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in this edition
• Work Safe – Work Smart
• Aqaba Container Terminal nominated for three awards in Dubai
• Ayla Red Sea Marathon
• Greeting from I.C committee
• Aqaba container terminal Support the construction of the New King Hussain Cancer Center
• Birthdays of Dec
• Productivities of Dec


Work SAFE - Work SMART
Since I joined ACT I started to think of how to make ACT a safer working
place, I started by asking about the statistics analyzed to measure how
SMART are our work practices that reflect a “work safe” mindset! and then
became aware that When accidents are analyzed, we go beyond the
reported statistics to investigate reasons and learn from the circumstances
to the extent of engaging our employees in every step of the process; the
result is our employees knows that a “work safe” practice is the only way to
work in our terminal. ACT “Work Safe Work Smart” platform acts like a
dialogue between employees in one hand and the management on the
other with an overarching objective to explore occupational health and
safety issues in an effort to reduce injury rates. We encourage ( by reinforcement methodology) employees to use their personal experience of workrelated injury to identify workplace hazards, brainstorm ways to protect
themselves and colleagues from hazards, and discuss barriers to making
safe choices at work. Through awareness sessions, employees learn that
safety is the 1st concern for the management; your life matters most to us. The ultimate goal of this striving is to reduce
work-related injury and illness by intervening to develop a safe and healthy approach to our current and future work

Work Safe Work Smart program goals are to:
• Raise employee awareness of port workplace hazards
that cause injuries or illness.
• Equip employees with prevention strategies that will
protect them from injuries or illness in a variety of
workplace settings.
• Encourage employees to be active participants in
creating safe and healthy work environments.
As management, we believe in collective efforts in the
area of health and safety to take us beyond just having set
of rules; a ‘safety-first’ mindset for all our employees is
taking hold and is becoming a way of life in ACT; we are
getting there!
The question that comes to my mind now: why can’t this
mindset, this steadfast resolve to reduce lost-time injuries,
become a part of ACT’s workplace culture? Granted,
many employees in ACT have made huge strides in their
reduction of lost-time injuries, and they need to be
congratulated for those efforts, but are we doing enough?
The answer is no as there will never be enough work for
safety: safety is realized by the preservation of life with
healthy bodies, experienced by responsible behavior and
consolidated by a caring mind.


Are some of the accidents preventable? Or they are just
what we are willing/complacent to tolerate?
Management and employees need a renewal of effort.
Better training – better supervision – better reporting –
better investigations – and better solutions to preventing
and deterring workplace injuries. Everyone needs to
double-down on their effort; there is a need to cause a
cultural shift by taking an aggressive approach to preventive measures in the workplace, the challenges can be
met. ACT still has some way to go, but they have shown us
that it can be done, and we need to mirror those efforts if
we are to see serious reductions in the number of sick
leave applications.
The end-goal is to have every employee return home
healthy and safe at the end of each and every workday.
Anything less is totally unacceptable.

Aqaba Container Terminal nominated for three awards in Dubai
Aqaba container terminal announced its nominations
to the finalist for three categories of the Lloyd’s list
Middle East and Indian subcontinent awards 2016,
“Port Operator award”, “Safety Award” and “Environment award”.
The prestigious Lloyd’s List Middle East and Indian
Subcontinent Awards Ceremony held on December
7th and were attended by leading figures and operators of the maritime sector: global shipping lines,
leading port and terminal operators, tankers,
shipyards, ship building maritime insurance and law
firms, classification societies etc…
The independent panel of international experts of the
maritime industry highly commended ACT for its
efforts in developing state-of-the-art operations,
contributing actively to the preservation of the environment and taking a clear lead in the region in terms of
Safety and Security, and unconditional support to the
export industry since the Syrian border closed.

Commenting on the occasion, ACT CEO Jeppe
Jensen said that the company accomplished many
achievements during the last year such as getting ISO
14001:2015 certification for our Environment Management System and the exemplary safety records they
are enjoying with zero fatalities, while during 2015 the
company get national “Workplace Excellence in
Occupational health and Safety” Award received
from Jordan Social Security Corporation in 2015 and
the 2015 Global Safety Award received from APMT.
All of this done by our employees and their
cooperation’s and loyalty to reach such steps in the
company life .


