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Koalas are like teddy bears that all people will surely adore seeing. They are
like key-chains holding tight on trees. Koala or koala bears are considered as
one of the most iconic animal class that are native to Australia. They are
mostly found in coastal areas of the mainland’s eastern and southern regions
populating in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and in South Australia.
You can easily recognize koalas on its stout, large head with round feathery
ears and large spoon-shaped nose and tailless body. But aside from where
they came from and what do they look like, what do koalas eat? And what
are the foods that koalas don’t eat?
Foods that Koalas Eat

“What do koalas eat?” for sure will make each curious mind totally wonder.
Actually, koalas are known for being a leaf-eating animal. They eat leaves
that are mainly limited to the plant life of eucalyptus kinds as well as the
leaves of gum trees. These are their main diet. The truth is, eucalyptus
foliage is extremely poisonous to other breeds of animals, but koala bear’s
immune system is specially adapted to this so they are perfectly immune to
it. Moreover, eucalyptus leaves are actually low in nutrition and very fibrous.
Unlike other mammals in the planet, koala has an uncommon elongated
caecum in the intestines to cleanse the leaves poisonous effect.
Furthermore, koalas have unusual cheek teeth to form the leaves into a fine
paste for digestion by microorganisms. They chew the leaves for about 2-4
hours until it formed into a paste. When koalas are not sleeping, they spend
their wake hours finding and eating foods. They do not need to give too
much effort looking for food because their diet is made up entirely of
eucalyptus trees. There were over 600 types of eucalyptus trees in Australia,

but koalas only eat about 2-3 kinds of eucalyptus leaves. The kind of
eucalyptus leaves that they love are:
 Tallow wood
 Small-leafed peppermint
 Gray gum
 Swamp gum
 Blue gum
 Yellow box
Koalas are very picky on what they eat. They only eat the tree’s flowers,
stems and bark but the leaves are their most favorite. Just like other animals,
koalas like a change too. So aside from eucalyptus leaves, they also eat from
other trees like tea tree, wattle and paperbark. They occasionally climb
down to the ground to eat gravel and soil. It provides natural minerals and
help to break up strong leaves inside their stomach.
Foods that Koalas Don’t Eat

If there’s a question about “what do koalas eat?” there is for sure foods that
koalas don’t like to eat. But obviously the question has already an obvious
answer. Aside from tea tree, wattle, paperbark and eucalyptus leaves which
are their favorite, they don’t eat other kinds of food. Koalas are herbivorous
animal and their diet is specially made different from other breed of animals.
Actually, they even drink water too often because eucalyptus leaves already
consists of water. So they already intake so much water just by eating those
leaves. Therefore, what do koalas eat is obviously what they only prefer.

Fun facts about Koalas

Aside from what do koalas eat that is truly indescribable, there were also
fun facts about koalas that will surely blew you away and will surely make
you think that they are truly unique from other species.
 When koalas feel their stomach is full, they store leaves inside their fat
 The name koala is derived from ancient word Aboriginal which means “no
drink”. They already receive about 90 percent of water just by eating
eucalyptus leaves.
 Koalas spend 2-4 hours a night chewing eucalyptus leaves.
 Just like humans, koalas also have fingerprints which other animals usually
don’t have.
 Koala’s teeth are especially made to deal with their specified diet. Their
sharp front teeth have the ability to bite the leaves from the tree. While
their molars or back teeth are formed to cut the leaves instead of just
cracking them.
 An opening between their front and back teeth is called “diastema”. This
allows the tongue to move the bulk of leaves around the mouth powerfully.
 Their hindmost legs are merged together partly in order to achieve
grooming jobs like removing ticks that they normally do.
 Koalas approximately eat about 200 to 500 grams of leaves per day.

What do koalas eat are very different compare to other animals that we are
already familiar with. Koala bears are not only unique according to their
looks but also have a unique kind way of living. Koalas are indeed very
unusual and they justly one of a kind.
(Source: What-do-animals-eat.com )

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