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Author: Braddpitt

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1. How to Eliminate Uterine Fibroids
2. Symptoms of Fibroids As Well As Finding Treatment
for Fibroids
3. Fibroid Symptoms, Treatment, Surgery and Removal
4. Uterine Fibroids Symptoms and Finding Fibroids
5. Fibroid Diet - Help Eliminate Fibroids Naturally


1. How to Eliminate Uterine Fibroids
After suffering from progressively worsening symptoms over a
number of years, I decided to try once and for all to see if there was
a natural cure for fibroids which I could try before going for what I
considered the "treatment of last resort" - a hysterectomy.
When I first visited my doctor about my enlarging abdomen, fibroids
were never even mentioned. Indeed he incompetently advised me
that I had abdominal fat and that I should diet! Although I admit to
being a little overweight, I wasn't obese and looking back now, the
fact that I had fibroids should have been glaringly obvious. I was
suffering from anemia and breathlessness and my periods were
really heavy. I also had problems with painful intercourse (although I
didn't tell him that at the time).
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By the time my fibroids were diagnosed, an ultrasound examination
revealed that I had one fibroid which was the size of a small melon, a
number of orange-sized ones and several smaller groups. In fact the
radiologist said that my abdomen resembled a 7 month pregnancy.
As they were so large, I was given no real treatment options. I
couldn't go for the procedures which simply cut away fibroids or
those which shrank individual fibroids by blocking the blood vessels
and cutting off the blood supply.
Strong hormonal treatment to block off estrogen was recommended,
which would temporarily shrink the fibroids followed by a
hysterectomy about 3 months later, depending on the success of the
treatment. At that time I asked if there was a natural cure for
fibroids, but the doctor kind of brushed off my request, saying that a
hysterectomy was the best option and as far as he was concerned,

he had only heard anecdotal evidence and could not recommend a
way to naturally eliminate uterine fibroids.
I had severe reservations about surgery. Firstly, I was concerned
about having such a major operation with such a long recovery time.
Also I was really concerned that it would put me through an early
menopause as although the doctor promised to save my ovaries if
possible, there was a chance they would have to be removed and the
shock to the body of the removal of the uterus can sometimes bring
on the menopause. Finally, I was worried about taking the drug
treatment to shrink the fibroids beforehand to make the surgery
safer-apparently these drugs can only be taken for a short time
because they effectively bring on a temporary menopause with all
the accompanying symptoms, such as hot flashes, drying, thinning
vaginal tissues, facial wrinkles and long term osteoporosis.
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I told the doctor I needed a few days to think about this.
One thing which heartened me was the fact that fibroids were not
dangerous. As horrible as the symptoms were, I knew that they were
not cancerous and this gave me "thinking time". When I was first told
I had fibroids, I started to do a little research and had come across a
system which claimed to be a natural cure for fibroids. Although I
had been skeptical, now faced with surgery I decided to take a closer
There are very few doctors who specialize in ways to eliminate
uterine fibroids naturally and those who do tend to have very long
waiting lists and can be very expensive as they are in such high
demand. I found one such doctor who had her own practice, who
had had immense success in helping women to use a natural cure for

fibroids. It had been so successful that she has developed a
downloadable system which women can use to treat their own
fibroids, with the support of free online help if necessary.
For me, it was a no-brainer really, I decided that the hysterectomy
was a possibility, but before committing to it, I wanted to give this a
try. I figured that I had absolutely nothing to lose as with fibroids, I
had the luxury of being able to try it without the cloud of, say a
terminal illness hanging over my head. Sure, my fibroid symptoms
were unbearable at times, but I figured I could live with them a bit
longer if this natural cure for fibroids would work.
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What surprised me was the fact that the treatment took quite a bit
of work! It really is no good if you are after a quick-fix. With a natural
cure for fibroids you have to be reasonably motivated and take
charge of your own treatment and be prepared not to deviate from
the recommendations for best results. I would honestly say that if
you are not prepared to put in the effort, then don't even bother. For
me it included fairly significant changes in both diet and lifestyle
which were quite a pain at times. However, a few months down the
line and I can say now it was all worth it.
At first I though it was all a bit of a waste of time-I had lots of self
doubt. However, within a few days, I began to realise that the
bloating in my abdomen was reducing and my periods were lighter. It
took about 2 months before I could say I noticed significant changes
and since then, scans have confirmed that my fibroids have greatly
reduced-so much so that I am not considering any further treatment.
I still have some fibroids but they are small enough to cause no
symptoms at all.

