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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire For Real .pdf

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Author: Braddpitt

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1. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire For Real?
2. Millionaire Mindset - Top Ten Tips to Develop a
Wealthy Mindset and Attitude
3. What Are the Traits of the Millionaire Mindset?
4. Easily Become a Millionaire With These 4 Hot
Trends! Millionaires Are Being Created Daily!
5. Become a Millionaire in Just 4 Simple Steps Millionaires Do This Daily!


1. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire For Real?
Instead of playing who wants to be a millionaire why not become a
millionaire? The basics of doing maths and becoming a millionaire
are the same. 1+1=2, good money habits+ you = Becoming a real
At the beginning of the game you will notice that the answer to the
questions give you a small monetary reward or the pay outs are not
so significant.
The same is true about becoming a millionaire, the rewards at the
beginning are usually small but, what is important about the
commonality of 'Who wants to be a millionaire game' and becoming
a real millionaire is giving the correct answers. The correct answer
comes from experience or wisdom (the practical use of knowledge)
in becoming a millionaire game it is knowledge of trivia and in real
life it is mainly about supplying what is demanded now and
predicting what is demanded for the future.
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Mile stones are reached in the game of becoming a millionaire and in
becoming a real millionaire. In the game when you reach the first
milestone of $1000.00, if you get the next question wrong the
$1000.00 is yours to take home. In becoming a real millionaire your
habits, your practice or unconscious actions enable you to not drop
below that monetary level in life again because you would have now
become the person to make that level of money.
In the game of becoming a millionaire you can only progress if you
answer the question correctly and it is so with becoming a millionaire
as well. In game you can answer the question right and progress or

wrong and not progress or ask for the help. They are three ways to
get help:
1.50/50 two wrong answers are eliminated and you guess one of the
remaining two.
2.You can enlist the crowd and use the most popular answer to
hopefully get the question correct.
3.Call a millionaire and get their opinion.
In becoming a real millionaire you can do the same but what is most
valuable in real money is the advice of mentors. People who have
gone through it before you and can help you up to their level. I
personally would save time and money by seeking a mentor and
leverage their experience.
Now here is a system to help you become a millionaire with the
financial education and money habits, the tools and resources and
mentors to help you along your way to becoming a real millionaire.


2. Millionaire Mindset - Top Ten Tips to Develop a
Wealthy Mindset and Attitude
he millionaire mindset is a powerful thing. It has helped launch
careers, multi-national corporations, and big dreams and ambitions.
The cool thing about it is that it's not exclusively for current
millionaires. Regular people like me and you can also harness the
power of the millionaire mindset!
If you've been exposed to poverty all your life, adopting this kind of
mindset might be more of a challenge for you. But that's only
because your mind might be more reluctant to think big than for any
other reason.
However, with the right attitude, anyone can take on a millionaire
mindset! Read this article and find out just what it is and how it can
help you.
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Tip # 1: Your fate is in your hands.
Millionaires believe that they control their own destiny. That's why
little things like poverty, lack of education and poor connections
don't faze them as much.
While these factors do have a hand in their quality of life, the
millionaire mindset pushes them to overcome all obstacles and come
out on top.
Not all millionaires were born with money in their cribs. In fact, a
good percentage of the really rich are self-made millionaires. What
makes you think you can't be one, too?

Tip # 2: Be on the lookout for opportunities.
Having a millionaire mindset means that you're constantly on the
watch for any and every opportunity to increase your wealth. This
means that where other people see only garbage, you see gold.
Most people only run after opportunities that present themselves. If
you have a millionaire mindset, you don't just chase after the
obvious opportunities; you also look for what is invisible to others.
You also don't just limit yourself to one small idea; you come up with
a dozen or so big ideas.
Tip # 3: Love what you do.
Most millionaires are passionate about their life. For you to follow
that same path, you must at least love what you do.
Are you stuck in a dead end job that doesn't even do much to
improve your mood? Then perhaps it's about time that you focus all
your energies into doing what you love to do instead!
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Tip # 4: Take a few risks.
What is an adventure without a few calculated risks here and there?
Most millionaires ended up being where they are right now because
they took a leap of faith and followed their hunch.
Tip # 5: It's always been you.
The millionaire mindset is more internal than external. So all along,
it's always been you. You've always been the one responsible for
your life. And unless you yourself believe in your own prowess, you'll
never really make it all the way to your goal.

Don't listen to the voices around you saying that you can't do it or
that you'll never achieve what you want to achieve. And don't let
external factors get in the way of you doing your own thing as well!
Tip # 6: Focus on the positive.
The millionaire mindset pushes you to think positive. There's no
room for self-doubt or negative thoughts on this bus!
When the monthly electricity bill arrives, for example, don't think
about how high your bill has gotten and how much you have to shell
out this month. Instead, think about how money simply makes its
rounds around town and how it will soon find its way back into your
hands again. As you hand over your payment to the collector, think
about how soon you'll see that same amount back in your wallet
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Tip # 7: Be happy.
Life is too short to spend the rest of it as a sour puss. Take a page
from the millionaire's handbook and allow yourself to feel happiness.
Being happy opens you up to a lot of opportunities and new
experiences and keeps you going in life.
Tip # 8: Be thankful.
Hand in hand with being happy is being thankful. By being thankful,
you're more or less releasing feelings of gratitude out to the
universe. These feelings then translate into "I'm very grateful with
the money I have," which then encourages the universe to shower
you with more money back just for that thought.

Tip # 9: Affirmations help.
Positive reinforcement is but one of the many things you can do to
attract millions. Choose a mantra like "I am wealthy, healthy and
steady" and recite it to yourself everyday. Or post this affirmation on
your cork board so you'll always be visually reminded of that fact.
Tip # 10: Avoid the green-eyed monster.
The millionaire mindset is not all about who has the bigger yacht or
the grander mansion. You don't have a reason to be jealous of other
people and there's also no need for you to compete with other
people either.
Envy only causes feelings of lack and when your focus spirals down to
that, then the universe will take it as a sign that your millionaire
streak is now over.
The millionaire mindset has proven itself to be effective time and
time again. Now that you know how a millionaire thinks, you have
the rest of your life to apply them all.
Find out how to properly tap into the wealthy entrepreneur mindset
and get more profitable internet marketing tips at:


3. What Are the Traits of the Millionaire Mindset?
Nowadays, everyone wants to become millionaire. But only a few of
them can achieve their goals. But the question is that why all of us
cannot reach that desired place? They may blame their luck for that.
But each case is different and an unlucky person can be a millionaire
too, it's all about your mindset and the way to see the things.
Everyone has his own way of thinking, own potential and the own
unique way of doing things. You can blame your future prospects on
your mindset not your luck. Millionaire's have their own mindset and
all we need is to do is observe them carefully and then follow them
to the tee; if you want to become a millionaire.
Millionaires have something in common and that's their millionaire
mindset which makes them successful. If we look around, we will
find that most millionaires do not have an excellent academic
background. Most of them have very poor parents who struggled to
make a living. Their success is mainly attributed to their millionaire
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Six major psychological traits have been observed in millionaire
1. A millionaire is a very creative person and he always has creative
ideas flowing in his mind .He then takes the time to cultivate and
groom those ideas till they become successful
2. He checks whether his business idea will be worth the money
spent to develop them or should they be shelved for a later time. He
keeps himself upgraded with the prevailing conditions of his

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