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the science of yin yoga

60hr Teacher Training

with Monica Angelatos



May 13-14
May 27-28
June 10-11


yoga public

$300 Deposit
Before March 1st

280 Fort St.



Winnipeg, MB

Learn to teach Yin Yoga
With the increasing demands of our fast paced lives, stress is a
major factor on our health. Stress manifests in the body and
mind in various ways, leading to fatigue, ailment, and even
disease. The practice of Yin Yoga is becoming more and more
recognized by health and wellness experts for maintaining good
health and restoring a sense of well-being.
Yin Yoga is a therapeutic practice that has transformative effects
on that body and mind. The gentle but consistent stimulation of
the connective tissue encourages long-term health and flexibility
of the joints, recharges the energetic
system of the body, and naturally draws
the mind inward into a relaxed,
meditative state. It also prepares the
body and mind for longer meditation
This training is designed for teachers and dedicated practitioners
with at least two years of experience. Prior experience in Yin
Yoga is not required; however, you need a keen interest in the
subjects of Anatomy, Qi Theory, Philosophy, and Meditation.
Aspiring Yin teachers will gain the skills and knowledge to
confidently teach sequenced classes with special focus on
target areas such as hips, hamstrings, and quads.

Key concepts to be

14 joint segment analysis

Tension and compression

Skeletal variation

4 myofascial compartments of
the thigh

6 myofascial compartments of
the torso

3 layers of a joint

Muscle contraction

Fascial contracture

Theory of exercise

6 focused sequences targeting
specific areas

Sequencing, transitioning and
counter poses

Assisted Yin Yoga

Variations of poses

Props and adjustments

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Level 1:


Program Outline
THE THEORY: Yin and Yang. the dynamic duo.
• By understanding the profound relationship
between yin and yang, we gain deeper
insight into how to live, work, practice,
and heal with greater skill and harmony.
• Yin Yoga: Who, what, where and why?
THE PRACTICE: Posture lab:Teaching
• Yin yoga postures demonstrated, observed,
& discussed.
• How to sequence a class skillfully.
• Includes practice and teaching time.
Receive and give supportive feedback in
teaching style. What makes a good teacher
and how to bring ‘you’ into your teaching
while holding space for your students.
• How to adapt the practice for different
bodies, experience levels, themes, and
THE BODY: Anatomy & Physiology:
Understanding the systems.
• Yin & Yang aspects of the body (tissues,
organs, systems, and energy)
• Understanding connective tissue: fascia,
bones, joints and ligaments and how they
influence our practice, movement, and
over all health.

THE MIND: Mindfulness Meditation: Quieting the
• Understanding why and how to meditate.
Most recent research and practical
• The 4 noble truths. Central ideas of
• Yin yoga preparing us to sit still. Mythology
and meaning: Stories for yogis.
• Understanding the stories behind our yoga
postures help inform us how to more
deeply embody our practice while
stretching our imagination.
THE SPARK: Chinese Medicine & yoga
• Learn how the body is really one
integrated system connected by the
• Meridian mapping: Discovering the
trajectory of the 6 meridians that travel
through the hips, low back and legs.
• The fantastic 5: Explore the 5 yin organs
and their functions, the 5 emotions, the 5
body types and the 5 elements. So fun and
• Non-contact hours, theoretical and
practical assignments are given to broaden
your understanding, appreciation and love
of the material.


Sample Day
Saturday/Sundays 8am-4pm

• Meditation
• Yin Practice
• Lecture
• Teaching practice
40 contact hours
20 distance hours
Course manual, assignments and quizzes will
be provided.

