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Three Simple Rules for Acquiring an Improved Golf Swing .pdf

Original filename: Three Simple Rules for Acquiring an Improved Golf Swing.pdf
Author: Braddpitt

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1. Three Simple Rules for Acquiring an Improved Golf
2. Improve Golf Swing - Lower Your Handicap
3. Improve Golf Swing - 4 Ways to Improve Your Game
4. Use Resistance Tubing To Improve Golf Swing Power
5. Learning How To Increase Golf Swing Speed


1. Three Simple Rules for Acquiring an Improved Golf
A skilled golf swing is a movement done with a minimum of
conscious thought. Psychologists offer a learning model for the four
stages to acquiring any skill. Here are the stages as applied to golf:
1. Unconscious Incompetent: you don't know anything about golf or
a good golf swing.
2. Conscious Incompetent: you know what a good swing looks like
but you cannot do it.
3. Conscious Competent: you develop a good swing but you have to
think about it.
4. Unconscious Competent: your swing now becomes "natural."
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You can trace Tiger Woods' swing development through these four
stages. At age one or earlier, he knew nothing about golf. Then his
Dad showed him a good swing. Tiger knew what it looked like but
could not consistently do it. He began to develop a good swing as his
Dad reminded him of the key aspects. Still in stage 3, Tiger had to
think about what his Dad told him. Finally he did not have to think
about his swing and at age two, Tiger was able to demonstrate his
"natural" swing on national TV.
Most golf experts would agree that a good golf swing is far from a
"natural" physical movement. Jack Nicklaus, at age 10, became
painfully conscious of keeping his head steady. Jack Grout, Nicklaus'
first professional instructor, grabbed young Jack by his curly blond
hair and had Jack hit balls for hours, until Jack cried. Nicklaus always
remembers that instruction as he became conscious of a steady

head. This aspect of Nicklaus' swing finally became unconscious to
him and it appeared "natural." Both outstanding golfers are
"unconsciously competent" but they can critique themselves
whenever such is needed.
Like Tiger and Jack, you too can improve your golf swing. Here are
the three simple rules you must follow:
1. Consciously present your mind with the aspect you want to
improve. You may have read about this aspect. Your Instructor or Pro
may have suggested this aspect. "Keep your left arm straight." "Keep
your head steady." "Shift to the right or shift to the left." "Maintain
your spine angle." Whatever the aspect is, your mind MUST have a
mental picture of how this aspect looks.
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2. Train your body to consciously perform this aspect and this aspect
only, until the movement becomes unconscious.
3. Let your swing DO IT as you think only about the objective; i.e.
where the shot will land.
It sounds simple and it is. The difficulty with Rule No. 2, is that
unfortunately, it takes time. The further away from age two or ten,
the more difficult it is for our bodies to develop the motor memory
to ingrain different aspects into one's swing. But it can be done.
Constant reminders from our Pro or instructor or the use of a
training aid that focuses on that aspect you want to acquire will be
needed. As Tiger Woods admits: "my swing is a constant work in
progress." Focus on that aspect you want to acquire and you will DO


2. Improve Golf Swing - Lower Your Handicap
Golf is a beautiful game that is enjoyed by millions around the globe.
It has come a long way since being invented in Scotland a few
hundred years ago. Since then swing techniques have evolved to the
swing we know today. The key to improving your swing has been and
remains consistent practice. Without practicing your swing, your
chances of improving it are slim. Even the most decorated golfers
such as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson constantly practice and look
for ways to improve their swings.
If a fellow golfer tells you that they have perfected their swing to the
point where they don't even need to practice anymore, don't believe
them, they are lying. Improving ones swing is a work in progress and
without continuous practice it will deteriorate and with it so will
game. This is why after the winter you feel 'rusty' on the course and
it takes you a few games to get back to the handicap you had at the
end of the previous summer.
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If you live in the northern states or in Canada like me, playing golf
during the winter is out of the question. So what can you do during
the winter months when you can't play and practice your swing?
First of all see if there is an indoor driving range nearby. Almost every
major city in North America has one of these so try to frequent them
when the weather is bad. If you don't have an indoor driving range
close to your home, you can always use your garage. Set up your
garage with a ball net and some Astroturf and practice your swing for
a few minutes every day. You will be surprised how well your swing
improves and even your handicap may improve come the following
golf season.

