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Author: Vince

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Hosted Predictive Dialer Solution
Hosted Predictive Dialer Solution: The Future of Contact Center
The onset of new technologies has opened the doors for hyper-connectivity. From there arose the
formation of remote teams, which the Contact Center has leveraged for ultimate flexibility.
However, aren’t there limitations in this kind of setup?
In the last month’s article, we discussed all the benefits of using predictive dialers to improve
work efficiency resulting in increased company revenue. Predictive dialers, through time, have
proven themselves to be an indispensable asset to the Contact Center industry. Like most
technology, this too has adapted to the demands of the industry. This, as a result, has given rise
to hosted predictive dialers.
Also known as the cloud-based predictive dialer, a hosted predictive dialer does not require
physical equipment; all data and software are ‘stored’ on the Internet. Modern predictive dialers,
with the help of well-trained agents, practically guarantee the return on investment (ROI). Also,
a hosted predictive dialer solutions possible problems that are beyond the limitations of its
Advantages of Hosted Predictive Dialer over Traditional Predictive Dialer
Faster and quality connections. A hosted dialer is not bound by the limitations of a software,
only by your monthly subscription. With the right subscription for your team, you can make
faster quality connections, allowing you to implement your latest strategies with ease.
No capital expenditure. With everything on the cloud, there are no capital costs in acquiring this
solution for contact centers. The traditional predictive dialer, unfortunately, does not share the
same advantage.
What are the Benefits of Hosted Predictive Dialer Solution?
1. It is the perfect for a company of any size
Hosted predictive dialers are tailor-made for your Contact Center needs. Whether your team
comprises of two agents or as many as ten thousand, there will always be a package that can
keep the costs at minimum. Traditional predictive dialers have the burden of the same overhead
cost, no matter what the size of the company. This may be deemed advantageous for companies
with thousands of agents, but this would seriously dent the revenues of growing businesses.
Additionally, with seasonal work and major fluxes in the workforce, license purchases for
seating seem an antiquated solution.
2. It provides everything you need in one place

With cloud-based predictive dialers, you only pay for the resources you use. You are presented
with the option of up-scaling or down-scaling the subscriptions monthly (depending on your
provider’s contract) to adapt to the current needs of the working environment. Truly, hosted
predictive dialers spare you from the need for additional capital that could impact your profits.
3. It is perfect for remote teams
Hosted predictive dialing solutions solve problems with location. Remote teams are only
becoming more common nowadays. Traditional predictive dialers can never offer this kind of
convenience; they have to located in one place. Through the cloud-based solution, agents from
various parts of the globe can now be combined in the same workgroup. Moreover, it allows
monitoring sites from various locations as well as unifying to one central point that you control.
4. It allows management to make real-time changes
The very point of having predictive dialers, whether traditional or hosted, is to maximize revenue
through increased performance and productivity. In this area, hosted predictive dialers can be
particularly helpful. Managers are in charge of gauging the productivity of their agents as well as
optimizing such. Through the cloud-based solution, they can quickly employ the necessary
changes to boost overall productivity levels.
5. It allows you focus on more important aspects of the business
Hosted predictive dialers eliminate the hassles of setting up, managing, and maintaining software
and hardware effects, and let you invest your resources in converting calls to cash. Being a
Contact Center agency, like any other company, the importance of continuously working to
improve your craft (and thus, your reputation) can never be emphasized enough.
6. It is a cost-effective solution
Labor and time cost money. This money could have been used to improve the agents’
productivity through training further, or even expand your Contact Center Company. Hosted
predictive dialers gift its users with that possibility. Without the hassles of managing software
and hardware needing the expertise of the I.T. department, the resources can easily be allocated
to other matters you deem necessary.
7. It is everything your basic predictive dialer is, and more
Aside from the benefits mentioned above, the hosted predictive dialer can also reduce human
error and improve efficiency. Your traditional predictive dialer can arguably offer some of those
benefits. However, the cloud-based alternative does this to a greater extent. It has the added
benefit of convenience and adds additional avenues to optimize work performance.
Should You Opt a Hosted Predictive Dialer Over a Traditional Predictive Dialer?

While hosted predictive dialers truly offer more options for improving efficiency, it does not
necessarily mean that it is the right option. Before deciding on this matter, the physical location
of your agents, and your willingness to cover startup fees, and the need to transport data should
be taken into consideration.
The physical location of the agents. Without question, hosted predictive dialer is the only option
when the agents are from different parts of the world. As it is cloud-based, it completely breaks
the boundaries between any two points in the world.
Your willingness to cover startup fees. With your traditional predictive dialer, there are software
and license fees that need to be paid. If you’re a startup, this may not be the most viable choice
for you.
The need to transport data. A hosted predictive dialer solution definitely allows much mobility
for data transfer as everything is on the internet. The other option presents this feature as well,
but it can never compare to the speeds the former performs the same action.
With the growth of your business in mind, the hosted predictive dialer is indeed the best choice.
It is dominating its predecessor in every field, and can ultimately take its place in the near future.
Remote teams are only becoming more popular, and the hosted predictive dialer completely fits
the unique needs of this setup. With its increased efficiency rate and versatility, hosted predictive
dialer is the way of tomorrow.

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