Another
Conversion Of Image Files From One Format To Another
Making Images Out Of Screenshots, Editing Them According To The Needed
Task, And Saving Them As Image Files In Various Formats
Page Layout Design Using Either Word Processing Programs And/Or Image
Editing Programs (Such As The Print Shop And Greeting Card Factory) To
Make Text-Embedded Book Pages With Unique Lavish Decorations And My
Original Art, Which Are Then Individually Saved As Insertable JPG Image
Files (Either To Be Then Individually Converted Into Pdf Files -JPG To PDFOr To Be Inserted Into A Multi-Page Word Document, Which Is Then Saved
In Its Entirety As A Pdf)
Using Digital Cameras With Video Capacities And Then Uploading Content
To Computer
Extremely Competent Usage Of Portable USB-Compatible Devices Such As
Memory Sticks (Also Called Flash Drives), USB-Connecting Memory Card
Adapters, and USB Hub Ports
Basic Knowledge Using T-Mobile Android Phone
Creation Of Charts Using Online Website Tools Or Software
Usage Of Scanners For Creative Projects, And Creatively Rational Editing Of
Scanned Images
Free Audio Editor Program At An Advanced Level
Audacity Free Audio Editing Program

Kate's Video Splitter For Advanced Video Editing
Kate's Video Joiner For Advanced Video Editing
Making DVDs And Audio CDs
Backing Up Files On A Computer To Free Up Memory Space Using Blank
Compact Discs Or Digital Video Discs For File Storage
Intermediate Level Knowledge Of What Unethical Hackers Can Do To Their
Victims (Hands-On Knowledge Acquired Personally While Conducting HardCore Internet Research On Hacking, But Primarily Obtained From The
Numerous Computer Maneuvers Which I Had To Make For Countless Hours
While Resisting Hacking Attacks Directed At My Computer On A Long-Term
Knowledge And Experience Connecting Hardware Computer Accessories
Such As Printers, External DVD Burner Drives, Lightweight Portable USBConnecting CD-ROM Drives (Which also have DVD Burning Capacity)
Hands-On Self-Invented Knowledge And Extensive Years-Long Experience
Using Computer Image Design Programs And Accessible Visual Media For
Multiple Home Decoration Projects (Such As 1) The Printing Of StandardHeight Wall Paper-Like Decorative Borders Using Selected Designs That Are
Printed On Regular Office-Style White Printing Paper, Which Are Afterwards
Cut Out And Then Laminated Carefully With Ultra-Clear Transparent Tape,
The Home-Made Laminated, Virtually Moisture-Proof Border Being Placed
Then In Segments High Up On The Wall- Near The Ceiling- With A Non-Toxic
Glue, 2) The Use Of Programs, Such As The Print Shop, To Uniquely Design,
With My Own Original Art And Photography, Or With Other Accessible
Visual Media Homemade Household Implements Which I Made, And Other
Household Inventions That I Would Create - Including Homemade Toys And
Board Games)
I am greatly experienced in the competent cleaning of electronics to keep the
equipment dust-free.

Jolivette Gonzalez


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