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Author: Braddpitt

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1. 7 Free Fat Loss Tips That Work
2. Fat Loss Vs Weight Loss
3. The Top Secret Fat Loss Secret - Magic or Straight
4. Fat Loss Diets - 3 Tips For Losing Weight
5. Fat Loss? I Think You Mean Weight Loss


1. 7 Free Fat Loss Tips That Work
If you are looking for some free fat loss tips then this article is a must
read for you. Not only do you receive this information for free by me
but on the other hand these tips won't cost you a penny unlike
expensive fat loss pills and conventional diets that don't work. If you
are looking for fat loss tips you are probably overwhelmed with
information and on the other hand a lot if not all of the information
is ridiculous bullshit. These free fat loss tips are not like magic pills or
wonderful diets they work but it take some time to see results. When
you take pills you see temporary results but ironically enough within
no time you gain all your fat back and even more. With my free fat
loss tips you lose fat permanent.
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1) Avoid saturated fats
Most people don't realize that not all fat is bad. But however you
have to the saturated fats (bad fats) as much as possible. If you don't
want to have a high level of cholesterol in your blood then avoid the
foods that contain saturated fats. Examples of foods that contain bad
fats are butter, cheese and chocolate.
2) Watch out for refined sugars
I hope you don't make the mistake that you don't read food labels.
Perhaps you have found information by a weight loss author (I write
about fat loss a great difference) who says that you have to eat fatfree foods. The change is that these fat-free foods are almost one
hundred percent refined sugar. Refined sugar is even worse then fat,
they are the greatest factor for your obesity and bad health.

3) Read food labels
If you want to lose fat fast you will have to implement some habits in
your life for maximum success. One habit you should adopt right
away is reading food labels. Maybe you check already the nutrition
facts but you have to check the ingredient list as well.
4) Do weight lifting
Do you have followed a low-carbohydrate diet before with bad
results? The problem with low-carb and other diets is that it may
cause muscle loss. The more muscles you have the more fat you will
burn. Of course it is not necessary that you become a bodybuilder.
But on the other no effective fat loss programme without weight
training. During the workout you are burning sugars but the real
power is after the workout. With weight training you body burns fat
after the workout
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5) Water is essential
You know already that you have to drink water in order to survive. If
you want to lose fat you need water as well and here is why. When
you don't drink enough water you are dehydrating yourself. The
reaction of your body is to hold on to whatever water it needs to
survive. The liver will try to help out with the overload. The problem
is at this time it can't do his own job properly, one of the important
jobs of the liver is burning stored body fat for energy.
6) Do not drink
It is impossible to drive if you drink and on the other hand it is almost
impossible to lose fat if you consume alcohol. Alcohol is the second
most calorie dense nutrient behind food Alcohol is a toxin as well

and it must be detoxified by the body. Just do the test if you go to a
bar you won't see many bodybuilder or fitness champions hanging
out there after midnight and if you find one I'm sure that he/she
doesn't drink alcohol.
7) Choose natural foods
The last free fat burning tip I would like to give you is choose foods
that you find in the nature. Always choose fresh foods over canned
or frozen foods.
Following these free fat loss tips will take some action from your side
but believe me
it is worth the effort. Needless to say that it improves your general
health as well.


2. Fat Loss Vs Weight Loss
See if you agree with the following statement. Fat loss and weight
loss are essentially the same thing, interchangeable. If, like many
people, you said yes, you guessed wrong. Fat loss and weight loss are
not the same thing at all. In fact, they are not even close.
If you browse the diet book section of your local bookstore, or surf
the Web, you will see that most books and diet programs contain the
words weight loss in their title or subtitle. Most diet programs are
about weight loss, which is the incorrect approach to this whole
area. As a trainer and author specializing in healthy fat loss and
fitness, I recommend you only concern yourself with taking off
excess fat.
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Here is why. Weight is good, not bad; you do not want to lose
weight, and most importantly for your health, you do not want to
lose muscle. Our weight is made up of tissue, muscle, bone, blood,
fat, water, and the rest of our physical body. Muscle, like every other
component of our physical make-up, is most important. And fat is
also a necessary, vital part of our physical make-up.
It is excess body fat that is the big problem. Having excess body fat,
being fat, increases your risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes,
hypertension and many other serious diseases. And perhaps most
serious of all, if you can get more serious than a heart attack or a
stroke, is that excess body fat is being linked to many more types of
cancers than previously known.

