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The Voice Shade

The Voice Shade

 Joined April 2016


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The Voice Shade @TheVoiceShade · Apr 7

No one that has ever been double montaged and made the Top 20
Live Playoffs on #TheVoice has ever advanced. See Justin Rivers,
Loren Allred.

The Voice Shade @TheVoiceShade · Apr 6

#TheVoice "The Road to the Live Shows"
featured some unseen footage... just not of
Katherine Ho, Teresa Guidry, Lily Green or
Gina Castanzo.


The Voice Shade @TheVoiceShade · Apr 6

Lyndsey Parker and Jeffrey Austin don't
understand how #TheVoice can be so
uncaring to triple montage anyone.
‘The Voice,’ The Day After: Dishing About the Final …
The Voice Season 10’s top 20 seminfinalists have been
announced after a final round of Knockouts, and here
today to discuss the team rankings and last night’s s...

The Voice Shade @TheVoiceShade · Apr 6

Hating on Caroline Burns for the Katherine
Ho stuff is idiotic, but most YouTube
commenters are idiotic. #TheVoice