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Author: Braddpitt

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1. Reboot Your System With Green Drinks
2. How Green Drinks Improve Your Health
3. Green Drink and the Alkaline Diet
4. Green Drink - The Benefits Of Green Drinks For
Maximum Health & Energy
5. Green Drink: The Simplicity of Fruits and Vegetables


1. Reboot Your System With Green Drinks
If you feel sluggish, every task is a chore and exercise is exhausting
then you should think seriously about whether your pH balance is
too acidic and concentrate on regaining the correct balance with
having a green drink. pH is the scientific name for the level of acidity
in your body, running on a scale of one to 14; pH 7 is neutral, below 7
is acidic, greater than 7 is alkaline. The ideal pH balance for the
human body is 7.4 and slightly alkaline.
When pH is below this rate the body falls prey to common
complaints, such as sore throats, headaches, head colds, flu, chronic
fatigue, general aches and pains. Green drinks, made from a variety
of green vegetables, quickly begins eliminating the acidic toxins from
the body restoring the body's pH balance to the ideal level and aiding
the whole metabolic process.
All green drinks contain a potent blend of organic grasses, leaves,
green vegetables and vitamins - over 125 in total. The entire list is
way too long to mention so here is a snapshot of the organic
ingredients: Aloe Vera Leaf Concentrate, Alfalfa Leaf, Black Walnut
Leaf, Blackberry Leaf, Boldo Leaf, Broccoli Floret, Cornsilk, Couch
Grass, Cabbage Herb, Celery Seed and Dandelion Leaf - to mention a
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Prime pH acts as an oxygen catalyst In the bloodstream and this
formula reportedly has a positive oxygenating, alkalizing, and pH
balancing effect on the body. This is taken in conjunction with a
green drink, using one level teaspoon of any green drink per liters of
spring or distilled water, then adding 16 drops of Prime PH. This can

be enjoyed, after shaking, wherever you like - using a screw top
It is essential to have these nutritional drinks regularly throughout
the day. Women should drink three liters and men four liters every
day. The general rule is one liter for every 42 pounds of body weight.
Once you have drunk your daily intake you may want to drink some
more which is fine, as is drinking water with a drop of lemon or some
Prime PH drops.
Some detox symptoms may occur which are normal - flu-type
symptoms, fatigue and even diarrhea. This is all good, proving that
the body is getting rid of the stored toxins. Feeling less hungry is a
positive symptom and any hunger pangs should be satisfied with
another liter of a nutritional drink to counter the cravings, which are
usually attributable to dehydration rather than hunger.
Another positive change will be noticed in eating habits. Cravings for
coffee, bread, soft drinks, candy and meat will be replaced with
yearnings for salads, vegetables and fruit. Once your body settles
and begins to alkalize body fat should start to shed - continuing to
drink three liters of any green drink and Prime PH a day can lose up
to 20 pounds in a four week period. Drinking green will also boost
energy, making sleeping a deeper and more refreshing experience.
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The Green Drink regime will also sharpen the thinking process and
eliminate that 'foggy headed' scenario, which will in turn help handle
stressful situations. Another bonus is that your skin will improve and
start to look sparkling rather than tired.
A green drink is a very positive life-enhancing health boost for
anyone feeling stressed and unwell, and any initial outlay will be

rewarded handsomely with the greatest gift of all, a healthier,
leaner, body, sparkling skin and renewed energy.
InnerLight SuperGreens are an exclusive, synergistic blend of 49
organic grasses, grains, and green vegetables. This nutrient-rich,
alkaline formula helps to gently pull the blood and tissue balance
from an acid base to an increasingly healthy alkaline state.


2. How Green Drinks Improve Your Health
For the health fanatics, you have probably heard of the term "green
drink" and are aware of the benefits. For those who are not in the
know, a green drink is a drink that uses vegetables and other green
plants that work to make up the lack of nutritional values that are in
our diets and help to alkalize the body. A regular use of green drinks
will increase energy, reduce infections, reduce yeast and get rid of
toxins that are finding themselves in our bodies. You will find
yourself waking up earlier in the morning and will no longer have the
urge for caffeine or sugar-based products to create a pick-me-up.
You can purchase green drinks in powder form, which is mixed with
liquid, some mix this powder in fruit smoothies for a delicious,
refreshing morning breakfast or snack. Or you can buy capsules
which is ideal for those who are on the go.
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Green drinks have 49 green vegetables, grains and whole grasses, in
a power drink, that will allow your body to easily digest over 125
minerals, amino acids and vitamins. With this formula being highly
rich in nutrients it will alkaline the body by pulling tissue and blood
balances, therefore maintaining an increasing strong alkaline
function. Dr. Young makes sure that each plant is pulled when they
are at their nutritional peak, then every ingredient is concentrated at
to make sure that it is at the cleanest and most pure state.
Being so used to foods that are artificially flavored, sweetened and
extremely processed, it can take a little while to get use to the
natural and rich taste of green drinks. You will find that using these
nutritional drinks on a regular basis, you will start to crave the taste