Ayla Red Sea Half Marathon
For its fourth year in raw, Aqaba Container Terminal signed an agreement as
a silver sponsor for Ayla Red Sea Half Marathon.
The Ayla Red Sea Half Marathon, which held this year on December 9th,
aims to support wide variety of charitable and humanitarian causes in
Jordan by allowing runners to compete on behalf of the non-profit organization of their choice.
By providing support to this charity activity, ACT is further presents its commitment to the local community and help to
elevate the Kingdom’s athletic scene and health awareness.

Name of employees participating on behalf of ACT
Fadi Al Dababkeh
Sobhi Al Dwaik
Mahmoud Sanad
Mohammad Qatanani
Rami al Khabariti
Omar Al Hamouri
Feras Al Btoush
Nawras Rashid
Selena Al Qohafi
Rola Al Bawaleez
Ahmad Al Gharabli
Amjad Al Khob
Bassam Al Amayreh
Tareq Al Noaimat
Mohammad Al Dalaeen
Raed Al Obaisat
Mohammad Al Bordaini
Sameer Abed
Abdulhameed Al Shorbasi
Amer Al Njedeen
Mohammad Darwish
Abdulwahab Al Shiab
Naeem Dardasawi


Dear Collogues
A year passed with many challenges and accom-

our assist to continue improving our work and deliver our

plishment, filled with many articles related to the


company and headlines that we shared with all of

Will always looking forward to make our internal newsletter the

you on spot to keep you well informed, many
publications that tailored to help each one of you
to reach more self-improvement where

eye for all, be informed with all news and topics, and to make
sure that the internal communication members are always
ready to listen and get your feedback.


aims to increase your safety culture and aware-

Thank you all and wish you a new year full of achievements.

ness. We also spot lights on many employees

I.C committee members

through our edition “stars” and “safety heroes”
together with the employees with highest productivities to show our gratitude for their efforts. Your

Internal Communication
Committee members

kids drawing that been shared with us and
delighted our newsletter pages give the colorful
touch for the newsletter. We were with you step by
step listening to your comments and thoughts, your
feedback and notes which was and will always be

Ihab Al Rawashdeh

Sahar Al Rawashdeh

Areej Abdeen

Sameer Ali

Dareen Srour

Majdi Abu Ghalous

Raed Obaisat

Mohammad Qatanani

Yahia Al Mahadin

Mohammad Darwish

Mohammad Al Khlaifat

Muna Abd Alsalam

Khalida Al Titi

Mahmoud Sanad


Aqaba Container Terminal-Act .
Acttv Jordan.
Aqaba Containar Terminal-Act .
Aqaba Containar Terminal-Act .

Aqaba container terminal Support the construction
of the New king hussain cancer center


