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How to Become a Millionaire Things to Keep in Mind .pdf

Original filename: How to Become a Millionaire - Things to Keep in Mind.pdf
Author: Braddpitt

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1. How to Become a Millionaire - Things to Keep in
2. To Become a Millionaire You Must Learn to Act Like
3. Develop a Millionaire's Mind With Bob Proctor and
the 11 Forgotten Laws
4. 10 Tips Towards The Shortest Roads To Riches!
5. Making Money - Raising the Millionaire in You


1. How to Become a Millionaire - Things to Keep in
We all want to be a millionaire; but many of us are still
unenlightened when it comes to finding a good answer to the
question of how to become a millionaire. There are a lot of ways to
become a millionaire.
If you want to be a millionaire, focus on a goal. A goal that you want
most likely to achieve and set duration for that goal. For example, a
certain goal may only be for a year and, of course, you will need to
work hard for it. With the right amount of focus and motivation, you
can make your dream a reality. The desire, the eagerness to reach
that goal and succeed in making your dreams come true are other
factors you need to concentrate on. These three things will answer
your question on how to become a millionaire.
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If you want to be a millionaire, you have to work hard for it.
Millionaires in the world today worked hard to achieve the position
they are in now. Instead of looking at different advertisements over
the internet that say that you can become a millionaire at just the
click of a button, try finding jobs over the internet. These jobs found
in the internet can make you a millionaire and these jobs can make
use of your passion or your skills. Use the advantages that you have
to become a millionaire. If you are good at writing, you can try being
an article writer through the internet or for a company? If you love
to paint, then post your painting on the internet and advertise it
well. There are a lot of ways that one can manipulate to find a
solution to understand the question of how to become a millionaire.

In our world today, there are no more easy jobs. Even if you find a
job that you love, you still have to work hard at it. Nothing is free in
the world. Of course, everything will pay off in the end, when you
find a unique way that is your version of the answer to 'how to
become a millionaire?'
When looking for a solution to 'how to become a millionaire?', work
hard and honestly, ensuring that you are moving toward your goal,
and not away from it. Sacrifices are part of becoming a millionaire
and you should be ready for that. Don't be fooled with catchy
phrases and shining letters, this is the real world, and no becomes a
millionaire overnight without working hard for it.


2. To Become a Millionaire You Must Learn to Act Like
In order to learn to act like a millionaire there are two simple
concepts that you need to come to understand and implement.
When these two concepts are implemented in your life you will be
well on your way to financial freedom and success.
The first concept you need to understand is the T-F-A=R equation.
This is the equation that explains where all results ultimately come
from. What this equation means is that our thoughts become our
feelings which become our actions which equal our results. When we
act like a millionaire me get the result of becoming a millionaire.
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But prior to acting like a millionaire we must first start thinking and
feeling like one so we can learn to act like one. The key to any
success is learning to think like the person you desire to become.
Millionaires do think differently than non-millionaires. They see
every dollar as something they can use to grow more money, they
find opportunities, they see every person as a possible collaborator
and/or client, etc. Thinking about money, people and success
differently changes how they feel.
As they think differently they start to change their feeling to be more
in alignment with their goals. Instead of feeling like all rich people
are greedy, they start to feel like they can help more people the
more money they have.. It is not just feelings towards others that
change it is also how you will feel about yourself. You will have more
confidence in your ability to become a millionaire, you will know in
your gut, feel that it is a reality for you.

Once that shift has occurred that leads you to feeling like you are a
millionaire then you will start to take all of the actions you need in
order to become a millionaire. Once you take those actions then you
will start to see the results coming your way to match it.
And the second concept you need to learn is a concept you can start
implementing right now to help make that shift towards acting like a
millionaire a reality even if the thoughts and feelings have not caught
up yet. This concept will help you to start acting like a millionaire,
even in a little way, starting immediately.
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The way to start acting like a millionaire is to start acting like one.
Take 10% of your income and put it aside to act like a millionaire
every month. Depending on how much this will decide what you do.
You could fly first class on your next flight, or you could take a limo
to the airport. Maybe go to a restaurant and order the fish at Market
Price without asking how much market price is. Buy the bottle of
wine recommended by the waiter. Do one thing you would usually
not do because you usually think 'I can't afford it".
If you put into effect the T-F-A=R equation and start using your play
money to act like a millionaire one a month you will be on your way
to success. If you think, feel and act like a millionaire you are moving
positively towards becoming one.


3. Develop a Millionaire's Mind With Bob Proctor and
the 11 Forgotten Laws
When Neytiri's mother Moat, from the movie Avatar said to Jake
It is hard to fill a cup that is already full,
I thought this could be a saying straight from Bob Proctor and his
teachings from the 11 Forgotten Laws.
You may not recognize it, but when your mind is full of negative
programming and conditioning, so much so that you go through life
reacting instead of responding, you don't have room for much else.
You are stuck. No wonder nothing changes. Animals live like that.
They react. Responding takes thinking, not reacting.
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Millionaire's never react - they think - and then respond.
Develop a Millionaire's Mind
Bob Proctor teaches people how to develop a millionaire's mind with
the 11 Forgotten Laws. He teaches that wealth is a mindset, not a
condition. To develop a millionaire's mindset, you have to be willing
to change the way you think - to change your life - radically.
To do that, to gain a new mind, the mind of a millionaire, you have to
be willing to let go of the way you think about things right now. You
need to be willing to recognize that the results you experience in
your life are because of the way you think - not because of
something outside of you. Not because of something someone did to

Five Critical Steps
Developing a millionaire's mind means taking these critical steps:
Assume responsibility for everything in your life this moment
forward. No blame.
Be willing to change the way you think about everything.
Choose your dreams and then stay focused on them.
Don't fall asleep at the wheel - pay attention to everything - be in the
Follow that intuitive nudge inside - don't ignore it. Learn to take
Millionaires think differently than regular folk. They know they are
responsible for what happens to them.
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A millionaire could lose a fortune tonight and be on her way to new
success by morning. A millionaire understands that success and
failure are the same thing. She's not too worried about externals.
She knows that the externals come from within.
Everyone succeeds at what they want to do - most just shoot for the
treetops and are happy with landing on the ground.
The millionaire shoots for the stars - she opens herself to limitless
possibilities - and hits the treetops or higher.
Just because you see yourself failing doesn't mean you're not a
success. You are a success - you're succeeding at failing. Understand
that if you're not focused on it, it can't show up in your life. It's that

Let Go of the Cubicle Mentality
We're all programmed with someone else's beliefs about life whether it's our parents, grandparents, teachers, whomever. We
believe we are meant to grow up, go to school, get married, work for
40 years in a gray clad cubicle prison, retire, spend time with the
grandchildren and then peacefully lay down to die.
If this sounds like your dream life, then you don't need a millionaire's
Most millionaires work for themselves. If they don't currently, they
soon will be.
To believe that we have to work the 9-to-5, that we have to work for
someone else, is part of the cubicle mentality. I see people locked in
cubicles and even though they may leave those cubicles at the end of
their day, those cubicle walls are still wrapped around their heads
when they go home.
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Visualize that for a moment if you will:
A little tiny gray cubicle floating around the head.
Only thinking that fits inside the cubicle head gets in. It's because the
cup is too full. That's the worker mentality - it isn't the millionaire
The mind of a millionaire is free to explore and say "what if..."
The cubicle head mentality says, "I can't, it doesn't work for me,
nothing ever works for me, WAH!"
Do you see the difference?

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