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Keep the Focus

doing will have a positive effect not only on your photography, but also on your daily life.

Welcome to this practical guide on how to improve your
street photography with three meditation techniques.
The more you familiarise yourself with these techniques,
the more you will find yourself able to better concentrate and focus when taking pictures. This will have a visible impact on the quality of your photos! It may even stimulate your creativity and create new potential and

This practical guide is intentionally kept short and covers
the theoretical aspects of meditation only to a necessary
extent. Its main focus is on three meditation techniques
and their respective practical application. Most meditation techniques have their roots in Hinduism and Buddhism. However, this guide ignores the religious context
whatsoever and focusses only on the factual, practical
aspects of meditation.

Furthermore outstanding street photographers Mike
Boening, Valérie Jardin, Eric Kim, Marco Larousse,
Thomas Leuthard, Spyros Papaspyropoulos, Rinzi Roco
Ruiz and Forrest Walker will share their experience and
thoughts on focus/concentration and its effect on their
respective street photography.

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Just as photography needs practice, so does meditation.
Don't expect to see immediate results right from the
start—it will take some time. In order to see results, you
will need to integrate the techniques presented in this
guide into your daily routine. When you succeed in
doing this, you'll start noticing subtle developments
pretty soon. The ability to better focus on what you're