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Author: Braddpitt

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Drink a Green Drink
For Good Health

1. Drink a Green Drink For Good Health
2. How to Improve Your Health With Green Drinks
3. Why Green Drink Powder Is Beneficial
4. Green Drinks - What's Best in Green Drinks?
5. The Morning Green Drink Habit: A Great Way to
Improve Your Health


1. Drink a Green Drink For Good Health
A green drink is a mixture of vegetables, sprouts, grasses, and other
healthy greens. Everybody knows that vegetables are good for you,
but there is a bunch of research showing that vegetables may be
even more important than we ever thought in preventing diseases.
The basic theory, which is backed by a lot of science, is that sugary,
acidic foods cause all kinds of health problems from weight gain to
the common cold. On the other side are the alkaline foods like
vegetables. The research shows that once you get rid of the acid in
your body, your health improves, your energy levels increase, and
the stored fat is released and you lose weight very quickly. Having a
green drink (or 2 or 3) every day can go a long ways towards getting
rid of the acid in your body.
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We already established that vegetables are good for you and I hope
there isn't anybody out there who is going to argue that point. Eating
enough vegetables (and fruits) can be very hard in today's fast paced
world. One way to make sure you get enough healthy vegetables is
to have a bunch at once. You can do this by juicing your vegetables.
You get most of the benefits of eating the vegetable and take in
several servings of vegetables in one drink. Your body will absorb
those nutrients faster than if you ate the vegetable because it
doesn't have to digest all the solid stuff in the vegetable. There are
tons of resources out there to tell you what vegetable is best, but in
general, all vegetables are good and green ones are better. The best
thing to do is take a few vegetables and juice them together to make
one drink. An apple can really sweeten up the drink so adding one of
those is a good idea when you first start getting used to it. My
favorite vegetable to juice is cucumber because it has a really

alkalizing (anti-acid) effect on the body and it is really watery so you
don't have a thick drink which is harder to drink. You need to drink
the juice right away, though, because it will spoil very quickly (within
hours). This is the essence of a fresh green drink.
As I mentioned, getting enough vegetables in a busy world can be
hard. It can also be hard to make enough time to buy all the
vegetables you need, juice them and then clean up the juicer every
time you need a green drink. There is an easy solution. You can buy
your green drink in a powder form that is mixed with water or in a
capsule. If you get a high quality green drink it will contain even
more nutrients than you get by juicing a few vegetables.
It may seem like this green drink is expensive, but when you think
about the cost of juicing, you will see that not only is the powdered
form more convenient, it is a whole lot cheaper. When you buy the
powdered green drink, it will cost you around $1 per drink. If you buy
a large container, it will be less than $1 per serving. Now a simple
fresh green drink will be 1 cucumber, a couple carrots, and maybe an
apple for flavor. This will easily cost you $1 per drink and you won't
get all the other stuff that is in a powdered green drink. If you just
can't handle drinking it, many suppliers also put the powder in a
capsule. You will get all the benefits of mixing it up and it will only
cost a little more per serving. Check below for links to 2 high quality
suppliers of green drinks. Both of them have powders to mix and
capsules not to mention a ton of other high quality health
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I hope this has helped you. I have experienced first hand the health
benefits a green drink can bring; especially if used in combination
with some exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle. Even if you

change nothing else, having 1 or 2 green drinks every day will have a
dramatic impact on your health and wellbeing. Good Luck!
If you are looking for high quality green drinks and other top knotch
health supplements, I recommend products from InnerLight and
Tony Robbins. I have had really good luck with both.


