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Two 19th Century Japanese Books – Research Project
from the collection of Merijn van Tilborg

2.1. First frame (right)
The first frame(right) reads 上野 道之助 編 [compilation or edited by Ueno Michinosuke / Michiyosuke] and a 7th
untranslated kanji.

2.2. Second frame (middle)
To-do, fourth kanji 小 [small; young; inferior]

2.3. Third frame (left)
The third frame (left) consists of at least two blocks of text for what can be seen on the incomplete paper
wrapper, including a part of a read stamp.
The first block reads on the left 明治 十二 年 [Meiji 12 year] 十月 [10th month; October] and continues with 十一日
[11th day] on the right. This dates the paper wrapper and suggests the compilation or issuing date of the books
to October 11, 1879. Below are four kanji yet untranslated.
The second block has one complete kanji and one half shown kanji, both yet untranslated.

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