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Author: Hildur Nanna Eiríksdóttir

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Persons 3.0 (computers and scientists)

Add known scientists and famous computers to database.
Display scientists, computers and relations between them.
Search for scientists and computers.
Connect scientists and computers.
Swap out text file database for SQL repository.
Sort database entries by name/computer, gender, birthyear/buildyear,
deathyear/was constructed and ID number for both scientists and computers.
Sort in ascending and descending order.
In term of relations each scientist can be connected to many computers and
each computer can be connected to many scientists.

Skil 3
In this version the assignment is to turn Persons 2.0 to a Gui based program in QT.
The function is to be the same as for the assignment of week two, i.e. with SQL
backend, system that can log known computer scientsts, famous computers and the
relations there between. It is also suppose to be able to display lists, search, sort and
etc. Same standards of code consistenscy, the use of Git and QT.
Persons 3.0 was made as a part of a school assignment in the course T-113. You
can see more information about the course here.

Extra features:

Logo in main window is linked to Reykjavik University homepage

The program contains filter for easy search
Button to clear filter
About message box
Help message box
Settings allows the user to choose between two different views of relations
between scientists and computers
Hyperlink to QT in about message box
"Wiki this" button where user can select computer or scientist and press "Wiki
This" and the program looks up relevant information on Wikipedia

Project requirements
To participate in this project you will have to setup the following software:

QT Open Source
SQLite For better control over the SQLite, it is good idea to install a addon
called SQLite Manager into a firefox Browser.

Project architecture
Persons is divided up into these layers:

Presentation layer.
Service layer.
Data layer.

Want to contribute? Great!
The Program uses QT Open Source, Git and SQLite for fast developing.
For Windows Users: When starting you are gonna need to install QT creator, there
are however a few tricks that need to be done when installing it. After downloading
the program from QT Open source, start the installer, you need to be careful when
you are selecting components. You need to go into 5.7, and select there WinGW 5.3,
beneth 5.7 is 5.6 and you need to unselect it. If you forget that step, dont worry, you
can go into the QT folder and run from there Maintenece tool.exe and do this step
again from there.
After you have started the QT creator, you need to get the file from the repository. To
do that you need open your Terminal and run these commands.(Fastest way is to
right click with you mouse in the folder you want to have the data, and find "Git bash
here", push that and then you can input the commands)
Clone the repository:

$ git clone

Copy the T-113-VLN1.db file located in the repository to the build directory, though it
is not needed as the program creates a clean database when it is first run.
To get the newest available code:
$ git pull

To add to the code:
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "Some comment goes here"
$ git push

It is always a good idea to pull before you push, since some other member of the
group might have made some changes while you where writing your code. Like this.


add .
commit -m "Some comment goes here"

Mac database instructions:
Copy the xxx.db file from your project file. Within the build file is another folder called Rightclick on that file and choose "show package contents". From there go
to "contents" and from there to the folder "MacOS". Paste the.db file to the MacOS
folder. You might have to delete another .db folder first.

Enable Tab shortcuts
To enable you to tab through dialog boxes go to System Preferences > Keyboard &
Shortcuts. At the very bottom there will be an option saying about full keyboard
access. Check the radio button that says “All Controls”. Mac TAB instructions


Böðvar Guðbjörn Jónsson
Einar Sigurðsson
Helena María Agnarsdóttir
Hildur Nanna Eiríksdóttir
Jón Ingvar Karlsson Brune
Svavar Páll Guðgeirsson

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