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be enjoyed, after shaking, wherever you like - using a screw top
It is essential to have these nutritional drinks regularly throughout
the day. Women should drink three liters and men four liters every
day. The general rule is one liter for every 42 pounds of body weight.
Once you have drunk your daily intake you may want to drink some
more which is fine, as is drinking water with a drop of lemon or some
Prime PH drops.
Some detox symptoms may occur which are normal - flu-type
symptoms, fatigue and even diarrhea. This is all good, proving that
the body is getting rid of the stored toxins. Feeling less hungry is a
positive symptom and any hunger pangs should be satisfied with
another liter of a nutritional drink to counter the cravings, which are
usually attributable to dehydration rather than hunger.
Another positive change will be noticed in eating habits. Cravings for
coffee, bread, soft drinks, candy and meat will be replaced with
yearnings for salads, vegetables and fruit. Once your body settles
and begins to alkalize body fat should start to shed - continuing to
drink three liters of any green drink and Prime PH a day can lose up
to 20 pounds in a four week period. Drinking green will also boost
energy, making sleeping a deeper and more refreshing experience.
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The Green Drink regime will also sharpen the thinking process and
eliminate that 'foggy headed' scenario, which will in turn help handle
stressful situations. Another bonus is that your skin will improve and
start to look sparkling rather than tired.
A green drink is a very positive life-enhancing health boost for
anyone feeling stressed and unwell, and any initial outlay will be