Congratulations for new babies
Faraj Khaled Abu Aishah


Moneer Mahmoud Ayyad


Wesam Faisal Al Marafi


Omar Abdullah Al Kabariti


Omar Mohammad Al Kbaish


Hazim Ahmad Al Qaisi


Ahmad Ibrahim Al Qaisi


Mos'ab Al Oaidat


Happy Birthday Dec 2016


Tahani Subhi Abdelfatah Al Edwan

Abdullah Saleh Sulaiman Al Qaissi

Abdalluah Abd Al Rhman Mohammad Al Faqeeh

Hatem Abdel Hfeed Talal Al deeb

Ali Atef Ali Al Fran

Moath Ahmad Hamed Al Qudah

Ghayth Ghassan Mohammad Tayser Saleh

Basem Abdullah Malahe Abu Kawarea

Amro Abd Al Wahab Mahmoud Al Rawashdeh

Mohammad Abdul Al Wahab Falah Al Tarawenh

Mohammad Mansour abed Al Moutaleb Al Muhaisen

Waleed Abd Al Razzaq Mohammad Radhwan

Musab Abdullah Ali ALRawajfh

Amer Salah Hamed Al Kedrah

Abdullah Abdo Abd Al Moghni Jaber

Khaled Ahmad Salem Al Omilat

Zeyad Nayif Mohammad ALNjadat

Mohammad Khaled Mohammad Abu ALRob

Mohammad Ahmad Suilman Al Omari

Hamidy Ahmad Mohammad Abu Hassan

Yousef Hassan Ramadan Eid

Shaher Eid Sliman Al Momani

Ibrahiem Mohammad Hussain Abu Alsaied

Hasan Elawi Hasan Bayoumi

Suhib Mohammad Mahmoud ALOsofi

Isam Mahmoud Khalil Al Shabtat

Ibrahim Abd Al Hafez Obeidallah Al Btosh

Abdullah Suliman Darwish Al Hilali

Motasem Mwafaq Farahat Darwish

Faraj Khaled Faraj Abi Esheh

Fayez Ahmad Yousef Al Athameen

Mohammad Khalid Mohammad Abu Alsaid

Khalel Mustafa Ahmad Al Hilawi

Motasem Sameh Salem Al Amar

Juma Deeb Ali Al Far

Ashraf Amin Salman Al Thiabat

Rabee Mohammad Dakhl Allah ALHajaj

Ibrahim Mustafa Mohammad Abu Gharbiyeh

Isam Ahmad Salim Qasem

Abdallah Mefleh Dhahi Al Nemat

Mamoun Fahmi Hasan Mohammad ALQahah

Mostafa Swilem Marzuq Al Nemat

Sadam Abd Al Hameed Suliman Al Rwashdeh

Hussain Saleh Mohammad Al Jazi

Ahmad Elian Mohammed Al Shhab

Sayel hamad Abd Al Salam Al Zedaneen

Khaled Mohammad Saleem Al Masarweh

Ahmad Mohammad Abd Al Rahiem Al Swarees

Hussien Attalah Jalal ALBkour

Deab Salem Deab Al Hjaj

Saleh Mohammed Zare Hudib

Imad Ali Salah Abu Eishah

Abd AL Kareem Yaseen Atallah Al Qaraleh

Omar Ahmad Salamh Al Etawi

Ibrahim Abd Al Qader Mahmoud Al Ryati

Maree Musalam Sulieman Al Foqara

Mahmoud Taher Abd ALJabar ALJarara

Husain Msallam Salman Al Masarweh

Mahmoud Shafeeq Abd Al Rhman Talafeha

Abd Al Ftah Hussien Daoud Talouzi

Obaida Mohammad Zaal ALMahadeen

Ahmad Mohammed Mahmoud Al Momani

Samer Awad Tawfiq Ibrahim

Mutasem Mohammed Abd Al Mutei Al Sharayedh

Ahmad Swilem Ahmad ALNawaiseh

Khaled Mohammed Ali Al Mhamdah

Hail Mohammad Yousef Hamdouni

Omar Hassan Mohammed Abd Al Jwad

Mohammad Abdullah Mshohor ALTkemi

Odai Ali Mohammed Bdier

Shaher Khalil Salameh Al Foqara

Ahmed Mustafa Ahmed Al Hilawi

Ahmad Abd alrahman Yousef AL Smadi

Adel Ibrahim Mohammed Al Reati

Amjad Omer Mohammad Al Qudah

Foud Mahmoud Foud Yassien

Hanefa Mousa Ahmad Al Reati

Mohammad Suliman Hamed Al Nemat

Anas Mohammad Daas Onoz

Odai Daoud Eid Saed

Abdullah Husain Mohammad Al Riaty

Moayad Ahmad Abed ALMograbi

Ahmad Hussein Mohammad ALKhasasbeh

Ali Atieah Ibrahiem Al Gharabli

Mohammad Hussien Mahmoud ALBashabsheh

Ali Salman Mohammad Basyoni

Omar Abd Hafith Ibrahim Al Thiabat
Mohammad Falah Sharari Al Awasa


Congratulation to our colleague

Saleh Al Tarawneh
for getting the certificate of Nile Media Award – Press
articles for the year 2016, and we wish him more success
and progress.

Edition drawings


for the month of Dec 2016

RTG Operator



Motaz Nathar Madi


Anas Hisham Tofaha


Abdullah Hassan Al Madani


Ahmad Abdulmotee Shraideh


Atef Mohmammad Bani Khaled


Mohannad Adel Ahamad


Gantry Operator

EH / RS Operator



Salim Eid Abu Rumman


Rami Ghazi Al Daqqah


Mohmmad Hassan Hassan


Ahmad Eisa Al Etaiwee


Abdulmuhdi Maroof Al Marashdeh


Daifallah Ibrahim Al Riyatee


Belal Daifallah Al Hawamdeh


Fawzi Hamad Al Rfoua




Khaled Ahmad Al Omailat


Emad Ahmad Al Rawajfeh


Waleed Mohammad Al Khatatbeh


Omar Abdulhafez Thiabat


Fayez Attallah Al Qtaimat


Details as per Operation’s department records and calculations

GMBH & BMPH productivity


Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later

Operators productivity

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