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How To Improve Golf Swing With These 3 Easy Tips .pdf

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Author: Braddpitt

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1. How To Improve Golf Swing With These 3 Easy Tips
2. How to Improve Golf Swing - Six Things to Do to
Improve Your Swing (It Worked For Me)
3. How to Improve Golf Swing Effectively? - Tips
4. How To Improve Golf Swing With Visualization
5. Improving Golf Swing With Proper Golf Stroke


1. How To Improve Golf Swing With These 3 Easy Tips
In this article we will go over a few "quick fixes" to improve your golf
swing. After reading this article you'll know exactly what to do to
drive the ball farther, straighter and more accurately next time
you're on the course.
First I'll tell you about these three quick fixes... and finally I'll let you
in on the "ultimate secret" to performing perfect golf swings, every
single time!
When trying to improve your golf swing, the first thing to realize is
that the most important part of any golf swing is the set up.
This starts with your feet. Position your feet around shoulder width
apart. Depending on if you have a longer or a shorter club you might
need to adjust with a slightly wider or narrower stance. However,
you should not move more than the width of one foot in either
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A lot of people tend to point their left foot slightly to the left as they
set themselves up for the swing. Don't do this, as it prevents you
from following through properly in the rotation of your swing...
which brings me to the next point...
The biggest mistake I see people make is the position of their spines.
Your entire swing revolves around your spine, literally. It serves as an
So, keep your spine straight throughout the entire swing. I cannot
stress this enough. It is absolutely vital (have you seen how things
tend to rotate on a bent axis?)

Finally, pay attention to your grip. The club should lie at the base to
the middle joints of your fingers. Not in the hands. You position the
clubs in the fingers, then simply close your palms around the club.
Use a firm but relaxed grip on the club. If you grip it too hard or too
softly, you will rotate it slightly either to the left or to the right.
Alright... now, what's that big secret?
It's funny, because this is true of nearly every single sport on the
Here it is: Relax.
If you can remove all the tension in your golf swing, I can guarantee
you better, smoother, longer swings every single time.
Learn the ultimate secret to radically improving your golf swing
almost overnight... by simplifying down to its bare essence.
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Using these secrets I've managed to consistently outdrive my veteran
golfing friends... as an overweight, rank beginner.
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2. How to Improve Golf Swing - Six Things to Do to
Improve Your Swing (It Worked For Me)
How to improve a golf swing is something I must have asked myself a
million times and even bought new clubs thinking that would do the
trick. I could never seem to get any better at this game, I was
constantly losing round to my friends and co-workers, slicing the ball,
my distance sucked. I was just all around fed up with golf to the point
of quitting all together.
All of it was my fault, I was stubborn and thought I could improve my
golf swing on my own and it was only when I came to the realization
that I sucked and was never going to get better unless I got help did
my golf game finally start to turn around. I did want to share with
you six things that should help you right now.
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1. Make sure your aligned with your target, sounds simple but you
would be surprised at how many fail to do this correctly.
2. Set up is crucial and you should be relaxed with a slight bend in
the knees. Your spine should be straight and you should have a slight
upper body lean from the hips up.
3. Keep your eye on the ball until the club is through impact. I know
what you do you want to see how far you just crushed the ball and
lift your head right before impact. Guess what if you can't find your
ball chances are it is rolling on the ground near the ladies tees. Ladies
no offense.
4. Slow and smooth and far better than fast and jerky. Your swing
will always get better results when the motion is slow and smooth.

5. There is a very distinct difference between woods and irons, irons
pinch the ball to get loft, woods sweep the ball for distance. Your
swing should accommodate each.
6. This next tip may sound goofy but it is something that actually
helped me and that is to hum a song during your swing. The best
results are often when you don't think but rather just swing.
These are just six of many tips that can help you improve your game.
I only began improving my game when I swallowed my pride and got
help with my game.
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Now what if I told you that you could break 80 in just 60 days from
right now? Would you believe me, most likely not I'm assuming. So
don't take my word for it, listen to the 19,000 golfers in more than
36 countries who have found the system that fixed their swing
The system is called the Monster Golf Swing System and the creator
of this system will guarantee you will be playing better golf in just
two weeks or he will personally send your money back. If you go
through my website link you will receive a free gift just for reading
the offer.