Monica Angelatos
Monica’s passion for yoga led her to India to further her studies in yoga and yogic philosophy. The precept of
“right-livelihood” inspired her to devote and dedicate herself to a life of service. Following her calling, she
stepped off an academic track where she was studying ancient cultures and religious traditions. Now,
Monica prefers to remain a student of life, in pursuit of ancient wisdom, knowledge, health and wellness.
Monica co-founded a unique yoga studio in Toronto, which took a therapeutic approach to yoga—by
incorporating Osteopathy in its programming. This led to a deeper understanding of how yoga can be used
as a means to heal the human body, mind and soul. She immersed herself in Toronto’s vast yogic community,
attending workshops, seminars and trainings held by some of yoga’s most renowned teachers, i.e. Rodney
and Colleen Yee, Sean Corn, Tod Norian, Ann Green and Judith Lasater to name just a few. Monica trained
under Thai Master Suvijek Janthovong, AKA Ajan Lit, from one of Thailand’s esteemed Medical Societies.
As a Practitioner of Thai Massage, Monica developed her own brand of yoga called Thai Yin Yogassage. She
incorporates Thai massage techniques in her classes, a practice which assists students in attaining deep
stretches and muscular releases, promoting relaxation and an overall sense of well-being. As a yoga
therapist, Monica is passionate about Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Bio Energetic Healing, Reiki
and Pranayama breathing. Monica has over 5000 teaching hours and 2000 hours in Yin Yoga. She continues to
study exhaustively the works of Paul Grilly, Dr. Motoyama, Bernie Clark, and Tom Myers, who are all leading
experts in this field. It is her strong belief that yoga is an essential practice for everyone given our fastedpaced society. “We all need to slow down and catch our breath. After all Prana is the force of life and if we
deprive ourselves of breath we deprive ourselves of life”. —Monica
You can catch Monica teaching at Yoga Public and at the Reh-Fit Center.



Yin Yoga Teacher Training Level 1: Foundations

Thank you for your interest in Yin Yoga Teacher
Training program with Monica Angelatos.
Please complete the following application form,
and submit your non-refundable $300 deposit.
Once your application has been reviewed you
will be notified of your acceptance status.
Please return these forms (PAGES 4-7 ONLY)
as soon as possible to guarantee your place in the
program, as enrolment is limited to both a
minimum and maximum. NOTE: in the case
that your application denied your deposit will be returned.
Scan and email completed application (pages 4-7)to:


Yin Yoga Teacher Training
60 Hour Certification Program

I am applying for the Yin Yoga 60 hour program beginning: ___________________________
NAME: _____________________________________________ AGE: __________________
MAILING ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________
City, Province, Postal Code

)___________WORK PH: (
E-MAIL ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________
OCCUPATION: ______________________________________________________________
PREREQUISITE INFORMATION (If an answer is no, please explain)
Do you have a high school diploma or equivalent? YES____ NO____
Do you have any post secondary education? YES____ NO____
If YES, what is the name of your educational institution, and did you receive a diploma?
Regular Yoga Practice for at least 1 year? YES___NO___
Number of years practicing Yoga ___
How frequent is your current practice? Daily__, 6x/wk__, 4-5x/wk___, 2-3x/wk___
What length of time do you regularly practice? ½Hr__, 1Hr__, 1.5Hrs__, 2 Hrs(+) __
Regular Classes for at least 6 months? YES ____ NO_____
Teacher’s Name: _______________________ Yoga Style/Tradition: ____________________
Do you have a regular meditation practice? YES____ NO_____
If yes, what type/tradition of meditation do you practice? ______________________________



Under medical treatment or supervision for: _______________________________________
Pregnant: _____ Due date: ________ Comments: __________________________________


Are you currently teaching yoga? If yes, how many classes per week: ___________________
What tradition/style? ___________________ Duration of each class? ____________________

