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Author: Braddpitt

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1. The Key to Improve Golf Swings
2. Improve Golf Swing - Improve Your Golf Swing and
Lower Your Handicap
3. Improve Golf Swing With an Empty Box
4. Good Techniques on How to Improve Golf
5. Tips to Improve Golf Swing


1. The Key to Improve Golf Swings
The key to improve golf swings relies on the time, effort, and
patience golfers are willing to exert. Sure, you have a lot of sources
that can teach you methods on just how to do that. You can
purchase books and magazines on golf tips and techniques. You can
browse the web for these tips and techniques as well. You may even
have a friend who can teach you a thing or two about perfecting the
golf swing. However, all of these theories would remain theories
until you apply these on the golf course yourself.
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The golf course is actually the best place to start if you want to
improve that swing of yours. Go to your local golf course and start
looking around you. Find the best player on course and focus your
attention on him or her. Find out what exactly this golfer is doing
differently, to achieve more success than the other golfers on course.
Check out their stance while swinging. Observe the golfer go through
the different stages of the swing, from the address and right down to
follow through. Observe the golfer's manner of moving his or her
club all throughout the swing. The differences here may just be
subtle because it would only take a matter of seconds to execute the
swing in full. However, you should take note of these subtle
differences. You can then compare these with styles and manner of
other golfers on course. More importantly, compare what the best
golfer is doing with your current style and manner as well.
Once you get home, you can then apply the differences that you
noticed on your own swing. It actually pays to have someone
observe you so that the observer can tell you how your body is
currently positioned. This way, you can determine for yourself if you
are indeed able to capture that particular position you saw the best

golf player take earlier. However, if you do not have someone to
observe you, then you can opt to use a full length mirror instead.
Stand right in front of the mirror and start working on your stance. If
you have a video camera handy, start videoing yourself. This way,
you are still able to see if you are indeed doing things right.
However, you have to remember that golf swings are as individual as
golf players are. The golf swing of that best player is his own
trademark, his own style, simply because it works well for him. His
stance and manner might not work well for you at all.
The main key to improve golf swing is to find your own stance and
style and to hone it as much as possible.
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2. Improve Golf Swing - Improve Your Golf Swing and
Lower Your Handicap
Golf is a wonderful sport that is played by millions of people all over
who have different techniques and abilities. Everyone who enjoys
and plays golf knows that in order to be a good golfer and have a low
handicap you need to practise your game as much as possible. Not
only that but you must also practise different elements of the game
too, such as the swing.
Many people will tell you that the swing in golf is one of the most
crucial aspects of the game as it is the first shot that a player will take
when teeing off and a good swing will mean a ball that flies down the
fairway as far as possible. Having a poor golf swing will lead to more
shots and a higher handicap, something that golfers do not want.
Due to this the majority of golfers will want to improve golf swing
whenever they can. As with any kind of sporting manoeuvre it is
essential that a golfer gets the basics right when trying to improve
golf swing. One of the first things that should be looked at is how a
golfer stands as this can have a great impact on their golf swing.
Standing too rigid is not good if you are looking to perfect your golf
swing so you should try to stay relaxed with a straight back and head
that is in line with the spine. This is the perfect stance to improve
golf swing and it practising this will make it second place for you
when playing golf. It is also a good idea not to try to hit the ball too
hard as this will make you over swing and often this will mean that
you miss the ball. So if you are looking for a great golf swing
remember practise makes perfect and relax.


3. Improve Golf Swing With an Empty Box
Do you still have the cardboard box packing where your golf clubs
came in? Good. You do not have to go to a sports store to get any of
the golf training aids that they have and that many golfers use to
improve golf swing.
First warm up. Hit some fifteen balls with the number 5 or 7 wood or
iron. Then you can use your cardboard box for practice in a driving
Once warmed up you can set up your training aid by placing the
cardboard box towards the target, lengthwise, about 5" or 6" away
from the ball. The intention is to strike the ball without hitting the
box. In case you do not know how to set it up, get help from
someone in the range.
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Begin by taking a few practice swings. Swing the club so that it
brushes the ground softly. Don't hit the box. After a few swings,
place a ball in front of the box and hit it without hitting the box. In
case you do hit the box, reset it to its initial position and try again.
Keep your swings slow at first and gradually increase the speed.
When you get to the stage when you can consecutively hit a couple
or more balls without hitting the box, decrease the distance by a
half-inch. Continue practising, gradually decreasing the distance till
the box is only and inch or two away from the ball. Now increase the
speed of your swing to the speed that you usually play with.
If you can do it then it means that your swing is within the correct
zone. If not, then your swing is on the outside, either before or after
the impact and can happen because of two reasons; either you are

improperly holding the club or your aim with the clubface is not
proper. Whatever the reason, it is best that you consult a
professional coach who can watch your swing and correct it.
Once you can unerringly hit the ball without hitting the box, then this
training is aid is no longer necessary to improve golf swing. You can
practice without it. If you begin to hit outside again, replace the box
and try to recollect how you swung the club while practicing.
Other than this simple box, there are also other training aids to help
improve golf swing and they come at a cost of some $10.00 to get
and use.
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The best thing about this kind of training aid is that you do not have
to worry if the box gets damaged and get riddled with holes. You can
still get another with similar specifications and continue practising.
An alternative to the cardboard box would be a soft, long and round
foam that is used as a pool toy.
Hand positioning is vital to keep your swing from going to the
outside. So is speed. Remember that it is not the inside out or the
opposite swing that is the correct swing path. Neither is it going
down the straight path. It is an inside to inside movement and you
will have to practice till you get the hang of it. But once you get it,
then you will have the satisfaction of seeing the ball soar into the air
and land close to the hole that you are playing. Use simple training
aids and improve golf swing.
Whether you are just starting out or just wanting to take your game
of golf to the next level, the author Ian Bell says that improving on
your game of golf need not be difficult or frustrating. You can catch

up and read all my Hints & Tips, these are a must if you want to
improve golf swing, just visit:


4. Good Techniques on How to Improve Golf
If you have ever spent any time on the green you have wondered
how to improve golf scores, accuracy, and overall game. At first
glance golf looks like a simple game that can easily be mastered, but
once you grab that club and try to make it in enough strokes to
effectively reach a par four, you find out that it is not as easy as you
may have thought. Before you can hope to improve your golf game
you have to first understand that there are a lot of different aspects
that go into golf. You first have to be honest with yourself and figure
out which part of your game needs the most work.
There are a number of tips and techniques you can practice to
enhance the different parts of your golf game. Sometimes simply
learning to tighten your wrist and loosen your hip will improve every
part of golf for you.
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When you are working on your swing, your forearm and wrist are
doing a lot more work than you may think. There are natural reflexes
that occur that hinder a player from getting maximum results out of
each swing. If you start to look at what your wrist is doing right at
contact you will begin to see little places where you can improve to
get a better swing. Try looking at a tape of your favorite golfer and
watch frame by frame what their arm, wrist, and forearm is doing at
impact and compare it to yours and you will get an idea of things you
can work on.
Also take the time to check out what your knees are doing when you
follow through with your swing. With every swing not only does your
upper body move but it also causes a certain motion with you lower
body as well. When you swing, your back knee wants to rotate

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