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Author: Tony Stiles

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To all those who wish to serve humanity:
This will be a multi-phase plan to organize those who wish to expose and seek justice for victims of what
has been come to be known as “pizzagate.”
In this phased plan, it is our goal to bring this scandal into the mainstream as well as prevent, rescue,
and recover those who could, have been, and are victims of human trafficking though activism,
awareness, and action (AAA).
Pizzagate is the ring that has been known to operate out of Comet Ping Pong in the Washington DC
suburbs. There is a lot of information out there regarding this scandal. There is also a lot of speculation.
As an expert in human trafficking being involved for several years in on the ground efforts to end this
atrocity, I can tell you from personal experience that this is unfortunately neither isolated nor
uncommon. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I consider myself to be a sceptic after seeing firsthand
the underbelly of the world’s elite in these circles.
This is a very real and dangerous issue. We all must be careful.
In dealing with a high-profile case like Pizzagate, we will be met with strong opposition seemingly
credible personal attacks from group infiltrators in hopes of discrediting those involved. Some of us
must realize the possibility of death. It will be hard to trust each other at times, but that is exactly what
they will want. Unfortunately, it will be very hard to detect. Make no mistake, they will read this and it
will only inflame their ambition to disguise and discredit. From the moment I started being known as an
activist in human trafficking, I have seen countless personal attacks. Some have caused me to lose
friends due to their creative maliciousness. We must all be strong and unified.
As we work together to complete Phase 1 of our efforts, we must stay on task. This cannot be an
individual operation. It must be an operation of individuals acting as one; unified for one cause. We will
succeed, but only in numbers.

Willing to serve,

Tony Stiles

Please take the time to read and reflect on these actions that need to be taken in order to lay proper
mainstream groundwork.
1. Protests (suggested date: 12/20/2016)
o We need people to organize peaceful protests in their cities all to coincide on the same
day to raise local awareness and gain media attention.
 Be careful! These must be peaceful! It is widely known by experienced activists
that protests sometimes get infiltrated by “plants” who will become violent or
engage in bad behavior in order to discredit the group.
 If you wish to be an organizer in your local area, prepare now to find others in
your community who would like to help.
 Familiarize yourselves with peaceful resistance. It’s not easy to stand and fight
without hostility in the face of tear gas and rubber bullets….believe me. You
need to be prepared.
 Understand the laws in your area. Make sure you are not protesting on property
in which the government can accuse you of trespassing, endangerment,
obstruction, and/or anything else.
 Contact your local media and have a professional press release with basic
information. DO NOT go off on tangents. Media loves nothing more than making
people look like nutjobs. Make it about children and justice. It would be nice if
we had one unified press release agreed upon for use in all cities.
2. Proper and professional representation
o Lawyers – We will need legal counsel to guide this movement or it will implode.
 Preferably, we will find one willing to work pro bono (free). If not, we will need
to raise funds to retain them on a monthly basis.
o Graphic Designers – Curb appeal is everything. If we want to be taken seriously, we need
professional artwork.
 Again, it would be great to find one or two willing to work for free. If not, we will
need to raise funds to retain them on a monthly or on a case-by-case basis.
 Please DO NOT use pictures of victims. This is strongly frowned upon in the antitrafficking industry. Don’t victimize victims. They’ve been through enough.
 Focus artwork on information and facts, not speculation and opinion.
o A Publicist – A professional and experienced publicist will have the media contacts and
reputation to give this movement validity.
 Reputable, professional, and experienced publicists will not work for free. This
will cost money, but this movement will never go mainstream without one.
 This will cost $3,000/mo, but it will be worth every last bit.
 Publicity campaigns take time. Especially when it’s a subject like this one. It
takes 2-3 months before gaining real nationwide results.

3. Fundraising
o Whether it be for bail money for protests gone awry or lawyers and publicity, a cause
without funding is dead in the water.
 I suggest crowdfunding for local projects.
 Crowdrise is my favorite crowdfunding platform. It doesn’t take your
money away. Whatever you raise, you keep and you can take it out
whenever you want.
 I suggest finding a non-profit organization for the national project.
 Upside:
o They have their own lawyers.
o They have their own graphics team.
o They have their own publicist.
o Tax deductible donations to fight the issue
 Downside
o It might be hard to find one willing to take this on.
o They may have their own agenda. Be sure to ask that at least
90% goes towards the cause.
4. Unified documentation
o Nominate a cause “information keeper” and “deputies” to keep the information,
documents, and media. (I would personally like to see David Seamen in this role as we
all look to him when new information is found)
 Make sure information is kept securely.
 Keep contact information for local areas.
 Be a face nationally for interviews and media.
5. Numerous Thunderclap campaigns
o Thunderclap.it – Thunderclap allows a single message to be mass-shared, flash mobstyle, so it rises above the noise of your social networks.
 Center these messages around the protests and fundraising information
 Make sure to add hashtags
 Be clean, clear, and to the point.

Now that we have this starting point, It is up to all of us to work together to make this an organized
movement that will gain the mainstream status it deserves. There will be many phases to come.
Please forgive any spelling or grammar in this document. I’m not a writer. I’m just a guy who fights
traffickers for a living and knows a thing or two about organized activism.
If you do not feel this information is useful or will not help the cause, I would personally be very
reluctant to believe you’re not a plant or maybe just a downer wishing to keep this movement in
cyberspace as a basement-dwelling hobby….no offense.



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