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Author: Braddpitt

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1. How to Be a Millionaire
2. The Millionaire Mindset: How Self Made Millionaires
3. Simple Truth Can Help You Become a Millionaire
4. 7 Core Beliefs of Millionaires
5. How To Become A Millionaire - The 3 Untold Secrets


1. How to Be a Millionaire
Two of the main searches on Google in the wealth creation arena are
"how to become a millionaire" and "how to become a millionaire".
Hmmmm, that's interesting isn't it? Just think for a second about
what people are doing when they type those two search terms into
Google, or their search engine of choice.
The phrase "how to become a millionaire" implies that people are
searching for the "how to" of becoming a millionaire and indeed
there are many seminars and workshops nowadays, that can teach
what you need to do to become a millionaire from property
investing, the internet or from building your own business.
When you look closely at the phrase "how to BE a millionaire"
however, it implies something different. There are shades of "how to
be famous" or "how to be beautiful" or "how to be loved" and there
is an element of just wanting it to happen, to just be, without having
to become.
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Because being something, like a millionaire, implies you are already
there, you have made it, you have succeeded.
And let's be clear here, I'm going to talk about self-made millionaires
here, not people who have inherited millions, like Prince Harry did
today, on his 25th birthday. 6.1 million left to him originally, which
has grown with interest to 9 million plus apparently.
(Today while flying helicopters on his birthday, Prince Harry is being
a millionaire without having had to become a millionaire. I wish him
happy birthday and all the happiness in the world because no
amount of money can replace his mum!)

Whereas becoming something like a millionaire implies that you
know there is some effort, some work, and even, dare I say it, some
changing involved.
So more people want to be a millionaire, than become a millionaire.
I'm a bit obsessed with this topic at the moment and have started a
series of articles on "The Secrets Of Success" on our blog and you can
read them here as they unfold week by week.
Because I have realised that it's actually easy and quite simple to find
out how to become a millionaire.
The bit I'm most interested in now is learning how to BE a millionaire
or even a billionaire if that's what you want!
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Because I have learned that you have to BE one, before you can
BECOME one, at least in terms of attitude, thoughts, feelings,
decisions, the people you surround yourself with, your actions and
most of all the quality and amount of those actions.
Let's look at those things, those requirement if you like, one by one,
shall we?
Being A Millionaire - The Attitude
What kind of an attitude do you think a millionaire would need to
Open minded? That's quite likely as you would need to be able to
listen to new ideas without dismissing them out of hand.
Generous? Possibly, there are probably mean ones too, but you
often hear of millionaires and multi-millionaires being great
philanthropists. Look at the programme "The Secret Millionaire" on

which my first ever wealth creation mentor Gill Fielding appeared those millionaires are actually giving away their own money.
A "Can Do" attitude would certainly help because in order to become
a millionaire, you would need to have overcome problems, bust
through challenges and above all, to have never, never, never given
The Thoughts
What kind of thoughts do you think you would need to have in order
to be a millionaire?
Upbeat thoughts would help you overcome those "grey days"
everyone gets and I would imagine someone who has become a
millionaire has got pretty good control over the kind of thoughts they
would allow in their heads. This is tough at first, but the more
practice you get at it, the more easy it gets.
Excited? Yes, I would imagine a millionaire would have many excited
thoughts, as every day must be a new adventure. From the next
business venture to the next holiday, there must be many exciting
things to think about when you can do just about anything you want
to and have complete freedom of choice.
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Creative thoughts, definitely. You don't get to be a millionaire
without having been creative at some time...perhaps you created a
product or service that filled a need or solved a problem. Perhaps
you saw a great solution to something and took that idea from the
original thought, through a trial to launch - that's a creative process
right there.