Excess fat is bad news and that is what I urge you to focus on, fat
loss. The following is so important it bears repeating: you do not
want to lose weight. That is just a convenient way of avoiding the
word fat. Fat has ugliness attached to it. No one likes to be called fat
or think of themselves as fat, so we say overweight, portly, rotund,
chubby and use other phrases like take off pounds, lose weight, or
take off inches.
We can play word games, deny it and dance all around the fact that
we are fat and we have to lose fat. But it is more effective and
realistic to just face up to the job at hand, which is to lose excess fat.
And in fact, once they take 100 percent responsibility for doing just
that, many people become highly motivated and do the job more
quickly and easily.
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In my many years working in fat loss and fitness, I have learned what
I believe is the best way to take off excess fat fast, healthfully and
permanently. And that is through adopting a balanced, plant-based
diet of whole, fresh, natural foods, and doing daily exercise.
The type of program I recommend is simple and ferociously effective.
It does not include diet foods made with reduced fat. No low carb,
no carb nonsense. No fat blaster pills. No processed, packaged foods
delivered to your door. No meal replacement shakes or herbal
remedies that melt fat away. I strongly urge my clients and readers
to stay away from all these bogus and often dangerous weight loss
approaches. Unfortunately, they are unending and many people are
eager to buy into magic bullets or shortcut ways for losing fat.
It is legitimate to ask why is a balanced, plant-based diet of whole,
natural foods so effective at losing fat. The answer is simple and

irrefutable: there is no more effective way to lose fat permanently
than to cut out all the fat that comes with eating animals and animal
food products like dairy and eggs. And permanently eliminating all
refined, processed and fast foods from your diet. These are loaded
with sugar, salt and added fats, including hydrogenated fats/oil, one
of the worst substances you can put in your body. Put even more
simply, we are what we eat.
That is the difference between fat loss and weight loss, and the
difference between the approach I recommend and all the books and
programs touting weight loss.
If you are interested in permanently, healthfully losing all the excess
fat you want to lose, I urge you to adopt a balanced, plant-based diet
of whole, fresh, natural foods, without meat, poultry, fish, dairy
products or eggs.
When you do this, along with getting daily exercise, you will really
start to see the excess fat on your body melt away. Healthfully and


3. The Top Secret Fat Loss Secret - Magic or Straight
The Top Secret Fat Loss Secret has taken the internet by a major
storm in the past few months, and surprisingly, this product was not
even written by a professional fitness trainer. Unlike other popular
fat loss products on the internet, this 49 page top secret fat loss
secret book is written by Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst whose field is
research on colon and the digestive system.
You are probably wondering how the colon and the digestive system
relate to losing fat? Well, that's what this review is going to talk
about so sit back and read this review from top to bottom.
In the Top Secret Fat Loss Secret book, Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst has
taken a new approach to losing body fat. Have you ever wondered
that no matter how hard you workout, how perfect you eat, and how
much you beat yourself and you still can't lose that fat?
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Have you ever considered it might not be your fault at all? The truth
according to The Top Secret Fat Loss Secret is that there are living,
breathing parasites inside your body that have taken your body
under their control. They are to be blamed for you ending up with so
much fat that you just can't seem to get rid of.
According to the Top Secret Fat Loss Secret book, your body is filled
up with excessive dump stored that has over flown through your
colon. This excessive dump has allowed the parasites to rule and
grow in your body for so long, that your personal health is at risk.
This is where The Top Secret Fat Loss Secret comes in. Dr Suzanne
Gudakunst shows a simple step by step plan to get rid of this

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