You can also purchase some simple golf guides and try to practice
the advice and systems you learn from them. These can be
tremendously helpful if you find the right guide. So this winter don't
fret about your swing. Practice new techniques or if you already
found something that works for you, stick with it. After all practice
makes perfect.
Do you find that no matter what you do, your swing still does not
improve? Why don't you try something completely new? Does your
swing suffer from unpredictability and poor range? Take a look at


3. Improve Golf Swing - 4 Ways to Improve Your
Have you ever thought about what it would be like to improve your
golf swing? Can you imagine what your friends faces would look like
when you launch a drive straight and far down the fairway with a
smooth and effortless swing? Well now you can stop imagining and
start doing.
Improve Swing Tip #1 Learn The Basics - If you do not understand
what the fundamentals are then how are you going to get any
better? You need to understand the hows and whys of gripping a golf
club, setting up to the ball and the fundamentals of swing
components. I am not saying that you need to learn everything
because that is unrealistic. You need to learn why your swing works
the way it does so that you can improve it.
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Improve Swing Tip #2 Develop A Routine - When you develop and
use a routine you will find that you automatically put yourself into a
groove. What do I mean? I mean having the feeling of carefree golf
on cruise control because you do not have a million swing thoughts
flying around in your brain. You are only thinking about the next
small step instead of a giant stairway.
Improve Swing Tip #3 Analyze And Reanalyze Your Scores - You
should be taking stats on things including how many putts you make
per hole and how many greens and fairways in regulation you hit.
The numbers do not lie. You could be sinking 20 foot putts all day but
it could take you 4 shots to get on the green. Now you can learn
what part of the game you need to spend more time improving. Use
that scorecard to your benefit!

Improve Swing Tip #4 Find Help To Improve - Find a reliable source to
give you the information that you need to practice and succeed. Yes,
I said practice. How else are you supposed to get better? There are
no instant fixes out there. You need to find reliable and effective
There are a ton of reasons why you could have golf swing problems. I
have written a bunch of tips that can significantly help to improve
golf swing. Many people have used these tips and found them to be
extremely helpful in improving their golf swing.
Stop wasting any more of your time trying to figure out your golf
swing problems by yourself. Check out


4. Use Resistance Tubing To Improve Golf Swing
One of the quickest ways to improve your golf swing power is with
resistance tubing. I've been a huge proponent of this type of training
for many years, and know that it is effective.
You've seen it before right? It's like an oversized rubber band that
you can attach to a door, put it under your feet, or use it without any
attachment. The beauty of this golf fitness equipment is it is
affordable, portable and fun to use.
I know golfers hate to exercise! I've dealt with that throughout my
entire golf fitness career, but this is actual swing training that when
done, you can see and envision fast results.
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This tubing allows you to mimic your golf swing. You can even break
it down into phases like takeaway; backswing; downswing; impact;
and even follow through. And the great thing is this is the exact
movements you do in golf, but you're doing it with resistance so your
golf-specific muscles are getting both stretched and strengthened to
help you blast your drives up to 30 yards longer.
I've taken mine on the road and used it in my hotel room. To pack it
is a piece of cake. It takes up no space or weight in your suitcase.
There's no excuse not to get this product. If you're a golfer struggling
with a lack of power and distance, you should be looking at this asap.
For example, when you make a downswing (attach tubing to top of
door), you can feel all your golf muscles working. It's quite obvious.
Now do it 15 times, and you'll even feel fatigued.

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