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How To Live Longer:
7 Proven Tricks To Lengthen Your

Brought to you by: https://brightmatcha.com


Did you know that there are geniuses in Silicon Valley right
now trying to find out how to download the human brain
onto a memory stick?
The thought is that your brain’s data can then be uploaded
onto a brain made in the lab, then stuck inside a new body.
Your brain now has a new home inside a completely
rejuvenated body.
You continue to control this body with your brain until it
again wares out, at which point you just lodge your brain
inside a new body. Thus, the problem of life and death is
Unfortunately (or fortunately), we’re still many years away
from this. So lets instead explore some practical ways that
can help you to live longer.
These are easy and proven ways to lengthen your life
through various methods. Some decrease the risk of
cancer, while others reduce stress levels. All of them can be
easily done, though, and this quick read could be a gold
mine for you.
Allow these tricks to settle in without thinking too much
about how you can do them yourself at first. Read them first
quickly as a quick reference to get you familiar with them.
You don’t have to try all of them at once. You can even pick
one of these tricks and stick with it consistently, reminding
yourself that you’re adding years to your life.
Let’s go through them now, starting with what might be the
most rewarding to your lifespan.

1. Go on a good fasting diet

Research published in 2009 by the Journal of Nutrition
suggested that reducing calories in your diet leads to a
longer life. Many other studies have shown that mice and
smaller lab animals like the nematode C. elegans live twice
as long when fed a near-starving diet.
The diet seems to work by reducing the number of
byproducts produced during normal digestion that cause
your cells to age faster. Some health enthusiasts take a few
weeks out of the year to go on strict fasts before returning
to their normal diets.
Do plenty of research before sticking with a specific type of
fast, since there are tons of them out there. Fasting allows
your body to focus on keeping you healthy rather than
constantly digesting food throughout the day, producing
harmful byproducts.
In fact, the reason we often feel tired immediately after a
large meal is because the oxygen keeping our brains sharp
gets redirected to our guts to aid in digestion. Keep that
oxygen in the brain by eating less, or by going on scheduled

2. Be focused and conscientious of your actions

Taking a relaxing vacation every now and then is great, but
a long-term vacation is apparently not the secret to living
longer. The Longevity Project published research results in
2011 from a study that followed more than 1,500 children in
the 1920’s until their deaths.
The results showed that the children who tended to be
hard-working and avoided risks eventually entered stable
relationships, which are a major boost for life satisfaction
and longevity.
As we grow older, taking
fewer risks means we are
less prone to danger.
While dangerous activities
like skiing and mountain
climbing provide us with
fresh air and physical
activity, they also put us
at risk of injury.
If you’re already skilled at
a dangerous physical
activity, then your definition of being less risky is different
than the average person’s. Be conscientious of your
actions, and you’re likely to live longer than those who are

3. Get married and stay married

Results from The Longevity Project also showed that
married men and women were more likely to live beyond 70
years old. Those that divorced were less likely to reach that
age in life.
On average, married men live 10 years longer than
unmarried men. One explanation is that men who are
married take fewer risks in life. Another reason might even
be that married men and women cook better meals at
home, rather than eating out often, leading to a healthier
and longer life.
Being married also allows us to form deeper meaning in life.
When we have someone to live and provide for, we
strengthen our desire to live healthier and longer.
Divorced people who eventually remarried also live longer
on average than those who do not ever get married. If you
want to live longer, get married (eventually) and stay

4. Make and maintain strong social ties
Though our friends add meaning to our lives, they could
also be adding years.
According to research published by the NIH, people with
strong social ties are less prone to mental disorders later in
life and tend to live longer. Some studies even show that
having healthy relationships and quitting smoking are
equally beneficial to your health.
If you’re an introvert, creating social ties is still beneficial to
your health. It may not be easy at first, but talking to new
people or strengthening old friendships is the best way to
Even smiling when you
make eye contact with
someone is a strong
form of social contact. If
you’re a naturally
outgoing and amiable
person, then
congratulations – you’re
more likely to live longer
than the average person.

5. Step away from your desk

New research published by the NIH suggests that sitting for
more than 3 hours at a time can cut your life expectancy,
even if you take frequents trips to the gym.
The reason for this is that blood stagnates and doesn’t
move freely around the body when we sit down and are
Though we may not feel the effects, our heart is not able to
pump blood throughout our body as well as it should, and
your cells age quicker due to lack of oxygen.
Be sure to get up and move around every hour, even if just
for a minute. Simple stretches like touching your toes and
reaching for the sky are great exercises to get the blood
moving. You could be adding years to your life by doing

6. Eat more nuts

Researchers at Loma Linda University concluded that eating
a variety of nuts 5 days a week can add nearly 3 years to
your life. Nuts were shown to reduce the risk of heart
disease, a leading cause of death in the United States.
Nuts are also a great snack to keep with you throughout the
day. They’re packed with fiber, so they’ll keep you from
getting too hungry.
If you wish to avoid the extra calories, you can stick to
almonds, cashews, and pistachios, which have the least
amount of calories. Pack these in Ziplock bags and keep
one bag with you at your desk or as you move about
through your day.

7. Drink more green tea

A recently published study in Japan concluded that drinking
green tea actually reduced dying from the major causes of
death. Researchers looked at the association between
green tea consumption and numerous conditions including
cancer, heart disease, brain disease, respiratory injuries,
and more.
The study followed over 90,000 people for over 20 years
and found that the more green tea people drank, the less
likely they were to die from a major health disease.
Many of the participants who lived longer in this study from
Japan were drinking matcha tea, the green tea of choice in
Matcha has numerous benefits over traditional green tea,
such as more fiber, vitamins, and up to 13 times the
antioxidants. This is because matcha is finely ground green
tea leaves, so you actually consume the green tea leaf itself.
Bright Matcha is the best choice for matcha green tea
because it’s the highest grade of matcha green tea. Our top
ranked tea master, Koboyashi-san, makes sure your matcha
is nothing less than perfection.

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