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Author: Braddpitt

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1. Tips on How to Build Muscle and Lose Fat For Men
2. Building Muscle Tips - How Long to Build Muscle?
3. Best Way to Build Muscle Without Ever Hitting a
Muscle Building Plateau
4. How Long Does It Take To Build Muscle Mass?
5. Build Muscles Fast By Having A Good Nutrition Plan
In Place


1. Tips on How to Build Muscle and Lose Fat For Men
Building muscle and losing fat at the same time, in theory, won't
happen. It is a dream for a lot of men carrying extra fat dreaming of
building muscle and losing fat. To burn body fat you need to eat less
and to add muscle you have to eat more, so it can seem downright
impossible to have these two goals.
In general, there are several situations where you can build muscle
while losing fat WITHOUT creating that caloric deficit that is
otherwise crucial for fat loss...
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1. You're weak and not strong enough but you wish to build muscle
and make yourself look strong. Strength is directly related to muscle
size. If you are average and only want to lose some fat on your belly
for example, then you will gain muscle fast as you don't need to burn
extra fat here and there from your body. You can go to a GYM and do
weightlifting to gain muscle on your arms. You can do push-ups to
gain muscles on your arms. By gaining strength on GYM excises, as a
result, your body fat percentage will decrease and you'll look leaner
at the same weight.
This is why so many weightlifting GYM goers have built muscle while
losing fat with ease. They gained strength fast, built muscle as a
result, and thus their body fat went down. This is called "newbie
gains". It's pretty hard for a guy who has already had a good
foundation of strength to build muscle while losing fat.
2. You've been well trained before. Science and technology are now
backing up what GYM goers have been saying for a long time: it's
easier to regain muscle than building it from scratch. If you have
been trained and quit for a while and then resumed months/years

later, you'll regain muscle faster than you first built it and are more
likely to lose fat in the process.
Muscle has memory. If the program is taken properly, the muscle will
be rebuilt, once the muscle is there, the strength will come back and
will go forever at the same time. Men will look stronger than before.
3. You're a generic Freak. Some guys are born with magic
metabolism and hardly gain any fat when building muscle. They have
an athletic build although they don't go to a Gym often - usually
mesomorphs. They hardly finish one round of push-ups or weight
lifts and their body can burn fat easily to keep them looking fit. There
are not too many men like this, most of them still need a program to
burn fat first then build muscle.
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4. You're Using drugs - Steroids. Some men go with drugs such as
Steroids. They eat junk food always when they attend Gym
programs. However you never see them put on extra weight. Why?
The answer is simple - drug taker. Men use drugs to keep themselves
fit. Actually those men are lacking confidence, inconsistency and
motivation. They never learned how to stay smart and eat in the
right way. If one day they stop taking drugs, extra fat grows very fast
and they are never healthy. Wise suggestions for those men - Stop
taking drugs, attend a healthy Gym program and control your fat and
keep your life healthy.
Up to now you might gain some tips how to burn fat while building
muscle. Burning fat is always the first step, once the extra fat has
gone, then men can carry on a healthy, muscle building program.
Hopefully these tips work on them.

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2. Building Muscle Tips - How Long to Build Muscle?
If you were asked why you don't exercise on a daily basis, what
answer would you give? You might say that you don't have sufficient
exercise equipment, an exercise plan, time and so on. All those
concerns can be resolved if you follow proper instructions. You don't
need to go to a gym, you can do exercises anywhere and anytime if
you are willing to build your muscle mass. When you see you have
lost some pounds while at the same time building your muscle mass,
this is the positive outcome everyone looks for.
Let me help you develop a work-out routine to get your time well
managed, plus a healthy diet plan and a restful sleeping habit. These
instructions will help you live healthy and gain muscles in a shorter
period of time. Follow the diet plan and the muscle maximizer to
ensure you intake enough nutrition for your body, do a regular
exercise on a daily basis and sleep well every night. By following
these instructions, you will achieve your muscle building goal. One
more thing must be kept in mind, avoid losing too much water,
drinking water regularly is important.
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Before you start a muscle building program, you must figure out
what kind of muscle you really wish to build. 90% of men like lean
muscle, so you can do aerobic style exercise such as swimming,
cycling, jogging or running. When we talk about exercise to gain
maximum muscle mass, you might also think about weight-lifting.
Weight-lifting is only one way to quickly build muscle. As mention
previously, plenty of healthy exercises can also assist in building
muscle. Those methods are just not as quick as weight-lifting,
however they are still efficient.

When you take on an extra, exhausting exercise program, you easily
become tired and exhausted. Your body and muscles need a rest
period to recover its strength. As a result, you need a restful sleep to
regain energy.
Heavy weight-lifting also takes isometrics. This is where the
resistance is so great when movement takes place. Most individuals
misunderstand doing repetitions to the point of fatiguing
The best and quickest way to get maximum muscle mass is to apply
progressive weight-lifting training. Progressiveness means that once
you get used to lifting a quantity of weight, your body is getting used
to this excessive exercise and builds muscle mass quickly.
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Your body will absorb whatever stress you frequently put it through.
Bodybuilding programs produce muscles mass and running or other
aerobic activities involved produce lean muscles. Over time you will
get solid muscles and your muscles will adapt to gripping the added
We have not yet discussed much about a diet plan but common
sense will tell you that burning fat will aid you to gain muscle fast as
well. You have to burn your fat and gain protein at the same by
eating a healthy diet plan. I bet your muscle will be built in a few


3. Best Way to Build Muscle Without Ever Hitting a
Muscle Building Plateau
There's nothing more hated in the fitness world than the dreaded
plateau. The plateau has probably been responsible for more wasted
motivation and wasted money than anything else. People start a
program and are doing really great and then suddenly they aren't
making progress anymore, so they look for the next best way to build
muscle. Rinse and repeat. After a while, a lot of people lose their
motivation altogether or they get frustrated at having spent money
on one program after another just to be faced with another plateau
down the line.
The truth is the best way to build muscle without hitting a plateau is
to anticipate the plateau from the beginning and plan for it ahead of
time. If you know you typically plateau at about four weeks, plan for
it ahead of time. If you usually reach a plateau somewhere around
six weeks, plan for that. You do this not by ordering some new
workout program ahead of time, but by understanding two things:
how and why your body builds muscle and why plateaus happen.
Then you can create a plan for the best way to build muscle and
avoid a plateau.
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How and Why Your Body Builds Muscle
When you begin any new workout program, your body responds to
this new stimulus by building muscle and getting stronger so that it
can adapt to and perform the work. However, after even a few short
weeks, your body has adapted to this new program and it doesn't
need to add any more muscle to do the job. In order to stimulate
your body to continue adding muscle, you need to create a new

stimulus. Many people make the mistake of thinking they have to do
just do more. What they really need is to do something different.
Why More of Everything is Not the Best Way to Build Muscle
When they hit a plateau, a lot of people automatically try to do
more; more weight, more reps, more time in the gym. But there's
only so much more you can do and more is only going to do so much
anyway. To really smash that plateau, it's essential to do something
different and sometimes different means less weight, fewer reps and
less time in the gym!
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The Best Way to Build Muscle is to Understand the Many Factors of
A workout isn't just comprised of weight and reps. There are actually
six keys to a great muscle building program. Below are the six keys
you need to change up in order to stimulate your body to build more
muscle again.
• Rest intervals (between sets or between workouts)
• Repetition speed/tempo (how fast or slow you move the weights)
• Load (how close the weight is to your 1 rep max (RM)
• Number of sets (per move or body part)
• Duration of the workout
• Frequency of the workout

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