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Author: Braddpitt

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1. Why Building Muscle for Women Is Important
2. Best Way to Build Muscle - What The Professionals
3. Muscle Building Methods to Build Muscles Quick
4. How to Build Muscle Quickly and Efficiently
5. Truth About Muscle Building - 4 Truths To Build


1. Why Building Muscle for Women Is Important
Building muscle for women is an area that hasn't been focused that
much on. When a lot of women think about a gym, they only see
different kind of team training and nothing else. Thinking about
weight lifting is totally out of the question, because lifting weight is
what men do, there is simply no such thing as building muscle for
women! This is a myth, as a lot of women associate lifting weights
with big and heavy muscle, but that is simply not true.
The truth about muscle building for women
A lot of the role models women have, actually have gone through the
process of muscle building for women. They are not on the cover of
fitness magazines because of just doing Pilates or yoga, but they
have been muscle building for women through specific weight lifting.
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Most men have a hard time building muscle and a lot starts to think
of steroids as the only solution to gain muscle. Building muscle for
women is therefore not about being big with massive muscles, but
rather it is about shaping or toning your body the right way to
achieve the desired body. And it is unfortunate to say that building
muscle for women is looked down upon by many for really no clear
reason, especially from women. They don't realize that women with
great physiques see weight lifting as part of their workout routine.
If you as female wants to have a defined body, then the first step is
to look at building muscle for women as a natural way of getting
there. Cutting fat is one step and building muscle for women through
various weight lifting techniques is the other. Cutting fat is achieved
by doing exercises that demands an increase in the energy usage,
that can be through running, biking and other such techniques.

Other benefits of muscle building for women
Actual studies have shown that muscle building for women through
weight lifting in a period of 4 months, with no change in diet, actually
results in a fat loss of up to 4kg. This is just a little under what
running or other such exercises would provide to fat loss, but the
benefit of building muscle for women through weight lifting is the
increase in muscle mass as you decrease the fat, which ultimately
results in a more defined and toned body.
Many women struggles with pain in their back and neck area and
though going to a chiropractor or other specialist might help, the
treatment is usually a symptom treatment and not a real solution. A
lot of times it relates to the muscles in those area not being strong
enough and building muscle for women through weight lifting will
strengthen those muscle and prevent nagging injuries.
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There are a lot of benefits of building muscle for women and only a
few are mentioned in this article. It basically comes down to looking
at building muscle for women from a new perspective and looking
through all the myths that usually flows around. Building muscle for
women will not only help you reach your desired physique, but it will
also help strengthen your muscles and bones to avoid injuries and
making your everyday life easier.
Are you tired of not being able to wear the clothes you want, not
feeling comfortable in your body, not liking what you see in the
mirror and not being able to go to the beach?
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2. Best Way to Build Muscle - What The Professionals
Are you just starting out at the gym? If so you are probably
wondering what is the best way to build muscle. After all, you don't
want to spend your whole life in a gym trying to achieve that perfect
model physique and six pack abs. How hard can it be? How long
could it take? Read on to find out!
The truth is, big is not necessarily beautiful when it comes to muscle
building. If you want to build muscle that looks good and is in great
proportions, you should realize that you don't even have to have 20
inch biceps. In fact, too much can be a bad thing. The key to look
good is acquiring low body fat and good muscle definition all
throughout the body. How hard is this? Not hard at all if you have
the willpower for it. If you are just starting out it would take you
about a year of constant exercise to get a beautiful, slender, yet
ripped body.
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So what is the best way to build muscle? The best way is combining
three most important aspects of muscle building properly: training,
eating and resting. Let me explain more about each of these aspects
in the following sections.
Training. If you want to get big, you will have to go to gym, no
questions about it. You will have to dedicate at least 2-3 days per
week to about an hour and a half session in the gym. You have to
exercise all muscles including legs to avoid having your body look
disproportionate. The key to looking good is not only building
muscle, but building proportionate muscle. Many guys make the
mistake of forgetting about certain important muscle groups like

