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Two 19th Century Japanese Books – Research Project
from the collection of Merijn van Tilborg

1. Summary
This paper describes two old Japanese books and according to the paper wrapper they were issued on October
11, 1879 and edited by 上野 道之助 [Ueno Michinosuke or Michiyosuke].
All pages are scanned and included in this paper, with descriptions added when more information becomes
available. This paper contains three sections, the first describing the paper wrapper, second the first book and
third the second book.
When reading this work in progress any additional translations and or information is welcome and will be
included in updated versions. As English is not my native language, any improvements or feedback on the text
are appreciated as well ;). Some of the scans are blurry, I will need to redo them but I did not want to add too
much pressure while scanning. Maybe taking pictures is a better alternative.
[in progress]

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