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How to Improve Golf Swing Accuracy and Power .pdf

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Author: Braddpitt

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1. How to Improve Golf Swing Accuracy and Power
2. How to Improve Golf Swing - 3 Easy to Follow Tips
3. How to Improve Golf Swing Power
4. How to Improve Golf Swing - Your Ultimate Guide
5. A Sweeping Swing For Fairway Woods


1. How to Improve Golf Swing Accuracy and Power
The golf swing can always be improved whether you want your shots
to land on target more often or whether you want to get more
distance from your shots, the golf swing can always be worked on. In
this article I want to give you a quick guide on how to improve golf
swing accuracy and power, it will focus on how to improve your
accuracy, how to get more power and how to eliminate your mishits.
Improve Your Accuracy
A great swing is one which produces accurate shots on a consistent
basis. Accuracy is an asset which all golfers want to posses, if you're
accurate you're going to eliminate mishits, get the ball to land on
target every time and most importantly shave strokes off your score.
So the best way in which you can improve your accuracy is to work
on your alignment. Now a lot of golfers when it comes to alignment
can often neglect it, but just spending a little time working on your
alignment will improve your accuracy very quickly.
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In order to get aligned correctly you need to align both your body
and your clubface correctly. First of all take your normal stance and
grip and then you want to align your clubface correctly to your
target. To do this you want to aim the face of the club at the target.
Next you want to ensure that your body is aligned correctly, now an
easy way to do this is to imagine a line going from your ball to your
target this is your target line. So if you imagine that line all you need
to do is ensure that your hips, feet, shoulders and arms are all
aligned parallel to your target line.

Eliminating Mishits
This is again linked to accuracy, in order to improve the accuracy of
your shots you need to eliminate your mishits. Now the best way in
which you can eliminate your mishits is to work on your posture. The
majority of mishits are caused by simply setting up with an incorrect
posture - it's either too high or too low.
So now that you're aligned correctly you want to ensure that you
have good posture. First of all you want to bend forward slightly
from the hips and bend your knees a little, your knees should be
nicely flexed. Then ensure that you tilt your spine away from the
target a little.
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When your stance is viewed in profile your spine and the shaft of the
club should form a 90 degree angle. There should be about a hands
width between your body and the club. Keep your arms nice and
relaxed, your left shoulder should be a little higher than your right
shoulder because of the position of your hands on the club - your
right hand is lower than your left on the club.
Now to be certain that you're set-up at the correct height you need
to check if your stance is too high or too low. To check if your stance
is too low you should address the ball with the clubhead square
behind the ball and then move the club back. If the club contacts the
ground a few inches behind the ball then your stance is too low. So if
you're set-up too low take a look and see that you haven't bent your
knees too much, there should be a slight bend rather than a 90
degree bend.
To check if your stance is too high you should again get in the
address position and place the clubhead square behind the ball. Then

move the clubhead back a few inches and then back through the ball
- sort of like a mini swing. Do this slowly and take a look at what part
of the golf ball the clubface is making contact with, if it is hitting the
ball above it's equator then your stance is too tall.
Boosting Your Swing Power
When adding power to your swing you want to be really careful not
to make any changes to your normal swing mechanics. If you change
your swing to get power it will only bring those mishits back and
lower the accuracy of your shots.
Good golfers do not make changes to their swing mechanics what
they do is really utilize what they already do in the swing to boost
their power. So I just want to give you a brief guide to utilizing your
swing power. Firstly ensure that you're relaxed and that you have a
nice light grip pressure.
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Secondly most golfers are aware that they have to direct their weight
to their front foot on the downswing, but they don't perform this
weight shift to it's full potential. You see a lot of golfers don't get that
weight off of the back foot enough, they tend to fall back on their
back foot. A lot of power comes from moving your weight towards
your target through impact, so if you don't get off that back foot
enough then you're going to lose a lot of power.
So really take advantage of that weight shift, really feel that right
knee swing in towards the left leg on the through swing. Remember
75% of your weight should be on your front foot at impact, allow
your weight to naturally shift onto the front foot as you rotate back
through into the ball.

Get Out On the Course...
So follow this guide and you will really improve the accuracy of your
shots and also the power in your swing. Put these tips into action and
most importantly practice your swing.


2. How to Improve Golf Swing - 3 Easy to Follow Tips
How to improve golf swing? Being able to drop a 100 yard shot
within 10 feet of the flag is a goal that many golfers want to achieve.
There is nothing better than sticking your approach shot next to the
flag. For that very reason we are going to look at ways to help you
achieve this. There are 3 easy to follow tips that you can use from
scoring range to really help your golf game. Remember that at close
range you want to increase your accuracy so distance is not as
Tip #1 - Stop pressing your hands so far forward. The loft on your 8
and 9 irons is enough to give you nice and high approach shots.
When you press your hands too far forward you are actually
decreasing the loft of the club. Put the ball in the middle of your
stance with your front foot flared open and have your hands one
inch infront of the ball.
Tip #2 - Be sure to shift your weight first. As you make your
downswing you should be shifting your weight toward the target
followed by your hips turning. The club will feel like it is lagging but
its ok. You want to create enough room for your arms to get the club
through last.
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Tip #3 - Finish with your clubhead pointed at your target. The idea is
to focus on getting the clubhead swinging at your target and not
focusing on swinging the club at the ball. Swiveling your head toward
the target also encourages you to swing in your target line. Your
body will finish pointed to the left of your target at finish with your
weight distributed over your front foot.

Want More? Learn how to improve golf swing! I was about to quit
the game of golf because of my golf swing. I could not figure out
what my swing problems were. I wasted a ton of money on all of the
gadgets, books, dvd's and magazines I could get my hands on.
Instead of improving my golf swing it actually made it worse.
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3. How to Improve Golf Swing Power
How to improve golf swing power is something which a majority of
golf players are always asking. You may find that the people you play
with often ask or the literature that you read about golf often has
tips and hints all about it. It can be hard to know what to do in order
to improve the swing as there are so many different pieces of
information out there about it and some even contradict each other.
There is so much which you could potentially do that you could work
all your life on just the swing and never master all of the techniques.
Most of us just have a small amount of time each day or each week
to work on golf and improving our game.
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It is therefore important to be as efficient with that time as possible,
working on the key areas which will give the greatest improvement
in the game. One of these key area is physical fitness. If your muscles
are strong then it should make it much easier for you to not only be
able to consistently produce a good shot but also not tire while you
are playing the game.
If you work specifically on the muscles that you use during the swing
action, you should be able to produce a better swing that is loaded
with power, and be more capable of applying some of the techniques
on how to improve a golf swing that you have been reading about.
A stronger more flexible golfer will have a much easier chance at
longer drives...and with less effort too!
Mike Pedersen helps golfers' improve their golf swing power,
consistency and golf swing faults by addressing the physical
limitations in their golf swing.

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