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Author: Braddpitt

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1. The Best Diet Program Is A Change Of Lifestyle
2. Will You Choose Vegetarian Diet Programs Or
Something Else?
3. 4 Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Diet Program Has
Failed You
4. What Is the Best Diet Program? The Inevitable
5. Your Diet Program Will NEVER Be Effective Unless It
Has This One Key Secret (This Is Huge!)


1. The Best Diet Program Is A Change Of Lifestyle
The best diet program is not the one that promises the most weight
loss in the shortest period of time. In truth, any diet program that
promises to drop pounds very quickly is not healthy or effective.
Though it can take patience, the best diet plan is one that includes a
change of lifestyle and has lasting power.
Often times starvation diets are too limiting and people end up not
being able to stick to them because they feel malnourished and
The best diets do not deprive the body of essential nutrients and do
not promise extreme weight loss in a short period of time but a
gradual weight loss that is the result of healthy eating and proper
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The Truth About Prepackaged Diet Foods
If any program claims that their diet food will help you drop the
pounds it is not the best diet program. There are programs that
come with prepackaged foods in small portion sizes. Some people
claim that these limited portion sizes help them lose weight.
The problem with prepackaged foods is that often times the
manufacturers use a lot of chemicals and artificial ingredients to
keep the foods fresh in the mail or in their package. The limited
portion sizes could help someone to lose weight but the toxins and
chemicals in the prepackaged food are very unhealthy to ingest and
could cause other health problems.
The Secret To Putting The Body In Fat Burning Mode

The best diet program includes healthy food that is prepared from
fresh ingredients. Cooking and preparing healthy foods will ensure
that a person is including only fresh ingredients that do not contain
harsh or toxic chemicals and preservatives.
The best way to burn fat by eating healthy food is to eat high protein
foods, lots of vegetables and little to no carbohydrates or refined
sugars. Carbohydrates are the body's main source of energy and
when a person restricts carbohydrates the body turns to it's second
preferred source of energy which is stored fat.
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If a person keeps their diet to vegetables and high proteins they will
be getting all the nutrients they need and the protein they need to
build muscle. The lack of carbohydrates will put the body in
maximum fat burning mode.
Exercising For Maximum Weight Loss
Eating this way is the best diet program but it must be coupled with
adequate exercise in order to be successful. The body will begin to
burn fat with a restricted carbohydrate diet but will burn even more
calories with cardio exercise and weight training.
Cardio exercise gets the heart rate up and burns a lot of calories at
one time. 30 minutes to one hour of cardio at least three times per
week is recommended for weight loss. In addition to cardio strength
training should be included.
Strength training builds muscle and those muscles will continue to
burn calories even when the body is at rest. Cardio and strength
training that works every muscle in the body is ideal because every
muscle burns calories. If there are more muscles that are being
worked there are more calories being burned.

Are you looking for an authentic healthy balanced diet plan that
adapts to YOUR lifestyle and particular need, so that you can reach
success through a more personalized weight-loss experience?
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2. Will You Choose Vegetarian Diet Programs Or
Something Else?
Choose right eating habits!
In case you know a special diet plan which provides you with right
eating habits and which seems to be tailored specially for you, lucky
you are since you are able to have right nutrition all your life. As you
know, if you lead healthy way of life including consuming right food,
you have an opportunity to have a long and rich life without any
illnesses and troubles like that. However, in order to become
healthy, you are to follow several easy rules and to choose
appropriate diet plan. Not only do these plans help you lose some
excess weight, become fit and slim, but also can give you a start to
leading healthy life as soon as it's possible.
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Four diet programs for you
Today I'm going to present to you four diet programs from which you
can choose any you like, any which is closer to you. Now I'll list these
diet plans: Vegetarian Diet Program, No Restrictions Program,
Reduced Carbs Program and Heart Healthy-Mediterranean Program.
Vegetarian Program
Vegetarian Program, is similar to all other vegetarian diet programs,
states that you are to eat eggs and dairy products but you can't eat
any kind of meat, chicken or fish. Like average vegetarian diet
programs, this program involves eating various kinds of soy products
and foods that substitute meat.

No Restrictions Program
No Restrictions Program is considered to be a healthy and balanced
diet. You are allowed not to restrict yourself in eating your favorite
dishes. The plan means that you can consume everything what you
Reduced Carbs Program
Reduced Carbs Program means that you should cut the dose of
carbohydrate to 40% of total calories. However, you should
misinterpret the technique and confuse it with different types of low
carbohydrate diet plans. The low carbohydrate diets are unhealthy
because they are prone to put you in a state of ketosis, but the
Reduced Carbs Plan does not do this harm. It is not dangerous to
your health.
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Heart Healthy-Mediterranean Program
Heart Healthy-Mediterranean Program gives you an opportunity of
Mediterranean features. It can mean the concentration on healthy
mono- and polyunsaturated fats and usually involves the limited
consumption of saturated and trans fat.


3. 4 Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Diet Program Has
Failed You
People that criticize diet programs often cite the examples of people
(including themselves) that have used different weight loss programs
without achieving their desired long term weight loss and fitness
However, before you join the band wagon of people that castigate
and condemn weight loss and diet programs, you should endeavour
to take a closer look at all those "failed" attempts by these people
that claim that their weight loss program did not work for them.
If you take a closer look, you will discover that most people actually
fail in their use of diet programs because of the following reasons:
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1-Diet cheating
One of the main reasons why people fail to get their desired fitness
goals is because they cheat on their diet plans; they still indulge in
foods that the diet plan that they are using actually prescribed that
they should avoid.
Most good weight loss plans will guide you on the kinds of foods that
you should avoid; no matter how much the temptation, you should
discipline yourself to avoid such foods.
Most people that claim that their fitness program failed them were
actually indulging in such forbidden foods secretly.

2-Concurrent medication
If you are on certain medications that encourage weight gain, they
will negate the ability of your program to help you shed excess body
weight. Women that are on certain oral contraceptives might not be
able to shed their excessive body weight effectively. Also, people
that are on certain psychiatric drugs will not be able to shed weight
successfully because those drugs cause excessive water retention by
the body.
The truth of the matter is that people start off their weight loss
programs at different levels of fitness and weight gain; some people
that are fatter than others initially will have more excess fat to shed
than others so, it might take more time for them to get to their
desired goals.
Also, since we are of different metabolic types, some people will
burn their excess fat faster than others because they have higher
metabolic rates.
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So, if you do not see your desired results as fast as other people, it
does not mean that you should give up and go back to your former
diet because each time you deviate back to your former diet and
then come back to your diet plan you set yourself back by many
4-Lack of exercise
Some people do not exercise at all when they are on a weight loss
diet; such people will most likely never get to their desired goals.

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