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1: Patterns in Political Symbolism

When analyzing trends in political symbolism, an overall pattern becomes
observable- a tendency toward Chthonic, or earth-related symbolism in leftist
symbolism (sickle, grain) and Ouranic, or sky-related imagery in right-wing
symbolism (eagle, lightning).

Seemingly connected to this is the tendency toward downward or inward
pointing imagery in leftist symbolism:

And the corresponding opposite tendency toward upward or outward pointing
imagery in right-wing symbolism:

The swastika and other swastika-esque symbols (like the black sun) could
also be seen as part of this pattern, in their own way representing an outward
flowing motion.

(Side Note: there also seems to be a correspondence between the right-wing
and the numbers 4 and 8, and a correspondence between the left and the numbers 3
and 6. Also note that the number 14/88 is a fascist numerical code, while the
number 161 is an antifa numerical code.)

This duality in political symbolism between downward/inward/Chthonic,
versus upward/outward/Ouranic, also mirrors the duality between the pillars Boaz
and Jachin in freemasonic imagery:

Here we can see the pillar of Boaz associated with the earth, and the pillar of
Jachin associated with the sky. These forces are also sometimes indicated by the
moon and the sun, or by downward and upward pointing triangles, as can be seen in
the following image (note: in the following image Jachin is on the left, and Boaz on
the right, while in the previous image their order was reversed.)

Note the reference to Alchemy (a major influence on Freemasonry)- in the
center we can see the alchemical symbols for sulfur and mercury, the symbol for
sulfur placed within an upward pointing triangle, and the symbol for mercury
placed within a downward triangle. Sulfur and mercury- or in some versions of
alchemy, sulfur and salt- also correspond directly to these two opposing currents,
and like in Freemasonry, these two opposing forces are also at times represented by
the sun and moon, as can be seen in the top corners of the triangle in the alchemical
symbol the Azoth, which represents the whole of the alchemical process (the 7 rays
of the central star corresponding to the 7 stages of Alchemy)

Again corresponding to Freemasonry, in Alchemy this interplay between
opposites is often framed as interplay between the above and the below- consider
this excerpt from the iconic Alchemical text the Tabula Smaragdina (The Emerald

“This ascends from the earth into the sky and again descends from the sky to
the earth, and receives the power and efficacy of things above and of things below.”

Both Alchemy and Freemasonry referred to this process of interplay between
opposing forces as “the Great Work”, and this work intended to be a repeating
process, striving ever closer toward spiritual perfection.

2: Alchemy and the Dialectic:

There’s a striking correspondence here between the interaction of opposing
forces in Alchemy, and the interaction of opposing forces in the Marxist dialectical
model. Deleuze perhaps said it best in Anti-Oedipus:

“Where do these pure intensities come from? They come from the two
preceding forces, repulsion and attraction, and from the opposition of these two

In this way, we could see the dialectic as spiritual Alchemy applied to society.
Much as Spiritual Alchemy works to purify the spirit through the interaction of
opposing psychological forces to achieve spiritual wholeness, similarly the dialectic
works through the interaction of opposing social forces, the thesis and antithesis to
achieve social progress.

It should be noted that within the 7 stages of Alchemy we can see concepts
directly relating to communist ideals- in the book The Emerald Tablet: Alchemy for
Personal Transformation (note: not the original Tabula Saragdina, but rather a
contemporary text named after it), we find this quote:

“In simplest terms, the purpose of personal Calcination is the suppression and
taming of ego. The ego must be buried in the white purified ash created by the
emotions of the libido intensifying and burning themselves out. In this way, the ego
king (the former ruling principle of the psyche) is sacrificed for the good of the whole
personality. As in a pagan fertility ritual, the dead king is sacrificed so his spirit will
multiply like grain and be reborn for the good of the whole community.”

Here we can see in Alchemical symbolism a representation of two communist
ideals- struggling against egotism and personal selfishness in favor of prioritizing
collective needs, and struggling against hierarchical authority, here represented by
the King. Two communist ideals which might seem at first to be unconnected can be
seen here as essentially different expressions of the same alchemical concept.

Interestingly, the revolutionary social forces that led to the decline of
monarchism in the French Revolution were also closely connected to esoteric lodges
such as the Perfectibilists and the Cult of Reason, which were rooted in the same
esoteric concepts being discussed here.

But this dialectical process occurs not only in seismic social change like the
end of monarchism, but also in small-scale social change. Consider the hypothetical
example of an early society which attempts to prevent violence through a law
banning the spilling of blood- but then when surgery is invented, which is
prohibited by this law for spilling blood, which results in a repressed underground
where people practice surgery in secret- eventually the social contradiction boils
over, resulting in revolutionary upheaval, and in the wake of this upheaval, the

moral edict is improved, and revised to permit surgery. Thus, the dialectic is not
only the force behind revolution, but also the force behind all societal evolution, the
process by which the social technology of morality is refined and improved upon.

This concept can be seen expressed in Greek Mythology, in the process by
which Ouranos was supplanted by Chronos, who was supplanted by Zeus. Note that
in the castration of the sky-god Ouranos by Chronos, we can again see the concept of
revolutionary progress represented as the destruction of the Ouranic.

