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What is Carbon
Carbon, the sixth element on the periodic table. It is essential to life, as all life as we know
it is Carbon-based.
Carbon bonds with other elements such as: oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and other
elements. This process produces the molecules that make up the building blocks of life.
As well as producing life, carbon is also used to produce energy. Energy with carbon
comes in forms such as: wood, coal, sugar, and hydrocarbons (methane, natural gas,
Moreover, you are made of carbon. You are also powered by carbon. You ingest carbon,
and expel carbon. You inhale oxygen, and exhale carbon dioxide (consumed by plants,
whom produce oxygen).
Carbon, is both essential for life and a byproduct of life.

Climate Change
It is taught in schools, and plagues the media. It is used in politics as a tool of oppression.
But is it based on fact or fiction. We (humanity) are less than 1% of the world’s nonmarine population, and we have developed ~20% of the landmass for our own benefit.

Now let us take a look at Tokyo, Japan. It is Earth’s largest city. It has a population of
~13.62 million (0.19% of total earth population), with an area of ~2 188km2 and
metropolitan area of ~13 572km2(0.023% of earth’s landmass). The top 100 cities on earth
account for ~500 million people on the earth (as of 2007). That is ~7% of the world’s
population on 0.31% of the earth’s landmass. We barely make a dent. Furthermore, the
planet is not overpopulated. It is true that we have poverty. It is true that we pollute the
environment. But the poverty is not caused by our inability to support the amount of
people currently on the planet (because we can). It is caused by the greed of those who


have the most, and the laziness of those who expect handouts. The pollution has more to
do with industry cutting corners, and intentionally polluting the water.
Global Warming/Global Climate change is a huge industry, where activists and
governments make huge profits over it. It also allows governments to regulate and
legislate the population into oppression.
This industry defies all logic. We are taught that it is true, and told that ‘scientists’ say it
is. But, we the people are never presented with any facts. Furthermore, all predictions
end up never coming true. We are a race, that does not have any meteorological data
prior to ~150 years past. Everything prior to that are estimations up to ~1000 years past.
We do not have enough observed data in order to conclusively say that we have an impact
on the earths overall climate. We are after all just a small percent of this planet, and an
even smaller piece of the universe. Until we can observe our impact on the earth’s
climate, we cannot state it as fact.

The Carbon Tax
Ontario’s Carbon Tax takes effect on January 1st 2017. What this tax includes is:


a. The cap will limit the amount of greenhouse gas pollution that businesses
are permitted to emit; the limit will drop annually.
b. This is supposed to enforce innovation within their industry
a. Businesses can buy/sell their credits.

This has an impact on everyone. Because, when the government taxes businesses the
consumer pays the price.
Price increases:
1) Gasoline: $0.043/L (4.3 cents per Litre);
2) Natural Gas: ~$5.00/month;
3) Everything else as direct/indirect impact of rising energy costs.
The Ontario Government (despite pressure) has not been transparent in all the additional
taxes, and ‘Green Programs’.


Where does this leave us
It is the responsibility of everyone to live responsibly. To live more economically, while
not reducing your quality of life. It is also everyone’s responsibility to be friendly to the
earth that sustains us, while not reducing social and technological evolution.
It is our duty to grow, and advance as a race. Because, it is our technology and innovation
that can save our race. But, it is our technology and innovation that can doom it. We
cannot sacrifice paper to have more trees; but, we can invent the computer to replace it.
We cannot sacrifice food in order to save a cow or chicken; but, we can invent the tofurky.
We cannot sacrifice the automobile in order to stop burning gasoline; but, we can invent
the Tesla Electric Car. We cannot sacrifice the human race in order to save the planet;
but, we can advance our technology to a point where we can have both.
Poverty is worse for the environment, and no amount of taxes or legislation will prevent it.
Jobs, innovation, science, education, and technology will assist in preventing poverty.
Eliminating poverty will save not only mankind but the earth.
Say hello to The Age of Transhumanism.


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