The principles of naturally treating fibroids are based around the fact
that in order to reduce them, it is necessary to remove the very
causes. Now identifying causes can be difficult as they can be
different in each woman and in some cases, there can be no obvious
causes. Having said this, there are a number of factors which
predispose women to having fibroids, for example, being AfroCaribbean, being in your thirties onwards and being overweight.
There are also a number of other more subtle factors which can also
come into play and it is equally important to take these into account.
One often very important principle in a natural cure for fibroids is
based around the fact that excessive estrogen in the body can "fuel"
fibroid growth. Sometimes this estrogen is natural and may be
because the woman is overweight-in which case steps to lose weight
can also result in a degree of fibroid shrinkage. For others, it's not so
much natural estrogen which causes the problems, but estrogen-like
substances which build up in the liver which are present in everyday
pollutants and pesticides which can cause problems.
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In summing up, you need to understand that once you have fibroids,
there is no "quick-fix". Even if you decide that surgery to remove
individual fibroids is the right treatment for you, it is likely that you
will have to take hormonal treatment to shrink the fibroids for
months before surgery and you must consider the side effects of this,
which include hot flashes, thinning vaginal tissues, aging of the facial
skin and osteoporosis. Then once you have surgery, it could take a
good few weeks before you are back to normal-and then within
months, the fibroids could regrow (with the obvious exception of a
hysterectomy for which recovery is months). So, all-in-all, you are

probably looking at a 6 month timeframe without guarantee of
What I tend to say to women is that before considering such a
radical, expensive and potentially painful treatment is that they
consider looking at a natural cure for fibroids. There is a complete,
systematic approach which you can try completely risk-free. It is
totally guaranteed to work, but I always give a word of warning.
If you are the type of person who is not prepared to invest some
time and effort into your own treatment, then this will not work.
There is no magic "pill" you can take to eliminate uterine fibroids.
However, if you are prepared to follow the guidelines, this will shrink
your fibroids. The good thing is that although your fibroids might
take a few weeks to begin to shrink significantly, this is still much less
time than the start to finish of surgery. Plus, you will begin to banish
some of the symptoms of your fibroids within days.
To see the exact natural cure I used, visit Stop Fibroids
For further general information, please visit


2. Symptoms of Fibroids As Well As Finding Treatment
for Fibroids
Uterine fibroids are one of the most common tumors of the uterus.
They are usually benign (not cancerous). Although most fibroids do
not produce any symptoms, many other women deal with various
fibroid symptoms that can be very trying in some cases. This article
addresses the symptoms of fibroids as well as finding treatment for
Fibroid Tumors
These tumors are usually found in the muscle found in the wall of the
uterus. These fibroid tumors may develop as a single tumor or as a
cluster of tumors in the uterus. They can also vary from being small
sized to large tumors that do not contain any cancer properties in
most cases. Estrogen production and other hormonal changes
usually determine fibroid growth. This explains why uterine fibroids
usually decrease in size after menopause when estrogen production
is decreased.
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Although the exact cause for uterine fibroids remains unknown,
women that have a family history of these tumors are at risk of
developing fibroids. Another factor is that although fibroid tumors
affect all races of women, black women are affected by these tumors
at greater rates than women of other races. The exact reason for this
occurrence remains unknown.
Other risk factors include never having given birth, being overweight
or obese, if the menstrual cycle started before the age of 10, etc.

Symptoms of Fibroids
1. If you experience pressure on the bladder leading to the increased
need to urinate or frequent urination.
2. You may experience constipation due to the pressure placed on
the rectum by the fibroid tumors.
3. Another of the symptoms of fibroids is experiencing irregularities
in the menstrual cycle including excessive bleeding that may include
4. You may experience pain or pressure in the pelvic region which is
another one of the common symptoms of fibroids.
5. Fibroid tumors may also lead to an increase in your waist
6. Infertility is also another of the symptoms of fibroids that some
women may suffer from.
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Treatment for Fibroids
Since most fibroids do not lead to any significant problems, doctors
may simply use a watch and wait method. This involves the use of an
ultrasound usually on an annual basis to determine whether there
has been any change in size of the fibroid tumors or if there are any
cancer producing cells in the tumors.
Traditional medicine related to the treatment for fibroids also
involves the use of various prescription or over the counter anti
inflammatory medications as well as birth control pills to control
hormonal levels, various drugs to reduce bleeding, fibroid size, etc.

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