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Author: Braddpitt

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1. Health & Fitness - Weight Loss Exercise
2. Fitness Weight Loss Tip: Turning Fat Into Muscle
3. Yoga For Guys - Fitness, Weight Loss and More
4. Fitness Weight Loss Programs - Recover Your Fitness
5. How to Develop the Right Mindset For Fitness &
Weight Loss


1. Health & Fitness - Weight Loss Exercise
In today's world every one wants to stay fit and fine. Being over
weight can often be a problem for a large number of people. It can
be the reason of several types of illness in one's body. That is the
reason many of the people wants to loose a few kilos of their weight.
There are several methods that can help one to lose their excess fat.
One such method of losing weight is performing regular exercises. It
can prove out to be very useful for a person who wishes to attain a
toned figure.
Many different types of exercises are there to be followed by a
person so as to loose some extra fat and lead a healthy life. These
exercises are normally very easy one to be performed. They are like
the ordinary activities that one can perform on their own. It helps in
burning the excess fat in one's body thus making him look even more
fit than ever. There are a huge range of exercises that one can
choose from. It helps a person to maintain fitness of body as well as
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The first type of exercise that can help one attain a leaner look is
strength exercises. These strength trainings do not give one huge
muscles. Rather what it does is, it helps one to increase the basic
metabolic rates of one's body. It also tones one's muscles to some
extent and increases bone mass which helps one to have a leaner
Strength trainings should be accompanied by another kind of
exercise known as aerobics. It can help one to strengthen his lungs
and heart. A strengthened lungs and heart can provide one with

more efficient utilization of oxygen. Thus increasing the fat reduction
as well as maintaining bone mass.
Aerobics is one of the types of exercises which helps in increasing the
breathing and heart rate. It also helps in muscle toning which is one
of the key elements for achieving a slim figure. Some of the very
good forms of aerobics are aerobic dance, bicycling, stepping,
swimming, walking etc. One can chose any of these forms of simple
exercises depending upon one's physical conditions, genetic types,
family history, aim of life etc. it is advised that one should follow at
least two of these methods of exercises related to aerobics.
Some these exercises related to aerobics are normally performed by
each and every person in his day to day life. For example all of us
walk a few kilometers each and every day in normal conditions.
Walking is a very good habit and can make one feel much better both
mentally as well as physically. It is even preferred over jogging or
running by the doctors. Same amount of calories are burnt in walking
as is burnt in case of jogging or running. However it is much more
comfortable for the body to perform.
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Another very good type of exercise related to aerobics is climbing the
stairs regularly. Instead of using a lift, if one tries to climb the stairs
on his own it can help him to loose a few amount of excess calories
that is otherwise accumulated in his body. Using a treadmill or even
one's bicycle can also help one to loose a huge amount of excess fat.
Thus it is seen that performing certain normal regular exercises daily
can actually help one to loose a huge amount of one's weight. One
does not need to move out of one's house in order to perform such
exercises. They can be performed even at one's own house. The only

things that are needed are will power and determination. If one has
that will power of doing something, he will definitely get the rewards
for that.


2. Fitness Weight Loss Tip: Turning Fat Into Muscle
OK, before we get started, let me clear up a myth...YOU CANNOT
Anyone who says you CAN turn fat into muscle is flat out lying to
you! "But Andrew, I hear this is the only way to change your
physique, by turning unwanted fat into sex appealing muscle. Now
you're saying this can't be done? Can you explain this?"
Sure I'll explain. It's really quite simplewhen you think about it. Fat
does not turn into muscle, you know why? Because this function of
the human body is impossible! Here's the deal, and if you think about
it, it totally makes sense. You can BURN fat and you can BUILD
muscle, but you cannot TURN fat into muscle, plain in simple. Now
does it make sense? I'll bet it does!
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So now the question is, how to change the look of your body? How
to you create that sexy beach body that so many people are after?
You would like to get rid of unwanted fat and gain the ever so sex
appealing muscle,right? In other words, you want to change, or
build, your physique.
There are two basic ways to do this:
(a) Cardiovascular exercise that burns stored fat.
(b) Lifting and resistance exercise that builds muscle.
Yes, the two go hand in hand but one does not turn into the other.
To get the best of both worlds, you have to engage in both of these
activities. For example, let's say you have a body that's shaped like a
pear and you don't like it. Right away what pops into your head is the

fact that "Man, I gotta lose weight." And you are 100% right, you do
have to lose weight. BUT, if all you do is lose weight, you'll still look
like a pear, but a skinny pear. Get it?
Now comes the building muscle phase of the process. Oh, I'm not
talking an Arnold type of body, but one that is toned and fit, that's
all. You can find plenty of ways to do this by listening to the Fitness
Pro's when they talk about it. You build muscle by USING muscle.
What a concept, eh? I've written about resistance muscle building
thing in the past, and I'm sure I'll write more about it again soon.


3. Yoga For Guys - Fitness, Weight Loss and More
In the East where yoga originated centuries ago, the practice of Yoga
is dominated by men. It has been this way from the start. In the
west, and particularly in the United States, yoga has gained in
popularity mostly among women over the past few decades. I think
guys have really missed the boat here.
Even physically active men, those who participate regularly in sports,
or maintain serious fitness regimes can benefit from practicing yoga.
Although the stereotypical male yogi is thought to be scrawny and
weak, I can tell you that these guys are anything but. By contrast, I've
seen more than my share of apparently fit gym rats collapse onto the
mat in a pool of sweat, unable to complete their first class.
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For those who are relatively sedentary and wish to improve their
physical conditioning, yoga is a great place to start, especially for we
older guys. It is low impact and you can truly progress at your own
pace. When practiced with emphasis on correct form and breathing,
yoga provides a significantly challenging workout.
As you progress, the almost endless series of poses become more
difficult and body weight resistance combined with the effective
stretching involved combine to improve the body's overall condition.
Yoga can be practiced by beginners using modified poses, basically
"cheats" where you don't move entirely into the pose or use props to
The body and mind develop quite quickly to the point where
modifications are no longer necessary. Steady improvement on the
basic poses lead to more difficult advanced movements. What seems
impossible at first is realized within a few short months.

Many guys find Yoga to be a godsend for addressing chronic lower
back problems and I count myself among them. My previously
frequent lower back outages are a distant memory since beginning
my own yoga practice. If fact, it was the desperation of those back
problems that lead me to investigate yoga in the first place.
Yoga postures gently strengthen back and abdominal muscles like
few other exercise forms can do. These "core" muscles are essential
components of the spinal muscular network, which helps maintain
proper posture and overall body alignment. Greater strength and
flexibility in this area are known to greatly reduce lower back pain.
Yoga also assists by helping to decompress the spine.
Another beneficial aspect lies in yoga's ability to reduce stress and
improve immune functions. Many experts believe it may lower the
chances of heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, arthritis,
arteriosclerosis, chronic fatigue, diabetes, asthma and obesity. It is
even said to fend off aging altogether.
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At the risk of sounding esoteric and metaphysical, there is more to
yoga than the physical movements. Proper breathing into the yoga
posture, while maintaining form helps to open that area of the body.
Exhaling while moving deeper into the pose expels stress and toxins.
While that may sound new-agey, it is actually very old-agey. The
effect is very noticeable once you do it and the outcome is a new
level of body awareness and mental function that is almost
indescribable in words.
Regular yoga practice will provide improvements in flexibility and
muscle joint mobility; increased muscle size, strength and tone,
improved posture, increases stamina and balance. Yoga is also said

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