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for smart and attractive people who simply have
never played this game before…which is totally fine.

If you’ve played the game “Mafia” before (or any variation of it) then congratulations! You practically
know how this game works. “Werewolves” is simply another version but with a couple twists.

The premise is that everyone is a part of the village – but not everyone is as innocent is as you think.
At the beginning of the game you will get a card with a role that will disclose your alliance: TEAM
WEREWOLF or TEAM VILLAGER. Every round, everyone “goes to sleep” and during the night, the
moderator calls on certain roles to “wake up” and once they are awake they get to perform their
ability. After that, everyone wakes up and the moderator tells you a story that happened “during the
night” and from that story, the village must come to a consensus to lynch people whom they suspect
are werewolves by voting.

TL;DR (too long; didn’t read):

You get an identity card which will indicate your ability and your alliance
Everyone closes their eyes and certain roles do the ability as indicated on card
Everyone wakes up and listens to the moderator’s story
Based off of the moderator’s story – the village decides who to lynch
The village votes and then everyone goes to sleep again until either the village
eliminates all werewolves or the werewolves outnumber the village

If this all seems confusing or overwhelming to you – don’t worry! The moderator will walk you
through the game. You just have to listen very carefully to their instructions.

Once the moderator tells the village of the story of what happened at night, the villages gets a chance
to have a discussion. You have 5 minutes to discuss and deliberate. This is the time to vocalize any
suspicions you might have on a player. This is also the time to defend your innocence to the village.

You will have 2 minutes to nominate players to be lynched from the village. A separate player must
“second” a nomination. Each player has one chance to nominate someone and “second” someone
per round. Once the nominees have been confirmed, they are given a chance to convince the village
of their innocence.

After that, the entire village votes on who they think is guilty of being a werewolf. Everyone must
vote and can only vote once per round. The moderator will name each nominee one by one. Once
the moderator names that person that is the only time you may vote for that person (in other words
– no backsies or saying “actually I change my mind, I want to vote to the first person you mentioned”)

TL;DR (too long; didn’t read):

1. You get 5 minutes to discuss your suspicions with the entire village
2. After the discussion, you get 2 minutes to nominate and “second” players who
you think may be guilty of being a werewolf
3. Nominees have a chance to defend themselves
4. Everyone votes one nominee who they would like to lynch



On the event that no nomination arises after the allotted time, it’s under the moderator’s discretion
on how to move forward.


If there’s a nomination lapse, the moderator may choose to enact a blind lynching in which all active
players must close their eyes and point to who they want to lynch on the count of the three.


When there is a tie between two nominees during voting period, the moderator may choose to give
the players a chance for one re-vote and give them the opportunity to change their vote. If it’s still a
tie, the moderator may choose to enact a stalemate in which both players are lynched.


If the Little Girl or Troublemaker is in play – the Werewolves may put their hands perpendicular to
each other (to make the letter “T” sign) if they either suspect that one of their own is a Little Girl or if
they catch someone peeking while the Werewolves are awake. This allows the Werewolves to do a
double kill that night. The Werewolves may only do this once throughout the entire game and the
Little Girl is never allowed to perform this action.


If the Town Elder is in play – the Town Elder survives the first werewolf attack, however, if they die by
second werewolf attack, witch’s poison, killed by the hunter, or lynched by the people, then
everyone’s powers are disabled except for the werewolves. The moderator will cross his arms in the
shape of an “X” indicating that their powers have been disabled.


If Cupid is in play – Cupid picks two players to be lovers on the first night, after that they become a
villager. Cupid goes to sleep and the lovers wake up when called to acknowledge each other. They
(and Cupid) only win if they’re both alive. In the event that Cupid picks one player from the village
loyalty and one from the werewolf loyalty – this becomes a Romeo and Juliet event. They must
eliminate everyone in order to win.


At the beginning of the game, the moderator may choose to declare that a Wolf Hunt will be active
from the start until there are a certain amount of active players left (based on how many players there
are). During the Wolf Hunt, the village may lynch two villagers (nominees with 1st and 2nd highest
votes). This event occurs when there is a large group playing.


At the beginning of the game, the moderator may choose to declare that a Blood Moon will occur after
a number of nights (based on how many players there are). During the Blood Moon period, the
werewolves are able to kill two players. This event occurs when there is a large group playing.

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