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Getting Started
To begin, the Hercules must be disassembled and sterilized. This’ll give you a chance to
get acquanted with your Herc and learn to adjust it properly before adding oils.
• Disassemble the Hercules following the instructions on page 3.
• Wipe down all PTFE parts with 91% or stronger isopropyl alcohol and a lint free towel.
• Place all metal and ceramic parts into a strainer and boil in distilled water
for 5 minutes to sterilize.
• Assemble the Hercules following the instructions on page 4.
Ensure it heats reliably (step 7) before loading. A fresh, empty Ti wick
needs a .5g load to saturate: Load .25g (buffer), apply brief pulses of
low power (15-20 watts) to melt in. Draw gently, then repeat.
• The Herc is warm, don’t allow it to sit idle. Draw to cool, or put it to use!

Thank you for purchasing the
Hercules Oil System. The Hercules is
a clean-slate approach to solve the
problems inherent with breakable wire
heaters and the expense of replacing
traditional systems. By eliminating all
w i re s,
a dhe s iv e s, what remains are the
highest quality materials we could
grade 316L
stainless steel, Ai203 ceramic,
Grade 2 titanium, and PTFE
insulators, in a completely user
serviceable, modular design that’s
easy to clean and maintain. Its
centrally placed ceramic heating rod
is surrounded by a titanium wick to
hold more oil and vaporize it with
cleaner f l a vo r th a n a n y o th e r
s y s t e m available today. Since 2012,
it’s set the sta n d a rd for p o w e r f u l
po r t a bl e concentrate vaporization;
we hope you’ll enjoy yours for many
years to come.

Operating Instructions
• Set your device to 20 watts. Apply power
and draw gently. Continue to hold power
for 5-10 seconds per pulse while drawing
steadily. Let off power and keep drawing
for several seconds to clear vapors.
• Once warmed up the rod stays hot enough
to produce vapor after releasing the button.
Try different pulse lengths & draw strengths
before working up to higher wattages.
More power merits shorter pulses.
• Draw air passively between hits while the
Hercules is warm to keep oils up top. At the
end of your session, cool down the Herc by
drawing without pulsing to preserve your
oils. To check, unscrew the heat shield and
feel for heat. The more you cool down,
the less you’ll need to clean up.
• Add .25g if any loss of vapor production or
flavor is noticed. Keep the coil saturated
to keep on vaping, but don’t overfill.



Tip: Line up seams to
place rod correctly.
Critical for operation


Top Cap

Upper Heater

Add concentrate.
Draw and pulse gently
10 to melt oils into wick.
Repeat as needed.
Assemble Mouthpiece,
9 insert Top Cap. Use to
draw during step 10

Tip: Squishing the titanium wick
creates an interference fit so it
won't slide upwards during use

Ovalize the titanium wick.
Push down around heating

Ceramic Rod
Retaining Nut



Screw Heater Core into
Bottom Insulator. Test
for heat and adjust as
needed: Page 5, Step 5

Spring Loaded

2. Unscrew the Hercules and screw it back
on. Make sure to not over tighten.

Slide Ceramic Rod into
Upper Heater Core until

3 the upper grey band

3. Remove the mouthpiece, heatshield, and
upper heater core. Check the ceramic rod,
center post, and threads for oils. Clean as
needed. Reattach upper core, mouthpiece
and test.
Tools Needed: 99% isopropyl

Screw Lower Core onto

2 threaded assembly

heater cores together

4. Remove the bottom insulator and screw
the Hercules Heater Core directly to your
device. Hold the button for two 10
second pulses, then check for heat. If it
heats, proceed to step 4. If not, adjust
the ceramic rod placement.

Tip: Spring Loaded Contact
must be installed in Center
Post with its thin pin down

Center Post

Screw Center Post


6 Screw Upper and Lower

Tools Needed: Multimeter

alcohol, cotton swabs

PTFE Insulating

Upper Heater
Core with
Ceramic Rod

Lower Heater

Heater Core
Lower Section

4 to control restriction

seat firmly on bottom.