legs, neck, back. For example, having strong biceps, wide back and
powerful pecs is impressive, but if the person has a very weak,
untrained neck it might look rather odd. If you want to show off at
the beach, remember to exercise legs at least once in ten days. You
don't want to be called "chicken legs" when people see your
impressive upper torso being carried by two weak sticks.
The basic guidelines for exercises are the following: stick to two,
maximum - three muscle groups per workout. Combine a bigger
muscle group with smaller ones, for example, combine chest with
triceps, back with biceps and legs with shoulders. Add neck and traps
exercises in the end of your workout at any day. Ideally, if you are
starting out, you should exercise every muscle group once a week.
Except for abs, those can be done two or even three times per week,
but don't overwork it. To an extent, the abdominal muscles are made
in the kitchen. This leads us to the next important aspect of building
muscle quickly and efficiently.
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Diet. Diet is a crucial part of your training. If you are skinny, prepare
to eat a lot and often. You will have to eat foods with lots of proteins
in order to give your muscles the energy to grow and get bigger. Eat
about 4-6 meals throughout the day. They should be balanced: eggs,
lean meats, broccoli, fish, rice, vegetables are all good for
supplementing your body with all the right resources to build your
muscles. The foods that will give you the most strength are meat and
fish. However, you don't have to eat tons of meat to build muscle.
That's why there are protein shakes and creatine monohydrate.
Supplement your diet with whey proteins from time to time when
you are working on adding pure muscle mass. This is called the
bulking phase and most people who want to find the best way to

build muscle have to incorporate a bulking and cutting phase in their
journey for better physique. The cutting phase is when you maintain
the muscle, but lower fat through exercise and diet, achieving a
more ripped physique, getting the six pack abs you always wanted
and making your whole body look shredded.
There are also some things to avoid - mainly alcohol. In small doses it
is ok, but if you are a daily drinker consider changing your habits and
not visit the gym until you do. First of all, you have to be sober when
working out, secondly - alcohol acts as a detriment to muscle gain.
For one, alcohol increases the estrogen - female hormone levels in
the body which is the opposite of what promotes muscle growth the male hormone testosterone.
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Resting. Lastly, it is crucial to get enough rest in order to let your
muscles regenerate and grow bigger. Sleep at least 8 hours every day
to ensure that your muscle will grow as much as possible in a shorter
period of time. The muscle grows when your body is resting, not in
the gym. It looks like the muscle has increased after the workout, but
it is temporary, the real growing happens when muscle tissue fibers
are healing from micro fractures accumulated in the gym. The
healing process best happens at night. Be aware that not only
sleeping is important, but your general mood as well. If you have a
very stressful job then it might act as a detriment to your muscle
gains. If the body has to spend energy worrying about things it will
leave less energy to building muscle.
These are the main tips for building muscle with maximum efficiency.
There is still a lot more to find out about muscle building, fitness and
body building, but for a beginner you should be good to go once you
get a good 3-day workout program that exercises all the muscle

groups evenly. You wouldn't go wrong by paying the local trainer to
set you up with a customized workout program and show you how to
perform the basic exercises. Just be sure to compare the cost of
services and ask for references.
So there you have it - the best way to build muscle: training, diet,
resting. Now go out there and get big!


3. Muscle Building Methods to Build Muscles Quick
In our eagerness to develop muscle mass it is sometimes our
tendency to seek instant results. However, there is no easy way for
you to achieve this. You have to work hard and be serious of
achieving your goal if you want to have a developed muscle. With
this, there is no way you can see instant result in your effort to build
your muscles. Yet, are there muscle building methods to build
muscles quick that you can use to achieve your goals.
One of the muscle building methods to build muscles quick is to keep
tracking your progress. In this way, you will know what to improve in
your muscle building training. With this, you have to attend series of
workouts necessary to build lean muscle mass. Know the limitations
of your body and know the effects of your exercises every time you
go to the gym. The main point of this is to know the progress of the
amount of weight that you can carry to build lean muscle mass fast.
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Furthermore, never concentrate on one area of your muscle. You
have to focus also on other muscle areas. In this way, you will have a
proportionate muscle mass in your body. With this, you have to
select the right muscle building training program for you that will
develop your body's muscles. Yet, the problem is you cannot do this
at the same time. Thus, you need to concentrate on each muscle
groups that you want to develop. Do your exercise one at a time. You
can do this by doing 3 to 4 sets with your weights to lift increasing
each time. This is one of the muscle building techniques to build lean
muscle mass fast.
You might also observe that going to long workouts does not give
any plausible results. With this, going for short workouts is advisable.

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