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Incredible India Smiling Soul Retreat 2017
Hosted by Brett Shuttleworth
If Love is the Ultimate Success would you start anew?

Dates for 2017, starting in Delhi at 2pm and ending in Mumbai at 2pm:
I - 1st to 12th March 2017
II - 7th to 18th June 2017
III - 27th September to 8th October 2017
IV - 29th November to 10th December 2017

Below provides the following information on the Smiling Soul Retreat, journeying through the 4
destinations across Incredible India:

Retreat Highlights (to get a taste of what to expect);
What you will walk away with
Overview of Package;
Destination and Itinerary Overview; and
Participant Feedback

1. Retreat Highlights:
From the beauty and party vibe of the beaches of Goa to the tranquillity which pervades the ashrams of
Rishikesh; from watching incredible sunrises on the Himalayas and floating down the divine Ganges on a
white water rafting adventure to seeking out hidden treasures in the backstreets of Mumbai: be ready for a
journey of inspiration and awakening; of fun, laughter and pure love magic. The true gift of this retreat is an
offering of new eyes. Eyes that will see life for the endless opportunity and abundance it offers, and see
yourself as the gift of love and beauty that you are.

4 domestic flights and travel, accommodation, adventure activities and expeditions, most meals,
and full retreat facilitation
Teaching and Q&A of 7 Core Fundamentals to create your soul smiling masterpiece and live the
life you love
Context setting for each portion of your journey
Experiences that will Make Your Soul Smile! 
World Yoga festival at Rishikesh
River rafting and wish ceremony in the Ganges
Beaches, scooters, yoga and meditation, and letting your hair down in Goa in celebration of life
Guided tour through the largest slum in the world, Dharavi
Hike and sunrise from top of Himalayas at holy temple
Q&A with Guru at most renowned Ashram in India
Tools to consistently create a ripple effect of love in your life
Daily check-in sheet, workbook and schedule of your journey’s highlights
Check-in Diary and Masterpiece Creation tools
Hojo Japanese martial arts integration session on the beach
Release of lanterns in the night sky to manifest your dreams
A host of India adventures that will embed your learning and that will stay with you forever!

2. What you will walk away with:

Love relationship with yourself and others
Long term satisfaction through living a balanced life which keeps you inspired, energised and
Fresh approach to starting each day with intentions as your guiding principle
Fun, motivated life’s masterpiece with a clear road-map of how to get there
Clarity, peace and focus to bring dreams to fruition through your own commitment powered by
your word
Gratitude for each moment of being alive with ability to step 20% out of your comfort zone
The firsthand realization and encounter with the gift you yourself are and which is seeking to be
known – the energy of Love the Ultimate Success!

3. Overview of Package
11 Nights & 12 Days package includes:
Full Retreat participation and facilitation by Brett Shuttleworth - your host and guide for the duration of the
Accommodation on a shared basis (supplement charge for single room);
Meals: Breakfast throughout the trip, Delhi Karim’s Dinner, all meals at International Festival in Rishikesh,
all meals at Ganges Campsite, arrival dinner in Goa, Entry pass for Goa nightclub with drinks (as of this
date), Celebration Dinner in Goa, Dinner at Bademiya eatery in Mumbai and Retreat End Celebration lunch
in Mumbai at Cafe Mondegar. All additional beverages at participant cost;
All Domestic Flights within India, transfers and Retreat Outings which are part of the package:

4 domestic flights within India (Delhi - Dehradun, Dehradun - Delhi, Delhi - Goa, Goa - Mumbai)
All local drop-offs and transfers from and to airport
Himalayas Sunrise sight-seeing tour transfer and back
Transfers to Camspite on Ganges
Assistance with flight and hotel check-in
Optional add-on tours - assistance in connecting you with our local travel agents who will assist
with all local bookings that you may add to undertake before or after the Retreat;

Airport transfers at start and end of Retreat;
2 Full-day passes to the International Yoga Festival at Parmarth Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh;
Satsang with Sri Moojiji in Rishikesh;
An outing at a premier Goa nightclub - one of the world’s top destinations; and
Mumbai Shantaram Slum Tour
Optional Add-on Extras
2 extra nights package before start of the Retreat and a one day visit to the Taj Mahal in Agra by highspeed train (1.5 hours each way);
Spice Village sight-seeing tour in Goa;

