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What Can Be Done to Improve Golf Swing Technique .pdf

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Author: Braddpitt

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1. What Can Be Done to Improve Golf Swing
2. Basic Tips to Improve Golf Swing That You Can't
Afford to Miss Out
3. Learn and Discover the Pro Golfer's Drills to Improve
Golf Swing With Fast Results
4. The Main Exercise to Improve Golf Swing Technique
5. What to Do to Improve Golf Swing


1. What Can Be Done to Improve Golf Swing
John was frustrated at his golf swing because he had adopted some
bad habits throughout the years and they were really messing with
his game. He knew he had to do something about it but was unsure
who to ask about it, and if there was anything that could be done for
his individual problems. John decided to approach the his club about
his dilemma and asked "What can be done to improve golf swing
After talking to the local club pro, John agreed that he had, like the
rest of us, five areas that he should address individually to improve
golf swing technique. Ensuring that he addressed each one before
moving on to the next could improve his game considerably.
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• Grip
This is the first item to look at. Having a grip that is too tight can
mean that your wrists will be too rigid in order to effectively perform
a successful follow through action. Make sure that you try different
grips to find the one that is most comfortable to you.
• Stance
The way you stand is pivotal for a decent golf swing. Visualize a
basketball being held between your knees and you have the distance
that your legs should be apart. Make sure that your body is loose
along with your wrists. Even shaking it out as the golfers do, with the
butt- wriggle can help you loosen your body. Doing this alone can
improve golf swing technique considerably.

• Backswing
The majority of players seem to mess up their backswing. Instead of
taking a few seconds to check that both grip and stance are correct,
most players pull the club back and bring it down for the downswing
without pausing.
• Downswing
Keep in mind that the back hand gives the force and the front hand
gives the action. Your club should swing down in a smooth, sweeping
motion gaining strength with the momentum as it hits the ball. The
forehand should be able to bring it through to connect with force.
• Follow through
The moment you connect with the ball from your downswing, you
should ensure that it does not effect your swing for the follow
through. Your club should proceed in the same arc that the
backswing created initially.
You can get some more in depth points on how to improve golf
swing technique at


2. Basic Tips to Improve Golf Swing That You Can't
Afford to Miss Out
There are many types of tips to improve golf swing out there. The
one that is important is the one that can lead you to a better swing.
Thus, you are more likely to find the one that can improve your golf
swing that you can start with yourself. Most importantly, after you
adopting all these tips you will need to use it every single time you
start playing the golf game. Applying all those tips that you will learn
is the one that will ensure you to improve the golf swing.
Usually, when you're not performing the right swing, this is because
you are not applying the fundamental principle during conducting
the swing. Of course it will also difficult to detect your own mistake
during the swing. So the first tip for improving your golf swing is to
OBSERVE. Observing your friends or colleagues and professional
golfers how they conduct their perfect shot. Especially on their
movement during their swing. Observe their grip, their stance, their
backswing, the downswing and lastly their follow through. You need
to understand that the best golf swing comes from the proper body
addressing before performing the golf swing.
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Secondly, as you addressing yourself performing your swing, ensure
that the position is in the right position. Make sure that your feet is
not spread wider than your shoulder's length. Bent your back from
the hip and to make sure you don't hunch your back. This not only
can make your swing worse but can lead you to back muscles
injuries. Make sure that you have a proper grip ready.

The third thing that you will need to remember is to make sure you
don't grip your golf club too hard. try to imagine that you are holding
a pigeon on your hand. Try not to squeeze the pigeon to death! Out
of 10, always maintain the pressure of 7 the max.
The fourth golf tip that you will always put in mind is that when you
are about to perform the backswing, do not collapse your left knee
to the right. You only need to shift your weight to the right not
moving your left knee along. If you collapse your left knee to the
right, you hips will sway away and eventually will lead you to
overturning. So in solving this problem, you need to maintain the left
knee to move forward to the target instead of shifting it to the right
knee. Both of your knees should feel the tension when you
performing the backswing as this will provide you a great stability
during the backswing.
Above all those tips, in order to improve your golf swing it will takes
practice and lots of it. Once you performed all those tips and
mastered one appropriate techniques you will understand how a
best golf swing should be performed. Practice as often as you can
until you achieve the best swing for yourself.


3. Learn and Discover the Pro Golfer's Drills to
Improve Golf Swing With Fast Results
There are many types of drills out there that can able you to practice
in daily basis to improve your golf swing. Having a good set of drills
to practice can helps you to make a lot of improvement in swing
techniques and mechanics. Golf drills is basically performed by
making a necessary rotations of the arms without using a golf club.
The best part of practicing a golf swing drill is that golfers can
perform this anywhere or anytime and at the same time it also helps
to maintain your body fitness.
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In performing drills to improve golf swing, the key in performing it is
by addressing yourself standing position and keep your feet wide
apart aligned with the shoulder's length and make an imaginary
stance without holding the real club. Let both of your arms together
and use an overlapping type of golf grip to make sure both of your
palms are directly facing to each other. This is the position that you
will need to address before you hit the ball anyway. When you're
ready in that position, swing your arms as though you're performing
your golf swing. See what kind of result that you've produced. Did
your left arm bending during rotating to the backswing? Did your left
shoulder went under your chin during the backswing? Always check
your position when performing this drill. It is best to practice it in
front of the mirror (not necessary but recommended). While
performing the drills, analyse yourself in getting the correct swing.
This is how by having a drill can greatly improve your swing.

There are two types of drills to improve golf swing that you can
choose. These two drills are designed to reduce your handicap and
have more fun playing golf.
1. The Right Arm Head-Cover Drill
This drill is used to prevent the flying right elbow in during the
backswing. It also helps you keep your arms close to your body
throughout the golf swing which is a key to accuracy and consistency
in your swing. All you will need to do with this drill is to get a headcover and put it under your right armpit. Your mission is to keep your
right arm close to you so when you perform the backswing the headcover will not come out. This is one of the best golf swing drills that
really can help you to improve your golf swing.
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2. The Shake-Hand Drill
If you're keen in getting hitting the ball further and straighter, this
will be the right drill for you. The way you perform this drill is by
using only one hand; your right hand. Mind you that you do not have
to use any golf club when performing this drill. During performing
this drill you will need to swing through your right hand from the
backswing and as when you swing through, your right hand should
be releasing with your body and eventually it should be in a position
to shake someone's hand in front of you. This is one of the most
interesting drill that you can perform and to get the best result in
your golf swing.
Understanding and applying these drills is important in order for you
to greatly improve your golf swing. This is also known as an exercise
that help the arm to rotate the right amount on the backswing so as
to get the right momentum when your perform the real swing.

Getting the correct rotation will lead you to a perfect shot. Besides
that, performing these drill will lead you of the understanding of the
basic fundamental aspect in the golf swing. To get the maximum
result in your swing, perform these drill before you practice hitting
the ball during at the driving range and maintain the feeling before
you make the actual hit. Best golfing is mainly controlled by the drills
that is perfected by the arms. Learning this basic drill is all that
required to get the best golf swing results.
If you are serious in improving your golf swing, please pay attention
to this:


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