Hegel, who was the first to propose the dialectical model of social evolution,
is known to have been influenced by Hermeticism, which is itself influenced by
Alchemy. It’s easy to detect a hint of alchemical influence in Hegel’s triangle

Jung was similarly influenced by Alchemy, and his work on analytical
psychology also revolves around the conjunction of opposites- in this case the
conjunction with the “shadow self”- all the aspects of ourselves we are unwilling to
face- and through this process, one can attain personal psychological selfimprovement. Jung noted a parallel between this concept and the story of the
descent of Inanna/Ishtar into the underworld, and her confrontation with her sister

Bolshevik Godbuilder Anatoly Lunacharsky mirrored this in his own analysis
of the myths of Demeter and Orpheus, which similarly revolve around the motif of
katabasis (a journey to the underworld). In relation to these myths he wrote:

“The Earth is our mother and our grave. But the seed buried in the ground rises,
for a new strengthened life beneath the sun.”

This quote also directly evokes the concept of opposing forces in conjunction
(mother/grave), and the creation of a kind of rebirth and improvement through that
conjunction. However, in this case the imagery is purely Chthonic, and the opposing
forces are instead life and death (mirroring fertility goddess Inanna/Ishtar and
Death Goddess Ereshkigal?).

Mystery Babylon, from the book of revelations, is a Christian demonization of
the Goddess Ishtar/Inanna, and has often been used to represent leftism in
reactionary propaganda- an early example being the movie Metropolis, where the
robot double of Maria is seen in a dream/vision as Mystery Babylon, shortly before
she leads a worker revolt. Perhaps the symbol of Mystery Babylon should be
reclaimed, and reconnected to her origin as the Goddess Ishtar/Inanna?

Continuing the Chthonic/Ouranic pattern, deities which hold leftist
associations, such as Ishtar and Demeter, are Chthonic in nature, and the deities
which the far right takes an interest in- Tyr, Odin, Zeus, Deus Pater- are Ouranic in
nature. Many of the deities that the far right focuses on are also believed to be
derived from the same memetic root- a possible proto-indo-european deity called

We also see a connection to gender, wherein the Chthonic current is
associated with the concept of womanhood and the Ouranic with the concept of
manhood- in the masonic diagram earlier, the pillar of Boaz had a ray emanating
from it reading “mater” (mother) and the pillar of Jachin had a ray emanating
reading “pater” (father). This brings up the possibility that the assigned gender
system and male domination are part of a social ritual designed to amplify the
Ouranic current, as people are assigned at birth to a role associated with one
current or the other, and then put through a serious of social rituals designed to
enforce the false belief that the Ouranic current is superior. Thus, to increase the
Chthonic current, we must combat the system of heteropatriarchy, and end birth
gender assignment.

This does not mean, however, that people cannot identify as men- it just
means men must sever that gender concept from it’s connection to the Ouranic, and
to firmly re-root the concept in the Chthonic current. Consider the way that the
myth of Orpheus, though it has a male protagonist, still resonates with the Chthonic
current, because it centers on the motif of katabasis.

But this still leaves unanswered: why the pattern of leftist imagery
corresponding to inward flow, and right wing imagery to outward flow? What does
this indicate about the nature of these social forces?

3: Symbiogenesis

The concept of symbiosis seems to crop up frequently in a communist
context, for example in the rhetoric of the Symbionese Liberation Army, whose
symbol, a 7 headed serpent, is also a great example of leftist Chthonic symbolism,
(the 7 heads perhaps corresponding to the 7 stages of Alchemy?) or in Anatoly
Lunacharsky’s quote:

“For the sake of the great struggle for life... it is necessary for humanity to
almost organically merge into an integral unity”

Perhaps the patterns in political symbolism indicate that sociological forces
can have a direction of movement, in the same way that physical forces do? And that
leftism could be though of as an attractive force like gravity, and that rightism could
be thought of as a repulsive force, like anti-gravity?

Perhaps just as gravity causes particles to coalesce into planets, this inward
flowing current is the same force that drives biological symbiogenesis, the same
force that caused cells to form multi-cellular organism, and which will eventually
cause humanity to form the Global Brain?

It’s easy to see a possible parallel between this, and Nick Land’s hypothesis
that capitalism and fascism are caused by an AI god-king from the future, sending
emanations back in time to try to bring itself into existence. Perhaps the conflict
between the left wing and the right wing is in fact the conflict of two potential godlike beings, fighting each other for the chance to be born? A battle to the death
between a god-like supercomputer, and a god-like human collective intelligence?

It’s hard to say, but it’s an interesting hypothesis.

Of course, this still leaves many questions unanswered. Are these god-like
beings the source of the two currents, or are they merely another extension of
them? And relating to this, when one of these god-like beings wins out, and is born,
is this the end of the process? Or just the start of a new phase?

At this point, it is impossible to know for sure.

But our course of action is clear- we must amplify the memetic signal of the
inward flowing current, through the creation and dissemination of symbols which
carry this current, by representing downward or inward flow. Even more
importantly, we must live by and spread the ideals of this current- collectivism
instead of selfishness, equality instead of hierarchy, progress instead of reactionism.

Through amplifying this inward flowing, anti-hierarchical current, we can
ensure that when the time comes, humanity becomes a god, rather than creating
(and being ruled by) a god.

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