Full day Goa sight-seeing tour;
Water-sports Day with 3 activities included;
Hiring of bikes and scooters in Goa (please bring your licence);
All meals, snacks and beverages not expressly included in package; and
2 extra nights package after Retreat ends in Mumbai, with a fun day tour of the city and Elephanta Caves
(other packages available which you can discuss with our travel agent)

All international travel, visa and visa requirements, plus costs of insurance are at Participant’s sole
expense. We reserve the right to change any aspect of the Retreat at any time.
Early bird special (till 31th December 2017 for March 2017 dates): R 29 950 (South African Rands).
Special guaranteed on 50% deposit payment.
Normal Price: R 34 950
All participation is confirmed upon receipt of 50% of the Retreat Investment.
This is non-refundable. You are welcome to find a substitute participant who will be charged extra costs for
any air tickets etc already issued.
When doing international transfers Participant is responsible for bearing all transfer costs as well as
currency fluctuations.
Full balance must be received by Friday 3rd February 2017. This permits us to secure all bookings and
make sure you have the best experience.
Any aspect of the Retreat facilitation, structure or itinerary can change. We invite you to let go into the
wisdom of the universe and the magic that will unfold once you commit to jumping onboard!

4. Destination and Itinerary Overview
Day 1 - Delhi
Amidst the hustle and bustle of Delhi you will land into a city that is vibrant and spacious at the same time.
The capital of India, Delhi offers you the opportunity to visit the beautiful structure and celebration of Love
that is the Taj Mahal, or jump straight in and feel the pulse amidst auto-rickshaws, street vendors selling
hand-made artefacts from across India, and the myriad of colonies – each with their own unique
characteristic - that make up Delhi.
Delhi Highlights

Retreat context setting and introduction to the Smiling Soul Enquiries by Brett
Visit old Delhi and Jama Masjid on a walking guided tour
Indulge in a delicious meal at one of India’s oldest eateries within the historic Walled City
Day-trip to visit the Taj Mahal (optional)
Optional evening dance function at the hotel

Day 2 to 7 - Rishikesh (including Ganges and Himalayas)
Set at the foothills of the Himalayas the serene settings of this auspicious town brings together participants
from 60 countries from across the world to unite in their hearts and open up to new teachings of Yoga,
presented by some of the world’s most knowledgeable Yoga Acharyas. Their wisdom and dedication to
serving others makes this a truly enriching experience.
Rishikesh Highlights

Smiling Soul Enquiries by Brett: Intention, Masterpiece, Integrity, Gratitude

Held at Parmarth Niketan Ashram each year, our package includes 2 x full day passes to the
International Yoga Festival with all meals and entertainment included, a host of sessions to choose
from and the opportunity to mingle with beautiful participants attending form across the globe who
will attend this festival!!
A special highlight for us will be attending Live Satsang (Q&A) session with Sri Moojiji - a
celebrated teacher of consciousness who’s presence will enlighten you and whom you can interact
with as part of your own journey
Watching the Sunrise on the Himalayas
All-inclusive 1 night and day Camping and Whitewater rafting adventure on the Ganges, with our
own chefs, dinner by the bonfire under the stars and a professional local team to facilitate this
adventure for us

Day 7 to 11 - Goa
Set on one of the most breathtaking and pristine portions along the coast of the Arabian Sea, Goa is idyllic
and the perfect antidote to all activity. It is the place to let go letting balance find you! Relax on the beach,
sip a fresh coconut, take a walk through a nearby village, hire a scooter to explore the lush terrain among
rice paddy fields, take in the party vibe at a bar along the coast - or simply read a book and chill! This is the
perfect masterpiece to step into for creation of your masterpiece and will undoubtedly makes your soul
smile forever!
Goa Highlights