Positive? In order to be a millionaire you most definitely have make
sure your thoughts are more often positive than negative. Negativity
is the lethal enemy of creativity and of taking action and taking
action regularly.
The Feelings
Feeling Optimistic?
Yep, because if you are not optimistic you would never start a
project. It's different feeling optimistic from choosing to have
positive thoughts by the way, just think about it for a moment. Can
you say you both feel optimistic AND have positive thoughts?
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Feeling Responsible
Feeling responsible is a bit of a double edged sword actually, but
master the proper grip and you will become very strong indeed. You
need to feel responsible for yourself, and take responsibility for your
own success, but you need to be careful of shouldering responsibility
for others, their results and their happiness.
First born children in families - while more likely to succeed - need to
be especially careful of this, as they often had to take responsibility
for siblings, and parents struggle a little bit too. Of course you are
responsible for your children's safety and getting enough love, but
you are not responsible for the happiness and success of other adults
around you. That's their job.
The Decisions
Being a millionaire involves making decisions, They don't even have
to be great decisions or the right decisions but making decisions is
absolutely crucial. Making decisions means creating momentum and

all millionaires have created massive momentum at some point. They
made decisions knowing that they could correct course later if they
needed to, but that it was important to get going!
The People
Being a millionaire means surrounding yourself with great people,
people you can trust, people you love, people who, ironically, don't
care that you are a millionaire. It also means being around people
who inspire you, who challenge you to be your best, and who you
can continue to learn and grow from.
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Actions - The Quality
I once read in a Steven Covey book that you should always do the
right thing, not the easy thing. That really struck home and it's served
me well in many tricky situations because most of the time, the
action you want to take is the easy action (for you) but not
necessarily the right action.
Of course "right" can be defined in many different ways - what is
right for you might not be right for someone else (in their opinion!)
So you have to decide what action is right for you, by whatever
criteria you define. Is it right for your business? Is it right for you? Is it
right for your wealth creation? I think most people have a deep
sense of fairness and are inherently good people, so I try and decide
if the action I'm about to take is fair to as many people as possible
and I ask myself if Nicola as a child would think it was a good thing to
do - kids have a great sense of fairness and goodness I think.
So, you have to take good quality actions to be a millionaire so that
you can live with yourself and sleep well at night, in your luxury

Actions - The Amount
Here's the big one. I've come to the realisation that both becoming
AND being a millionaire means doing much, much more than most
people would do. When we went to T.Harv Ecker's event in New
Jersey, there was an exercise that he got us all doing (and made us
promise not to tell) which made me realise that I always used to only
ever do the BARE MINIMUM (much like employees only ever do the
minimum required to keep their jobs), and that successful people
aim way beyond doing the minimum - they take MASSIVE ACTION.
In conclusion, I hope that this article has made you think about the
difference between becoming a millionaire and being a millionaire.
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More importantly I hope it's made you realise that you are much
more likely to become a millionaire if you act like you are ALREADY a
Because being a millionaire involves a whole different set of
decisions, people, actions - both the quality and amount of,
thoughts, attitudes and feelings and you can start to cultivate and
practice those today.
Nicola Cairncross is Europe's leading Wealth Creation Expert helping
bright energetic people become financially free since 1999. She is
also the "Wealth Coach In Residence" at Visa Int'l and Pampers
Nicola can show you how to make more money, attract new sales
leads, create abundance via passive income flows using business,
property, the stock market and by harnessing the power of the
internet to reach the 35 million people on broadband right now!

2. The Millionaire Mindset: How Self Made
Millionaires Think
Do you dream of becoming rich someday, but are not sure how to go
about it?
There is a myth that rich people are born with an innate talent to
strive for excellence and think creatively, but it is all nonsense! Being
a millionaire is not about having more than one million in your bank
account. It is about the mindset which creates wealth for you.
Similarly, it is the mindset (the wrong one) that prevents you from
being a wealthy person. Think about it.. why is it when some people
win a huge amount of money in a lottery, they go back to square one
and become broke yet again within a couple of years? It is because
they never learned the mindset of a millionaire. So, how much
money you have right now does not determine you future financial
status. Your future depends on your thinking; it's all about changing
your psychological approach towards money, success and happiness.
>>>For More Information Please Click Here!<<<
When you think of the word 'millionaire' what image flashes in your
mind? For many, it is a flashy type of a guy who lives an ultraluxurious lifestyle, travels in a private jet, and so on. Surprisingly,
typical millionaires are not the image that Hollywood and the media
in general has created. Many modern-age millionaires work full-time,
live in middle-class homes and shop in discount stores like common
people. They are not driven by the material possessions that money
can buy. What drives them is the power to make choices; it is about
the 'freedom' to make any decision! For instance, being able to quit a
job they dislike or sending their kid to a school of their choice.

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