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Like many things in life, creating this booklet would not
have been possible without help. The decisive motivational push came from a conversation with Marco Larousse in April 2016, which laid the foundation for bringing
my initial idea for this guide to life. Marco contributed
to this book his answers to three questions that I also
asked Mike Boening, Valérie Jardin, Eric Kim, Thomas
Leuthard, Spyros Papaspyropoulos, Rinzi Roco Ruiz and
Forrest Walker. Their answers are very inspiring and were very important for the development of this little guide. Each of these highly experienced street photographers contributed furthermore one image that they relate to focus/concentration. I owe a debt of gratitude to
all of them and would like to advise my honoured readers to study the work of each of these outstanding
street photographers. Furthermore, my thanks go out to
Felix L. Esser for translating this booklet into English.

About the Author
Thomas Ludwig, born 1968, took most of his street photos in African countries and European cities. He's been
practising meditation since 1999 and has been studying
Buddhism since 2010 at the Tibetan Centre in Hamburg/
Germany under patronage of HH the Dalai Lama.
Thomas is the CEO of German camera bag manufacturer
COSYSPEED and is living close to Hamburg with his family. Parts of this booklet are extracts of Thomas and
Günter Lehmanns book ‚Ich geh‘ offline‘, a book about
sports and meditation which was published in 2013 in
German language only.