3. How to Improve Golf Swing Effectively? - Tips
Do you dream of being Tiger Woods one day? If not, do you at least
wonder how another player in your golf club plays like a
professional? Well, the answer is simple. One has to have a proper
swing to play the game with professional like style. Practice makes a
man perfect but one has to practice the correct method to get the
right perfection. Here is an article that tips you on improving your
golf swings.
Golf is a game that you should use to calm yourself and improve your
concentration. So relax, take a deep breath before playing the game.
Put all your worries away and think only of hitting the ball to the flag.
he posture with which you stand has a great influence on your swing.
Hence you must take a proper stand on the ground. Be behind the
ball and not on its side. Leave your left knee lose and hold your right
one stiff. Stretching before golf helps you perform better for you will
have to swing your torso along with your arms and not just rotate
your wrists.
Hit the ball with all muscle you have got and depend not only on
your wrists. A Proper backswing is possible when you shift your
weight slightly away from the target. Similarly, shift your weight
towards the ball while hitting it. This is the proper strategy for a good
swing. There should be a momentarily pause before your backward
and forward swing and your forward swing must be swift and firm,
and your backswing should be firm and slower.
Simple steps these are, but their results can improve your game
score and style the way you never imagined them to be before. Enjoy
your game!


4. How To Improve Golf Swing With Visualization
If you are looking for answers to how to improve golf swing, you are
definitely not alone. There are plenty of golfers out there who are
having this exact problem and are looking for a solution.
The key in better golf is in the focus itself, just being focused in the
game and not getting distracted. Like any other game that requires
high level of mental focus and concentration, like chess or any other
competitive sport. Example for golf - when you are in the field and
your mobile phone rings, your boss or your employee gives you some
info. If info is critical, or urgent or even a simple message that makes
you think about work instead of the game, then you just lose it, your
game just goes down the tube.
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Focus in golf just means being able to concentrate on the game
without being affected by outside "noise". The bigger battle,
however, is often the "inside noise" that sometimes gets created
For example :You are now in front of a pond (water hazard). To clear the pond, you
have to hit 200m. If you are a weak player, you don't want to take
chance, because you are not too confident of hitting the ball over
200m. So you take 2 x 100m shots to go around the water hazard.
But if you are not weak, but also not too consistent in your long
shots, then that's where the devil takes over your mind.
You are "greedy" and want to clear the hazard in 1 shot instead of 2
(the lesser number of shots the better), so you can beat your
competitor. If you can't focus on the job at hand, then when you

start to address the ball, you get intimidated by the stretch of water
in front of you and start to get less confident in your attempt, and
doubts gets into your mind. This "loss of focus" affects the muscle
co-ordination and consequently, the swing, and the ball lands in the
water. Then the player cursed and the snapshot of the failed attempt
is sent to his mind and then carried forward to the next hole, and the
next game, and so on...
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So how did being focus and how visualization help Joyce?
Another aspect to better golf is visualization - you need to form the
"shape" of your shot before you hit it.
Example :Scenario
Your ball is on a spot where the hole is 200m in front but towards
your left side.
If you just hit straight 200m, your ball will end up missing the hole.
So you break your play into 2 shots - hit the 1st shot 100m straight in
front of you, then face left and hit the ball towards the hole. Better
players like a professional golfer can hit golf ball in fairway a curve
shot so that the ball can skew towards the left and land closer to the
hole. To do this, he must first create an image in his mind on where
he wants the ball to land. This visualization is crucial, else the ball
may end up in a bad position, like inside a wooded area among trees
or in tall grasses. Then he goes through the swing in his mind - and
imagine he hits the ball, it goes through the air, takes a slight turn to
the left, falls on the fairway, bounced three times, rolls forward and
stop 50m away from the hole. Now, what actually happens is usually
quite different from what is visualized in the minds of the average

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