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Sale or Selling: means the steering or the attempt to steer a Medicare beneficiary towards a
Medicare Product or a limited number of Medicare Products.


Authorization. Each Agent that has executed a Participating Agent Addendum attached hereto,
has complied with the Producer Manual requirements for “Ready to Sell” status and has
completed the training and testing process set forth in Section 3, is authorized to present
Medicare Products to Medicare eligible individuals in accordance with the terms and conditions
of this Agreement in the state(s) that Agent is appropriately licensed and appointed, and
Coventry has approval to Sell a Medicare Product.


Limitation on Authorization. Agent shall not have the authority to: (i) make or discharge
contracts for Coventry; (ii) reject or accept any Medicare beneficiary solicited by Agent; (iii)
quote extra rates for special risks; (iv) make endorsements; (v) incur any liability on behalf of
Coventry; (vi) waive, alter or amend the performance, provisions, terms or conditions of any
contract for Coventry; (vii) accept or collect Premiums (including Premiums at the time of
enrollment); or (viii) bind Coventry in any way. Agent is not authorized to make any payment to
any party in connection with this Agreement or Medicare Products unless such payment is first
authorized by Coventry.


Referral. No individual Agent may Refer Medicare Products if such Agent Sells any Medicare
Products. No individual Agent may Sell a Medicare Product if such Agent is Referring any
Medicare Products.


Obligations of Agent Generally; With Respect to Sales; With Respect to Referrals.


The following provisions apply to all Agent and all Downline Agents, if applicable:

Agent shall, and shall use best efforts to cause its LOAs and Independently
Contracted Agents to, adhere to all of Coventry’s written policies, rules,
regulations, field communications and the Producer Manual in regard to Medicare


To participate in a Retail Sales Program, an individual Agent, including any
Downline Agent, if applicable, must complete the Retail Certification Module.


For each LOA and Independently Contracted Agent, Agent shall be responsible
for confirming that the such LOA and Independently Contracted Agent is licensed
in each state that the LOA and Independently Contracted Agent will be operating.
Agent must notify Coventry if any LOA’s and Independently Contracted Agent’s
license is suspended or revoked.


Agent shall be responsible for ensuring that all individuals recruited to Sell or
Refer Medicare Products perform their services in a manner that is compliant with
the requirements of this Agreement.

Obligations of Agent with respect to Sales.

Coventry Master Agent Contract (2014)