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Author: Braddpitt

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1. How Can You Improve Golf Swing Speed?
2. Good Techniques on How to Improve Golf As a
3. You Can Do It - Use Flexibility to Improve Golf Swing
4. Improve Golf Swing Lag - Drills Using Swing Aids
5. How Can a Golf Swing Training Aid Improve Your


1. How Can You Improve Golf Swing Speed?
My cousin Bobby had a natural golf swing. It was nice and easy, he
always made great contact with the ball, and it always traveled
straight as an arrow. The problem was that he had no distance and
couldn't hit nearly as far as anyone in his golfing group. Robert was a
strong man who had played for years, but because he had such a
naturally, easy swing, he really had no golf swing speed to speak of
and it showed in his lack of distance.
Bobby and I went to the local golfing shop to get our swing speed
measured, and his was a good thirty miles per hour less than mine,
which accounted for the difference in distance. So, is there a way to
improve golf swing speed?
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-There are some websites that you can visit that will give you tricks
on how to swing just as fast as the younger guys. If you are like most
of us and haven't kept yourself in the best of shape, there is still
hope for you if you learn how to practice the right way and increase
your speed.
-There are many professional golfers are using to improve golf swing
speed is to incorporate weight training into their fitness regimen.
This means a lot of lifting - squats, curls, and presses - to increase the
power that you have both in your upper and lower body. Remember
that your goal is not to get huge, but to build lean muscle mass.
-You will also find that you can also learn to improve golf swing
speed by constantly having it measured. By making it one of your
goals, you will start to increase the speed of the downswing. Keep in
mind that your backswing should be at the same speed it has always
been and it is just coming up to where the club hits the ball.

-As with many sports, rotation is terribly important, and in order to
rotate quickly and more efficiently, you will have to work on your
flexibility. It doesn't hurt to take a yoga or Pilates class and work on
your abs, your back, and the rest of your core muscles.
After just a few weeks of practicing, Bobby and I went and had our
speed measured and it turns out that his swing speed is now faster
than mine. This now means that he hits further than anyone in the
group, and he loves it.


2. Good Techniques on How to Improve Golf As a
Everyone has considered how to improve golf as an overall fun
experience. When you first look at the game of golf it can seem a bit
boring; you may even believe that it is quite simple. However, when
you try to take it personally your viewpoint of golf might change
completely. It is a very complex game to master.
If you ever plan to truly improve your golf game, you have to respect
the whole game in general and get a real understanding of all that it
takes to achieve success at golf. The first thing to do is honestly
admit what you need to improve.
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You need to know what part of your game needs the most work, and
then you can use little tips and techniques to improve that part of it.
It can be something as simple as turning your wrist a different
direction that could change the whole outcome of your golf game.
You may not notice at first, but your entire body is doing a lot of
work when you are swinging a golf club. The swing of a golf club is
contradictory to our natural body movement. This is why most
people do not get optimal results from their swing, no matter how
hard they try. A way to avoid practicing something incorrectly is by
watching a film of someone doing it correctly and doing your best to
emulate them.
Another focus point to concentrate on when working on your swing
is your knee placement. The back knee naturally tries to move
towards our other knee. Although this may feel more comfortable, it
will have a lot to do with the ball not going as far as you may wanted

it to. You have to let the momentum come from your hip and not
your legs.
If you are looking for ways to fix this problem, try placing a basketball
between your knees and taking a swing. You will find that this will
train your body to get the most out of every swing. By teaching your
muscles the correct motion, over time it will become as easy as
All lovers of the game want to improve golf and the overall
enjoyment of the game. If you are one who wants to get better, you
have to be one who is not afraid to get out there and do the work.
Nothing in life comes easy, and if you want success you have to put
in the sacrifice.


3. You Can Do It - Use Flexibility to Improve Golf
Improve golf swing...something we'd all like to know how to do.
Flexibility? Doesn't that involve all kinds of time sweating and
stretching, when you could be playing golf instead?
It's really easier than you think. Let's look at using flexibility to
improve your golf swing, in just a few minutes a day.
Beware the Number 1 Golf Swing Killer
What, you want to know what's the number one golf swing killer? It's
"tension" with a capital "T". When your muscles are tense, they can't
move freely. When they can't move freely, you become less flexible.
There goes your golf swing!
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To combat tension in your muscles, you need to practice some
flexibility moves. No, don't worry, you won't need to become a
contortionist; it's actually easier than you think!
Step One: Close Your Eyes
The first thing you want to do is close your eyes and imagine
yourself, golf club in hand. Watch the way you move, from the
backswing all the way to the follow-through. See the movements? (If
you have a hard time imagining this, just watch a golfer whose game
you admire.)
These are the muscles you use for your swing, from the hips to the
waist to the back and the arms. If even one of those muscle groups
are stiff, it throws off everything else.

Step Two: Where are You Sore?
If you're sore after a round at the golf course, think of exactly where
your muscles hurt; that's a tip-off as to where you need to increase
your flexibility. Those are some of the muscle groups you want to
target first.
Step 3: Start Stretching Those Muscles Daily
All you really need is about 10 or 15 minutes a day of consistent
stretching of those muscle groups to improve a golf swing. You can
break it up with 5 minutes or so here and 5 minutes or so there. The
point is, if you consistently stretch, it relieves muscle tension and
increases flexibility.
And you'll be pleasantly surprised as to how soon you start seeing
results! In less than a week of consistent stretching, you'll feel a
difference in your swing.
There you have it; three simple steps to use flexibility to improve a
golf swing. Now get out there and stretch!


4. Improve Golf Swing Lag - Drills Using Swing Aids
Having lag in your golf swing is one of the top power generators. To
improve golf swing lag, do drills using specific training aids to give
you the exact feel, while you hit balls. The only way to get a
permanent and ingrained "feel" for maintaining your wrist cock
(angle) coming into impact is to have an aid physically on your wrist
which keeps it from straightening too early in the downswing.
Another way to look at it, is to maintain a "flat left wrist" all the way
through your golf swing. It does not bend at all. It rotates past impact
and into your follow through, but it does not break at the wrist joint.
So any training aid that keeps your left wrist flat, or your right wrist
bent, is a very effective way to improve lag in your swing.
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The use of drills to achieve this can be helpful, but still, do not give
you the proper feel in your brain to how both wrists operate
throughout your golf swing.
There's the preset wrists drill, where you cock the club up and get it
in a position that is equivalent to halfway down, where the club is
parallel to both the ground and your toe line; then just hold that and
take it back, and hold it coming through impact. It's a good drill, but
one you'd have to do hundreds of times, to build up the muscle
memory to repeat it during play, under stress.
Another drill (or tip) that can help with lag is to fully relax your
hands, wrists and even fingers by waggling the club right before you
take it away, and focus on not increasing the tension throughout
your swing. It will feel strange at first, but those relaxed wrists will
allow you to keep the lag much easier.

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