Smiling Soul Enquiries by Brett: Balance, Humour and Love
Let go on Goa’s free spirited Anjuna Goa beach, chill at a cafe overlooking the Arabian Sea, bathe
in the warm waters, watch the glorious sun disappear on the horizon, indulge in the after hour
party vibe with a drink or cocktail of your choice
Take it up a notch on our outing to a unique Goa nightclub, unlimited drinks served, with Asia’s
best DJs playing the latest tunes into the early hours of the morning and watch the sunrise!
Trip to visit a Spice Village, purchase the treasures that enrich any palate and make a king or
queen of anyone partaking (optional)
Water-sports day filled with fun and magic on jet skis, para-sail and other seasonal offerings
Beach Hojo and Integration of Masterpiece with Brett
An evening of Yoga and meditation
A night-time celebration releasing manifestation lanterns in the sky and sumptuous sea-food and
local fare

Day 11 to 12 - Mumbai
As you step into the City of Dreams, home to Shantaram and a myriad of industries including India’s largest
film-making hub known as Bollywood you will feel the electric aliveness even as you land! There is no
substitute for life but living it and this is one city where life never stops experiencing itself! Our base is
Colaba known for it’s proximity to the Gateway of India and the gateway also to a unique blend of sights
and sounds which only a city of Mumbai ca deliver. Leopold’s Cafe, The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and a
horse carriage ride all add to the uniqueness of this experience and our last stop on the Smiling Soul
Retreat, with Love being the message this city has to offer every heart that is open to this seeing.
Mumbai Highlights

Evening walk through Colaba’s busy street lined markets for last minute trinket and souvenir
shopping at indulgently low prices!
Dinner at the best street-side restaurant, savouring a uniquely succulent and divine-flavoured
combination of skewered kebabs, naan bread, thin roti, the Mumbai version of Biryani and curry all
prepared over open fires, charcoal-grilled to perfection!
Walking Shantaram Slum Tour to Asia’s largest slum which houses over 1 million people, migrant
from different parts of India of varied ethnic backgrounds, religions and cultures, and who
harmoniously co-exist within the narrow confined and sanctified slum. It is a major support to large

industry and a hub of artistry, embroidery, leather production, fashion, artistic and casual labour
and talent
Retreat End Celebration Lunch at Cafe Mondegar in Colaba

5. Participant Feedback
The below contains some of the feedback from participants that attended the October 2016 Retreat:
I came back to Zim chaos - not the traffic kind but the governance kind - and almost immediately knew
what had to be done to change my life. It was all so clear! The jump I did off the high rock into the Ganges
with the amazing support of the little Indian guy edging me on has led to greater things - now that I trust the
universe to give me everything I need. I now too flow with the sacred Ganges and am loving every minute.
Calm with a touch of variety along the way! – Leonora
As I look back on the last two weeks, and the euphoria has subsided into a sense of calm forward
momentum, I continue to apply the principles learnt whilst in India to my daily life, sharing what touched
me, letting love lead me forward, adjusting my daily routine in little ways to improve myself constantly,
whilst also living each day as fully as possible, and celebrating every success and using every failure to
spur me forward, I would like to thank you all for the journey shared. – Drew
My 'masterpiece' message came through so clearly during the meditation on the beach in Goa, and
culminated when letting our lanterns glide up into the night sky and drop into the beautiful sea - the
message is: I am the Ganges, I flow gently with soft sand banks and rounded pebbles around me
and supporting me; I am strong and turbulent when I need to be when the sharp jagged rocks restrict my
flow, I continue to flow gently where there is love and mutual respect; I go deeper when necessary when
some will pollute my flow and eventually I flow into the big beautiful ocean - no matter what, I will endure
and become stronger! Thank you all for the amazing journey – Lyn
Thank you Smiling Souls - a journey filled with laughter, acceptance, adventure and so much love. How
amazing to have met so many aspects of Heaven – Zita
"if you aren't happy in a one bed-roomed apartment, you won't be happy in a two bed-roomed apartment".
Throughout the trip, I witnessed the gratitude of the people we saw in each place - their contentment,
despite how little they had. This was perhaps my greatest insight and take-away lesson of the trip. – Matt
I experienced a few big realisations that day at the campsite… I had a vision of how my life could be, how I
could be…. I saw that balance couldn't be 'practiced'... it had to be allowed. The nature of the universe is
perfect balance. Its tendency is to evolve and revert always to a place where nothing more is needed or
required to be complete. Then why did it need to be forced within ourselves? All I had to be was authentic,
listen to my heart and learn from experience - know that if my every action and word were conscious, from
a place of love and for the benefit of the whole - balance would naturally prevail. – Lynette

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