2. How to Improve Your Health With Green Drinks
Studies have shown that overweight individuals and those with
chronic illnesses do not consume all of their daily servings of fruits
and vegetables, but instead consume way too much saturated fats
and sugary foods. Many individuals tend to overeat and overindulge
themselves with these types of foods, which can quickly develop into
unhealthy lifestyles as a result. Unfortunately many of these
unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyles are being passed
down to their children.
In order to boost the immune system, rid the body of toxins and
decrease unhealthy levels of cholesterol, daily recommended
servings of fruits and vegetables should be consumed. Often time,
these vegetables and fruits are blended together in green smoothies
and fruit smoothies for a nutritional drink. Blending leafy greens and
fruits together in a juicer is another great way to get all the
nutritional value from these vegetables and fruits.
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The healthy benefits of drinking green drinks made from fresh
vegetables and fruits have been shown to increase the quality of an
individual's life. The toxicity levels in the body are decreased, as the
drink acts like a detoxification drink that flushes waste from the
body. Antioxidants from the leafy greens and fruits used in green
drinks also help to give an added boost to the individual's immune
The alkaline levels in green vegetables are essential to the digestive
system of the body. The wide variety of vitamins, trace mineral and
nutrients found in leafy green foods are essential to fighting the
aging process, certain cancers and chronic arthritis and digestive

system diseases. The combination of leafy green vegetables and
fruits in a green drink have shown to reduce weight and bad levels of
cholesterol. Green drink advocates contend that individuals who
drink green drinks also begin to notice the change in their skin, hair,
nails and their overall stress levels drop.
Drinking green drinks can cut down on the craving that lead to
overindulgence and overeating. As the body starts to experience a
healthy surge of nutrients and vitamins from drinking these drinks,
the detoxifications process begins. The body rids itself of processed
foods, high sugary foods, and begins to drop weight. The cravings for
good healthy foods are a given with drinking these drinks.
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Many individuals reported an increase of healthy skin that glowed,
and had other individuals commenting on their weight loss and how
healthy their hair looked and their skin looked. These individuals
soon become green drink enthusiasts and are forever leaving
unhealthy eating behind them in favor of the benefits of a healthy
lifestyle of green drinks. Many individuals who take to drinking green
drinks also tend to exercise more and eat less at meal time.
These individuals experience less flu symptoms and less work missed
due to colds and other infectious diseases. Green drinks also make
the individual more mentally alert and have higher and longer levels
of energy. A healthy diet that includes moderate exercise and green
drinks tends to be the kind of healthy life that provides preventive
measures against obesity and infectious diseases for most


3. Why Green Drink Powder Is Beneficial
Green is nutritious and healthy.
Green beverages are becoming famous these days because of the
nutritional benefits. Health gurus and medical experts proved that
when your body gets too much acid, this drink is one of the best
options. When you drink green powder drinks it is like you are eating
a full load of vegetables that is very convenient for the people
because they are made in powdered form and you just have to
dissolve it in water. Green juices can provide stability for your body
and rich in alkaline that are helpful for reducing stress. If you take
green juices that contain high content of alkaline, there is a greater
possibility of reducing acids in your body. These are also very helpful
in producing minerals, amino acids and vitamins that will serve as life
supporting chemical activity or building blocks of metabolism and
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Nowadays, you can purchase a green drink powder from many
different supermarkets, grocery stores, shops and online retailers.
However, it is still necessary to learn how to make use of a green
powder for a delicious green drink recipe. You can search different
recipes in magazines or online. If you are already familiar on how to
make use of a green powder, it can surely help you become healthy.
These are some of the beneficial effects of consuming a green drink
powder in your drink. Green drinks can enhance the absorption of
minerals and vitamins, toxins that can weaken your body tissues will
be discarded, high blood pressure will be prevented, cancer
prevention, minimizing allergic results and strengthens your
digestive process. Additionally, this magic powder is measured as a
nutritional drink that is very effective for weight loss. For the same

reason, most people can testify that these drinks are very beneficial
and can change your life for the better. These health gurus and
conscious individuals say that consuming green drinks have made
remarkable changes in their bodies.
Once you have learned how to create green drinks, you can consume
these consistently. You will be assured of attaining normal digestion,
weight loss, additional energy, less food cravings which contain
excessive salt and sugar content. Also, it can eliminate unwanted
contaminants from your body that will result to a more radiant and
glowing skin. You can easily make green drinks. It is not complicated
as juicing because you can easily prepare them in less time.
Check out some more benefits of from green super foods made with
green drink powder are here.


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