Chronic Physical Limitations/ Physical Disabilities (e.g., vision, hearing, movement, etc.)
Nature & Extent of Limitation
Serious illness or major surgeries within the last 5 years (e.g., heart problems, cancer,
etc.) Conditions and Dates: _____________________________________________________
Communicable Diseases: ________________________________________________________
Drug or Alcohol Addictions: _____________________________________________________
Prescription Medications (indicate dosage and frequency of intake): ______________________
Presence of pins, plates, rods or internal wires:_______________________________________
EMERGENCY CONTACTS: In case of emergency please contact:
Name: ___________________________ Phone: _____________________________________
Physician: ________________________ Phone: _____________________________________
How did you find out about the Yin Yoga Teacher Training program with Monica?
Please attach a brief letter detailing why you wish to be a Yin Yoga Teacher, how Yoga has
Impacted your life, and what you hope to receive from a program such as the Science of Yin
Yoga Teacher Training 60hour program. Please limit your letter to one page at the most if
possible. This letter must accompany your deposit and application form for your application to
be complete.


This course is intended to result in your certification, which qualified you to teach Yin
Yoga. Your name will be listed on Monica’s Website upon completion.

Certified Yoga Teachers from the program must possess the skills and abilities necessary to
safely and competently teach both Yin Yoga.

The right is reserved to withhold certification from any student who fails to develop the
skills necessary to teach Yin Yoga competently and safely as outlined in the teaching

Every attempt will be made to provide input throughout the program about teaching
deficits that might impede certification. You will receive 40 contact hours with your
program instructor with evaluation on your performance, quizzes and assignments. Your
instructor will be available for you to share your questions and concerns about becoming a
Yin Yoga teacher.


1. Practice Teaching:
Full participation in all practice-teaching sessions is mandatory for certification. During these
sessions you must demonstrate an ability to teach Yin Yoga safely and competently, using the
methodology presented in the training. Certification is contingent upon these criteria, as
determined by the subjective evaluation of the Program Instructors. During your at home
teaching practicum, you are required to teach eight classes of 1.5 hours in duration each. You
are to provide documentation of your class outline, journal notes following each teaching
session, and evaluation forms completed by your “students” at the end of your practicum.
These will be due at your following module, and evaluation forms will be provided through the
program. There are absolutely no exceptions to this requirement.
2. Attendance:
We encourage 100% attendance at all sessions. If a session is to be missed, the student should
inform the instructors in advance where possible. Reasons for missing must be reasonable and
could include medical concerns, family emergencies, and irresolvable work conflicts. The
student teacher will be required to make up the time lost at another yoga program at the student
teacher’s own expense.
3. Tests:
Throughout this course, students will occasionally be required to take practical and written
tests or quizzes on the material. Students who receive less then 70% on any given test will be
required to re-take the test at the discretion of the instructors. Assignments will be issued at
the end of each module and will be expected by the first day of the following module. Each
practice teaching session will be evaluated and is considered a part of the testing modality.
4. Professional Behaviour and Ethical Conduct:
Student in the program are required to behave in an ethical manner to help create safety and
respect while maintaining a professional atmosphere. This includes an appropriate wardrobe,


5. Continuing Education:
Being a Yoga teacher is a lifelong journey, and it is recommended that students maintain at
least 25 hours of continued Yoga study/training every two years in order to continue to expand
their knowledge and skill as an instructor. This information is to be recorded and tracked by
the individual Yoga teacher on the “honor system” and they should be verifiable
documentation at any time as proof of meeting this requirement. We also strongly suggest
obtaining and maintaining valid CPR and First Aid training.
A non-refundable deposit of $300.00 is required at the time the application is submitted.
Should you be unable to participate in the full program, your refund will be pro-rated based on
which modules you have participated in to date. This will be on a case-by-case basis. If
accepted to the program and unable to participate, full tuition will be refunded, minus the
deposit. Notice must be received no later than 30 days prior to the program beginning.
I have read and understand all the above criteria for certification as a Yin Yoga Teacher from
the 2016 Yin Yoga Teacher Training 60 hour program.
I agree to meet all ethical and
continuing education requirements outlined in this document. I agree to inform the instructor
should my health status change, and I take full responsibility for my own physical health
during my time in the program and its practices.
NAME (please print):


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