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Author: Braddpitt

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1. What You Need To Do To Build Muscle
2. How to Build Muscles Fast - The Essentials
3. 3 Tips on How to Build Muscle Fast Without Using
Weights or Machines
4. Build Muscle Fast: It's About The Right Foods And
Proper Exercises
5. 10 Easy Ways To Build Muscle Fast


1. What You Need To Do To Build Muscle
Building muscle is not an easy activity. You may not get immediate
satisfaction from it because it is not a quick fix. This is the reason why
it is so important you use the right techniques and do all the right
things so you can build and maximize your muscle mass. This article
will introduce you to some solid basics that can help you to do just
While eating lean meats is key to growing muscle mass, you must still
include many healthy fats in your diet. Certain fats are essential to
developing muscles. If you avoid fats in your diet, it can cause your
muscles to grow more slowly. Research has proven that a positive
relationship exists between your testosterone and fat levels, which is
an additional benefit of eating healthy fats.
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When building muscle, it is important to supplement yourself with
creatine. This supplement could assist you in pushing your body
more, which can assist your muscles in growing more effectively.
Always, however, use caution when taking any supplement. Follow
all the directions, and never consume more than what is
Learn as much as possible about selecting the best routines for
building muscle mass. Not all techniques accomplish the same thing.
For example, some exercises help with toning your muscles while
others may help build specific muscles. If your goal is to build muscle,
then you need to know which exercises can help you reach that goal
There's a better way to do your bicep curls. When you do typical
bicep curls, you aren't getting the highest benefit due to the fact that

you aren't moving the dumbbell or the bar past the point of
alignment. The top portion of bicep curls is the strongest. You can
correct this through the use of seated barbell curls.
Don't bother lifting for more than an hour at a time. After 60 minutes
of exercise, your body starts to produce more of the stress hormone,
cortisol. Cortisol interferes with testosterone and will, therefore,
stop you from building muscles. Making sure workouts don't go over
one hour is the perfect way to optimize your fitness plan.
Never skip your warm up exercises when you are working to increase
muscle mass. As muscles grow stronger, they are more stressed and
prone to injury. Warming up helps counteract this increased risk of
injury. To warm up correctly, stretch or walk for approximately ten
minutes before your workout, then start with a few short, light sets.
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You must think smart when you are going to do squats. The bar
should rest across your back near the center of your trapezoidal
muscles. This balances out the concentration of muscle, and it allows
you to squat additional weight that would be impossible otherwise.
You need to plan your workout carefully, to avoid overexertion, as
well as under-exertion, of your muscles. You must work the muscle
to grow it, but you also must take care of the muscle to prevent
harmful stress and injury. For example, overworking your body can
cause stretchmarks or permanent injury to your muscles and joints.
Take a good look at your body, and determine what is and isn't
feasible when it comes to building muscle. This will help you get an
understanding of your goals and your base point. What are your
composition and body weights?

Building muscles isn't easy. That said, if you know best practices for
building muscle, you can be confident that you will see results,
eventually. So, make sure you use all that you've learned here so the
muscles you build in your body are how you want them to be.


2. How to Build Muscles Fast - The Essentials
Whether getting ready for the beach, trying to impress that special
someone or being just too scrawny; some people want to know how
to build muscles fast. This article is for people who want to have a
nice looking muscular body and who would like to get there in a
relatively short period of time.
Building muscles fast requires a lot more than just pumping iron at
your local gym or in your basement. There are many elements that
you to need to consider in order to get the body that you desire,
such as...
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 the right diet (knowing what kinds of food you need to help
reach your goal)
 the right amount of meals (three meals and two or three snacks
a day)
 the right type of exercises (different exercises for different
parts of your body)
 the right amount of sets and reps (depends on your goal, your
body, and you)
 the right amount of rest between sets (strength or size of your
 the right form (performing an exercise incorrectly can cause
more harm than good)
Having a clear understanding of these elements will lessen the
amount of time it takes to build muscles fast. It is actually possible to
pack on as much as 20 or more pounds in as little as 8 to 10 weeks.
Naturally you need to follow all the above elements for this to

Now, let's break down this information on how to build muscles fast
a bit further, especially the right diet. Most diet plans for building
muscle are very similar. You should have a regular diet that includes
various proteins, fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates, and good fats.
Whole proteins are essential as they actually build muscle and
maintain strength. Whole proteins can be found in eggs, meat, fish,
cheese, and milk.
Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that
really help to recover from your workouts.
Carbohydrates are an important part of your diet because they
provide you with the energy you'll need during your workouts. Some
of the good carbohydrates include, brown rice, sweet potatoes, oats
(also reduce cholesterol), wholegrain bread, and wholegrain pasta.
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Good fats are monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. They
are good for your health and can be found in olive oil (extra virgin is
better), corn oil, sunflower oil, nuts, tuna, salmon, and tofu.
If you want to put on weight and muscle, you should consider eating
snacks between each of your meals. These snacks are similar in size
to your main meals, so basically eat less more often.
How to build muscles fast can be a little complicated as you've
probably figured out by now, but knowing how much weight you
should start out with and how many sets and reps might help or it
might even complicate matter more.
I've read that science has actually figured out a way for us to
determine how much weight you should lift. Science claims that by
lifting between 60 to 80 percent of your 1 rep max is the most

efficient way to build muscle. But they really didn't explain how to
figure out your 1 rep max.
So, what do you need to do to figure out your 1 rep max? Basically, if
you can lift 60-80 percent of your maximum, you should be able to
do between 10 and 20 reps. This will allow you to build strength but
you wont see a lot of definition or huge biceps, etc. However, by
lifting from 80 percent and above you will have to lower the number
or reps which will increase your strength and muscle size.
Once you've found your 1 rep max (the weight that you feel you can
lift without causing damage to your muscles), start with just one set
if you're a beginner and work up to two or three sets. When you feel
comfortable with three sets at the same weight, then add some
weight and start the process again.
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Also, how to build muscles fast includes the amount of rest between
sets and how to perform the exercise correctly. I personally think
that the amount of rest between sets lies with the individual. Some
people's muscles rest quicker than others. There are some
bodybuilders who insist on only a 30 second rest, while others talk
about a 2 or 3 minute rest. Try different times of rest and choose the
one that most suits you.
Knowing how to build muscles fast is a growing interest, and I hope
that I can continue to help by sharing new methods of weight
training, the latest diets for building muscle, and innovative ways to
keep fit and healthy.


3. 3 Tips on How to Build Muscle Fast Without Using
Weights or Machines
While it is true that exercises which require weights and machines to
build up muscles are effective, the truth is that they are not always
practical or expedient. For instance, some people have no time to go
to a commercial gym and they may not be able to afford to buy
standard exercise machines and weights to workout at home.
However, here are some effective yet little known tips which will
help you build muscles just as fast even without resorting to using
weights or exercise machines.
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1. Eat a diet rich in proteins
In the clamor to promote ever new exercise routines for muscle
builders, many health and wellness experts forget to tell their pupils
that ultimately; without taking the right nutrients, all those workouts
are in vain. Muscles are made of proteins and taking a sufficient
quantity will help you bulk even faster. The recommended daily
protein intake for women is 46 grams while men need 53 grams.
Pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding require even
more proteins.
2. Exercise your core muscles five times a week
Plank exercises are especially effective when it comes to
strengthening and building up your chest and arm muscles. To
perform a plank exercise, spread a yoga mat on the floor and lie on
your stomach with your body held straight. Resting your weight on
your forearms and toes, steadily raise your body and hold it up for
fifteen seconds. Repeat this at least twice before resting. Gradually
increase the duration of each plank up to a minute.

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