of it, which is naturally sweet. This will also happen as your body will
become more cleansed by purging the toxins with green drinks.
Some of ingredients that are packed into this green drink include;
Kelp, Kamut Grass, Alfalfa Sprouts, Dandelion Greens, White Willow,
Rosehips, Broccoli and Kale. So many ingredients that provide so
many benefits such as, lowering cholesterol, adding protein, anticancer, strengthen blood, improving digestion and immune systems,
joint health, mental acuity, improving sore throats and allergies. And
the list goes on and on.
Green drinks usually come in either a ¼ lb. or 1 lb. Micro-Fine
Powder or 90 Colloidal Capsule. This green drink (or capsule) should
be taken four times daily - equaling to four liters of water daily. The
scoop equals out to be one teaspoon, which in the beginning, one
should only use a half a scoop, then increase to the full serving
amount after a week. For the maximum benefits use distilled water
or add anywhere from six to eight drops of Prime pH into your water.
For some it may be hard to drink four liters of water every day, you
can always start with 1 ½ liters slowly moving yourself up to four.
It shouldn't take too long before you start feeling the effect of the
SuperGreens. One day you will find yourself with increased energy,
feeling fresh and energized in the morning, and do not be surprised if
you start to wake up for the alarm clock goes off. You will notice your
overall health will improve and will feel grateful when you are able to
ward off illness. You will feel clean, energized, mentally sound and
just overall great!


3. Green Drink and the Alkaline Diet
So what is a Green Drink? Simply put it is a powder or capsules of
Green vegetables or leafy greens that are super concentrated with
the most nutrient rich ingredients.
Working in this constantly hectic world, where you just don't have
the time or the effort to prepare meals containing green vegetables,
and instead opting for convenience foods it is easy to miss out on
those vital vitamins and minerals that give us energy and health.
This has resulted in feeling sluggish all the time and wanting to just
put my feet up -If this is you, it may be time to get yourself
revitalised and energised with a Green Drink - I did and wow what a
difference. If you would love to feel energized and revitalized, and
have the feeling that you can work all day and still have enough
energy to carry on, then get yourself a Green Drink.
A Green Drink is a green powder, which once added to water
becomes a convenient and effective way to give your body vital
vitamins and minerals, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants plus
cleanse and purify the body. They can instantly help to kick start you,
by giving your body all this good stuff while also aiding in getting rid
of the bad.
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Green drink supplements are a mixture of different grasses that have
been dried in one of the following ways; flash, freeze, dehydrated,
slow. They can be made of just one type of grass however you are
best off aiming for a mixture. While some brands aim to squeeze as
many ingredients in as possible, others try to focus on just a core
selection of four or five, however there are special options of which
are made of one grass. You should try to make sure that at least

some of the following are included: Wheatgrass, Barley grass,
Watercress, Soy Sprouts, Alfalfa, Kamut Grass.
The Alkaline Diet says to eat mainly alkaline foods and cut out as
much as possible on the following: dairy, sugars, caffeine, meat and
saturated fats. The best way to do this is to follow a strict alkaline
food chart, and once you have some recipes under your belt is
actually really an easy diet to follow. The food that is eaten can be
done following the 80/20 rule of 80% alkaline and 20% alkaline, once
I did this it became a lot easier. The results from following this diet
can be mind blowing and I personally found I had bundles of energy
and helped me shift those last few pounds.
But how does a green drink fit in with the alkaline diet I hear you say,
well by supplementing your alkaline 80% of course. They are super
alkalising and by a daily intake of your favourite green drink up to 3
times a day, you will notice the impact. Why spend ages juicing,
chopping etc to make a green juice, when taking a scoop of green
drink is, if not more alkalising and nutritious and quicker to make.
Even saves on the cleaning as well!
To know more about green drinks visit my website guide to green


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