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The throne room is tightly packed with lords, ladies and
guards; all quietly murmuring among themselves. The camera
is at the bottom of the stairs to the throne, looking
towards the back door. We can’t see the throne. As soon as
the door opens, the room falls deadly quiet. As the crowd
slowly parts, we see CERSEI LANNISTER being escorted by SER
ROBERT STRONG/GREGOR CLEGANE. She slowly walks towards the
camera, almost swaggering. After her attack on the Sept of
Baleor, no one dares challenge her. We pan over various
faces in the crowd, some scared, others averting their
gaze. No one smiles, no one looks comfortable. Not even the
guards. The heavy clunks of Gregor’s footsteps remind
everyone that Cersei is now untouchable. Cersei is now 3/4
of the way down the hall.
She’s a murderer! She destroyed
the Sept!
As soon as the angry subject yells out, Cersei stops in her
tracks. She doesn’t turn her heard or stop smirking, she
simply waits. Gregor places his hand on his hilt.
She killed King Tommen! She
butchered her own family! She’s a
Gregor turns to face the noise. He moves through the crowd,
who quickly scramble out of his way. He is now towards the
back left corner. A group of men are up against the wall.
Gregor stares at them with cold, dead eyes through his
visor. He takes a menacing step forward.
Although barely above a whisper, the word who quickly
reaches the back of the room. The group quickly offer up
the culprit.
My family were in the Sept, I
demand justice! We still have
laws, she should face a trial. We
can find a champion, even if she
cowers behind thi... this- this
thing, in a trial by combatThe ‘trial by combat’ line seems to have twigged something
in Gregor’s brain, as he sucker punches the subject
squarely in the face. No one could take that punch and stay
standing, and as several teeth litter the floor, the
subject has been knocked unconscious. Gregor begins to drag
him by his hair towards Cersei. Again, the crowd parts, not
daring to interfere.


She is still standing in her original spot, and doesn’t
turn. The subject wakes up, and is incoherent. He softly
groans, and his face is covered in blood. His eyes roll
around. As Gregor reaches the back of Cersei, she resumes
walking towards the throne. As she reaches the bottom, she
stops and turns. Gregor takes this as his cue. He hoists
the subject with just his left hand into the air, holding
onto his hair. The subject now screams in pain. Gregor lets
the screams ring for a few seconds, as the crowd watches in
MercBefore he can finish, Gregor places his right hand on the
subjects shoulder. He grips tightly, and moves his left
hand to hold the jaw of the subject, holding up his head.
He yanks down with his right hand. The camera cuts to the
audience’s reaction, and although we don’t see the murder
we can hear it. It’s a sickening rip of clothes, meat and
bone. Several ladies collapse, and many lords dry-heave,
including a young guard. As we cut back to Cersei with
Gregor behind her, we see him toss the body to one side,
and the right quadrant (right shoulder, right arm) to the
other. Cersei stands at the bottom of the stairs, and looks
up towards the throne. But she seems to be looking
somewhere above the throne, perhaps the back window?
Your grace.
Cersei looks to the side, as Qyburn walks up to her.
The smith’s work is complete.
Isn’t it... spectacular?
Cersei flashes her eyes back towards the window, but now we
are wondering if something has been done to the throne.
Yes. It’s beautiful.
She says this warmly, with a smile. Qyburn is her last
Did they add the Faith’s?
A couple your grace. There wasn’t
much left to salvage.
As we intended.
She almost sounds drunk - either on wine or power, or both
most likely. She starts to walk towards the stairs.

Your grace, I must apologize.
Cersei turns, giving him a quizzical look.
I should say, my Queen.
Cersei beams at this, and the audience shifts
uncomfortably. Some look to the body of the subject on the
floor, with crimson read blood spreading across the floor.
Cersei begins to climb the stairs. We hear her distinctive
footstep, the sound of heels on stone. Clonk, clonk, clonk.
The camera still looks the audience, as their gaze slowly
rises. However, her footsteps now sound different. They no
longer sound like heels on stone, but on metal. Clank,
clank, clank. We hear 10 of these steps, and the audience
is now looking up quite high as well. We soon see why. The
camera cuts to the bottom of the stairs, looking towards
the throne. However, it is no longer the bottom of the
throne, but the start to some iron stairs. The camera
slowly pulls back, revealing what has replaced the Iron
The iron throne is now a hulking mass, no longer a throne.
It has become a tall, giant nightmare of steel and iron,
with 10 jagged stairs leading the top. It towers over the
throne room, at least 15 feet into the air. The top of the
throne is asymmetrical, with swords sticking out of it in
all sorts of directions. A keen viewer might notice some of
the Faith Militant's unusual weapons at the bottom of the
throne. She sits a top, and places her hands on the arm
rests. The camera cuts to focus on her right hand, which is
bleeding. We realize that the throne was not forged by
expert furniture makers, but actual weapon smiths - it is
jagged, brutal and most likely uncomfortable to sit on. It
doesn’t seem to bother her. Littlefinger once said that
wasn’t actually 1,000 swords in the throne - there is now.
Qyburn quietly ascends the stone steps, and takes his seat
as the Hand of the Queen - it almost is humourous, the
Hand’s wooden chair being towered over by the newly forged
Iron Throne. Gregor positions himself at the bottom of the
stairs, ever vigil.
If anyone else has a matter for
the court, may they please
present it.
Cersei laughs at this. She looks to the body of the
subject, and at the audience who daren’t say a word. She
laughs even harder, alone in her laughter. It echoes
throughout the chamber. Qyburn has a small smile, but
almost looks concerned - almost. He realizes it does not
matter. They have won.

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