Heater Core

1. Check and make sure that your vaporizer
is fully charged. If your device has
removable batteries, please test them
using a multimeter.


(Optionally) Install AAF

Airflow Washer

• Airflow is key: keep air flowing to preserve
flavor while hot, and always cool down
your Hercules after each use.
• "H" on Hercules always points towards
threading on Lower Core and Heatshield.
• Requires high amperage discharge batteries.
Check online for our recommendation.
• PTFE insulators don’t need to be removed for
cleaning. To replace, remove the top insulator
by reinserting the center post and rocking
gently or grasping with fingernails.
Push the lower insulator out.
• Hercules will vaporize anything you load
inside, but works best with stable, full melt
• Store sideways if loaded with less stable oil
or ambient temperature is high.

Airflow Washer

Pull rod out, or push

Ceramic Rod

Ceramic Rod
Retaining Nut

4 Pull off Top Cap

Unscrew Rod Retaining

8 Nut, remove Adjustable

9 upwards into chamber,
then remove wick

Tip: Use paper clip to help
remove the wick by
pushing from the bottom
air holes evenly

Heater Core
Lower Section

Heater Core



Unscrew Heater Core
from Bottom Insulator

Spring Loaded
Center Post

Upper Heater
Core with
Ceramic Rod

6 Unscrew Upper
Heater Core

PTFE Insulating

Lower Heater
Unscrew Lower
7 Heater Core from
Threaded Assembly


Unscrew center post

10 and slide out retaining

PTFE Insulating
Center Post

sleeve screw

Tip: Use paper clip to help
remove spring contact
from the retaining sleeve


1 into Threaded Assembly

What's Included
Hercules Cartridge

Titanium Gr 2 Wick

Stainless Tool

Cleaning Brush

Center Post

510 Bottom Adapter 0.8 Ohm Rod

5. If Hercules works only when the bottom insulator is
bypassed, adjustment is needed. Hold the bottom
side (male threads) of its center pin in place with
your finger/thumbnail while unscrewing the top pin
(female threads) 1/4 turn or 90°.
Tools needed: 1 x Flathead screwdriver


Reorder Parts List

Adjustment may take 1-3 tries. Attach the bottom
insulator after each quarter-turn as you rest your
finger on the bottom to feel the pin extend into
your finger. Alternately, test with meter, or thread
onto your device to see if resistance is detected.
Don’t extend the pin unecessarily.
6. Check the device with another heater. If
another heater works, proceed to step 7. If not,
consult the vaporizer’s instruction manual for help.

Titanium Gr 2 Wick

Air Flow Washer

Hercules Top Cap

PTFE Insulator

7. Use a volt and ohm meter to test battery voltage,
vaporizer voltage output and resistance of the
Ceramic Rod at its tungsten contact points.
Then test connection points at each stage of
assembly looking for the same Ω value.

Not for tobacco use.
This product does not contain nicotine.
It cannot be used with tobacco
or nicotine containing substances.

Tools needed: Multimeter

Tip: If Threaded Assembly
is empty of PTFE insulators
install one on each side

PTFE Insulating
Center Post

3 Unscrew Heatshield

Top Cap

If your Hercules is not heating (during step 7 of assembly, or after loading and use) please follow these
steps in the sequence shown to diagnose and solve the issue.

band is visible, tighten firmly.

Grade 2 Wick

8 rod using included tool,

Thread on Rod Retaining Nut.

5 Ensure 100% of the indicator

Ceramic Rod


Upper Heater

Collar with a coin

Airflow Washer


on mouthpiece. Enjoy!

2 Unscrew Retaining


Ensure "H" on heatshield
points down, screw onto

11 bottom insulator. Screw


Usage Tips

Gary Bay


Grade 2 Wick

1 Unscrew mouthpiece

Instruction Manual


Disassembly Starts Here


For the latest news follow us on:

Assembly Starts Here


Contact us at 818-849-6133 if you have any questions or need help ordering.





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